How do I CHOOSE the Right Home Tuition Agency in Singapore for me?

Choosing the Right Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

Every school is a good school, but not every home tuition agency in Singapore is the right one for you. The choices of home tuition agencies in Singapore are increasing, which makes looking out for more outstanding factors definitely worth the effort. No parent would want their child to land in the hands of a mediocre/rude/terrible tutor, hence responsibly making a decision to pick the right home tuition agency is the first step.

Before You Can Blink! 👀

Imagine F1 cars zooming past you, as fast as how your home tuition agency completes the selection of the right tutor for your child. Maybe you would think that speed doesn’t actually play a part in choosing the right home tuition agency, but you might be wrong! When caught up in the busyness of life, parents sometimes suddenly realise that their child requires extra help in a particular subject. Surely now, the parent would not want to wait a long time before the child starts getting help? The right home tuition agency in Singapore for you should fundamentally be the one that can deliver results fast and effectively, reducing the intermediate process of waiting.

FamilyTutor honours the time of your child and sincerely hopes that they can get help As Soon As Possible. Hence, once your request comes in, we get to it Immediately and complete it Before You Can Blink!

Quality over Quantity 💎

Imagine ordering food and one minute later, it comes and smells Delicious! Just like how the food came fast and ALSO smells Amazing, it is important for a home tuition agency to not only be fast but also have quality choices of tutors for parents to pick from for their child. And by quality choices, it does not mean to have MANY choices. The right home tuition agency in Singapore should be able to distinguish between a pool of talented tutors and find which few fits a particular child best! Not just simply chuck the parent with a whole lot of choices, but instead pick the Best Slices of Salmon (I mean, tutors!). FamilyTutor does not compromise the speed of our service over quality selection! A good education means a lot to us, so we will not compromise the quality of our matching service for you, your son, or your daughter.

Patience is a Virtue 😌

Imagine a long queue behind you but you are nearing the front, clueless, and only have 5 seconds to order your food. That’s undesirable isn’t it? No parent would want to be chased into picking the right tutor for their child, simply because the decision making process is complex and requires many considerations based on the different situations each child is in. It would be better to work with a home tuition agency in Singapore that is patient in letting you decide which tutor is best for your child. Be it through taking time to slowly read through the experiences of the various tutors or having a couple of trial lessons with the tutors, the home tuition agency should in no way be chasing you for a quick decision. FamilyTutor’s slogan is “Putting Every Singaporean Son & Daughter In Good Hands”. As the name suggests, we strive to put you, your son, or your daughter in good hands of our tutors. Hence, in no way would we want to chase you when you are choosing a tutor for your child!

From the Heart ❤

Imagine the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star being played by one who loves music versus one who doesn’t. We would all unanimously prefer the playing of the one who loves music, because the person is playing From The Heart! When one does something they enjoy, they would naturally perform better. Hence, the home tuition agency in Singapore to select should be one that genuinely hopes for the best for you and your child. FamilyTutor truly cares from the heart!

Blood is Thicker Than Water 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Imagine being in the comfort of your closed ones versus being in a room full of people you hate. Which room would you rather stay in? You’d be lying if you said the latter! In the same way, your child deserves to be with a tutor they really enjoy being with, and not have to fear judgment or any discrimination which could hamper the amount of knowledge they gain from the guiding. Moreover, your child should also not end up feeling even worse about themselves or even do even worse. Hence, we feel that a home tuition agency in Singapore should be well aware of the increasing stresses in Singapore and take that into account. With that, FamilyTutor believes that when we send a home tutor to your house, you should feel comfortable as though he or she is part of the family, and not just a stranger in the house! We want you to feel good having the tutor over at your place and sincerely hope for the tutoring to be as beneficial as possible to your child.

It takes one to read, but it takes two to clap! Come clap with us now!



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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