Home Tuition vs Group Learning: What To Choose

Academics and Education have changed drastically in recent times compared to a decade ago. This situation puts a lot of pressure even on students from a very young age, particularly in Singapore. They need to study harder, beyond the academics they learn in schooling. Thus, the need and demand for home tuition in Singapore increased. But, on everyone’s mind, one question raises. Is home tuition more effective than group learning?

In reality, both have their own set of advantages.

Advantages of Singapore Home Tuition

1 to 1 Home Tuition

One of the biggest advantages of home tuition in Singapore is the 1 to 1 Home Tuition feature which provides the best teacher to student ratio. Unlike schools or group coaching where a single teacher has to educate many students, in Home Tuition, a single tutor manages a single student. This way, the tutor provides complete attention to the student which is impossible in group learning. The student can also approach the tutor for even the smallest of the doubts providing the best education experience whereas, in group learning the student might hesitate to ask any doubts on account of shyness or being judged by others.

Personalized Learning

The feature of ‘Learning based upon your technique of understanding concepts’ is unique to home tuition in Singapore. In group learning or schools, teachers are forced to follow a standard process of teaching concepts to students as there are a lot of students and it is practically difficult to teach each and everyone in a unique technique. However, a student might not be able to learn perfectly in that standard technique. Some students visualize concepts to understand better, some students make presumptions to understand better and some students relate the new concept with some other concept they learned earlier to understand better. Home tuition in Singapore, let you advise the tutors to teach your child by explaining the concepts in the technique the child uses and is comfortable with, to improve learning experience.


One of the best features of Singapore is promoting individuals to engage in activities beyond academic responsibilities. This includes extra-curricular activities for students as well. These activities often interrupt classroom or group learning schedules. The advantage of home tuition in Singapore is the freedom to choose the time and date of any class depending upon the free time of the student without burdening them with tight time schedules. In order to make it more flexible for the tutor as well, we advise you to discuss it with the tutor in advance prior to the next class to make it comfortable for them.

Advantages of Group Learning


One of the advantages of learning in a group is fostering the capability to brainstorm and work within a group. Students learn a lot about others, different people’s thinking patterns and see solutions for a problem through different perspectives, increasing awareness and learn multiple ways to tackle a problem. They learn about alternative methods of solving the same problem they did not know existed or thought about earlier. They also learn many life skills on behavior, understanding others and living independently, while they are working in a group. These skills prove useful in later stages of their life.


Leadership and courage to take responsibility to develop when a group is tasked with solving a problem. If students learn to mingle and discuss with each other, they develop confidence and courage. They feel the need to resolve any problem and guide others to do the same. If the student is a team member, they learn to work within a group, strive to be a leader and try hard to prove their worth in a group which is an important life lesson.

In the End

It is essential to understand that both methods of learning, be in through home tuition or Group Learning are important. Each method helps in different ways and both of them are required for healthy growth. It is the circumstances and situations which determine which method to choose. Choosing Home Tuition during the examination period is a better decision compared to group learning in certain aspects. During a project, it is a good idea to choose group learning. But, you can choose home tuition in Singapore to learn the basic concepts and apply them while in a group for best engagement.



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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