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Maybe it’s time for you to find a Hindi language private home tutor for your child.

For a while now, you have seen your child struggling with the subject, having difficulties with it, and you are wracking your brains finding solutions to help your child.

Maybe it’s time to ask a Hindi home tuition for help!

You really wish your child can at least be proficient at the language, to know their roots and be familiar with the culture that they are born with, but you are just so busy with your work and other commitments and your child is just more interested in computer games and all the other things in their life except the language itself.

Maybe it’s time to hire a Hindi language private home tutor to sit down with your child to help them learn.

You have your doubts. Is it really worth the money and time? Will my child learn anything even with Hindi home tuition? Will the private home tutor be capable enough to help my child in being better in the Hindi language? These questions fill your mind and makes you unable to decide whether to engage a Hindi home tuition for your child.

We are sure that you know about the Hindi language teaching scene in Singapore. There is limited access to Hindi language lessons in Singapore, as it is not taught in many schools. Students have to attend selected schools that teach the Hindi language, and it is only once a week, compared to several times a week for other mother tongue languages. Furthermore, there are only so many Hindi language speakers that your child has access to, to practise speaking with, as only a small number of students take the subject. It is no wonder that parents would feel concerned about their child’s limited exposure to the Hindi language.

Here at FamilyTutor, we want to help you reduce your stress and worries as a parent. We understand that as a parent, you have as much to worry about as it is, much less about your child’s studies. As your most friendly home tuition agency and partner-in-tuition, we want to alleviate your concerns and doubts and help you to find the most suitable solution for your problem. Regardless of whether you decide to engage with us in the end, we welcome your calls and enquiries, and we will strive to find you a satisfactory solution.

Do not worry as we have vast range of private tutors that are highly capable in teaching the Hindi language. According to your needs as well as your child’s, we will find the most suitable Hindi language private home tutor for you. Our Hindi home tutors range from experienced to qualified to earnest and eager, with a diverse variety of teaching styles and philosophies. We guarantee that you will be able to find a Hindi language home tutor that you will be happy with, to guide your child to improvement.

The Hindi language private home tutor would be able to provide 1-to-1 interactive experience to your child, in terms of written and spoken practice to improve your child’s communication skills. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, your child would have more practice opportunities by being able to practice what they have learnt in class within the Hindi home tuition, and the private tutor would be able to value-add to that with additional content that would not have been taught to your child in class usually due to time constraints. The Hindi language private home tutor would often also have their own materials, which would be able to explain difficult concepts in ways that your child can understand and learn easily, unlike in class.

In addition, there are other benefits of having Hindi home tuition apart from the academic’s aspect. The Hindi language private home tutor would be able to establish a rapport with your child after some time, which would encourage them to be more proactive in asking questions and in learning. You would also be able to establish with the private home tutor flexible scheduling of lessons and have access to a customised lesson plan done up by the Hindi home tuition, all in the convenient and comfortable location of your home.

Maybe it’s time not to think about maybes and start acting now. What are you waiting for? Approach any of our friendly coordinator to make your enquiry today!



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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