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The pandemic has changed the flow of the world for the better part of last year until now. It’s safe to say that COVID-19 has caused a large impact worldwide and on different sectors as well. There had been significant changes in work, school, and even daily activities of people such as shopping, going to the gym, or even just hanging out with friends. Additionally, the pandemic has also caused panic and anxiety all over the world. Due to the changes, many have also suffered from depression and loneliness.

Among those who are greatly affected by the pandemic are the children, elderly, and vulnerable people who are prone to catching viruses. There had been numerous safety protocols followed strictly, causing the lives of these people to shift as well.

Because most students fall under the children category, they also need to follow the same strict protocols. The mode of learning has also shifted from physical classes in schools to home-based learning or even blended learning as announced late last year. These measures are used to ensure the safety of the students while not compromising the learning of students. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages of the HBL, most especially for parents who are now more involved in the learning process than before.

Parents are also spending more time with their children so it’s also important for them to practice healthy parenting and helping them with their studies the best possible way parents can. Additionally, we’ve also gathered some tips for parents to help their children with their home-based learning.

1. Prepare healthy meals

More than ever with the current situation, parents are urged to prepare healthy and nutritious meals for their families. Even before the pandemic, this has also been encouraged. However, parents should consider this more now that boosting our immune system and being healthy are priorities. Make sure that the meal has all the nutrients needed by the body to properly function. Parents can never go wrong with including fruits and vegetables in their families’ daily meals. There should also be an ample amount of other food to provide families with energy and healthy metabolism. Protein, fat, fiber, and zinc are good for the body as well as natural vitamins from fruits and vegetables. Eating unhealthy food every day can result in unhealthy eating habits that will also affect the children’s and families’ bodily functions.

Additionally, take advantage of the time to stay together. Promote eating together and not skipping meals. Eating together may seem like a trivial thing but it can positively affect the children as this also boosts their self-esteem and give them a more positive outlook. They will feel more loved and will also enjoy their time with their family.

2. Create a routine for the child

With the sudden change from normal schooling and home-based learning, many children may take time to adjust to the new mode of learning. One common problem with home-based learning is the temptation of resting in between learning. At school, students will be given breaks but only for ample time for them to take their meals and shift between classes. This isn’t the same with home-based learning. They may blur the lines when it comes to learning and resting since they will mostly meet their teachers and classmates online.

As they will have more time now than when they were in school, this may get out of hand when left alone. Parents should also implement a routine for their children to help them adapt to the new mode of learning and to retain the discipline and time management they practiced in school.

When creating a routine for them, make sure to include the child. Additionally, parents can follow a similar routine when the student was still going to school. They can follow this routine:

  • Wake up (set an alarm so they don’t sleep in and miss classes)
  • Prepare for school (take a bath, get dressed, etc.)
  • Eat breakfast
  • Prepare for lessons for the day and set up a workspace
  • Breaktime (snacks, stretching, etc.)
  • End of classes
  • Free time

This routine just generally follows the routine students have when they are still physically going to school. However, parents can tweak the routine according to which they think fits best their child. As mentioned before, the child should also be considered with making the routine. If the student isn’t comfortable with the routine, they may also feel stressed or feel like they are forced to do what they don’t want to. In addition, they should also be aware that they have a set routine. This is so they are aware of what to do next and what to expect to happen within the day. They may already be confused enough with the changes caused by the pandemic, let’s make the schooling experience easier for them.

3. Set goals

Since students will be stuck inside their houses during home-based learning, every day may feel repetitive. However, this isn’t necessarily true since the student’s workload also changes from going to their online classes to answering modules depending on the schedule given to them.

However, to make each day productive for the students, parents can also help them by setting up goals for the day. These short-term goals will help them become more productive and resist the temptation of lazing around. When they have things to accomplish during the day, their time will be put to good use. Additionally, parents shouldn’t just set goals without considering the student. Make sure the goals are attainable and realistic. By prioritizing what should be completed first during the day or what they need to learn first, students will also still get the feeling of accomplishment. Make sure to consider the difficulty of the tasks as well and also as parents, take time to assess the tasks. Without proper assessment or acknowledgment, students may also feel disappointed with completing the task without being acknowledged for it. Give them little rewards that can motivate them to continue with their tasks.

4. Spend time with them

The sudden change from the normal school system to home-based learning can cause stress and pressure on the students. Many people think that home-based learning is easier for students but that isn’t always the case. They are used to going to school and with the sudden change, they may feel confused and be more prone to distractions such as bouts of laziness, more time spent on their devices, etc. Additionally, they may also feel tired with the continuous online classes and answering offline modules. Because of this, they may not have time to spend on their hobbies or playing.

By playing games indoors and spending more time with the children, parents can help ease the pressure and stress they are feeling from their home-based classes. There are many indoor games parents and children can play together including board games or indoor sports. Parents can also use this time to find a common interest or hobby that both they and their children enjoy such s baking or sewing. Aside from spending more time together, parents can also use this time to teach their children lessons, life skills, and other important things.

5. Provide a safe space for them

With the restrictions imposed on students especially children, they will have a harder time socializing with their friends. Since they wouldn’t have much contact with their friends, parents should also provide a safe space for them to express their feeling without the fear of their parents getting annoyed or angry at them.

It’s important to understand that it’s a hard time for everyone. Students are also more prone to new challenges in HBL such as failure. With the change, some students may fall behind others as students learn differently from each other. Some students may have no trouble adjusting to the new scheme while others will struggle with online learning or have trouble understanding lessons without an actual presence of a teacher.

Parents should be understanding to their children when they voice out their worries to them. As such, they can also help their children cope with the changes such as helping them with their exams or with their offline modules. Examination and modules are stressful enough, it’ll even be harder for them if they are pressured to study all day. They should be encouraged to study but only to an extent. Parents can also show their support by checking on their children’s progress or even just asking them how they are feeling.


There has been a significant change in learning brought about by the pandemic. Home-based learning can also impact the students’ lives in more ways than one so parents should support and assist them in any way they can. This will make learning easier for them and will decrease the chances of them being bored or not improving during the pandemic. The pandemic may have changed how the world works, but it shouldn’t hinder your child’s studies and development as well. Keeping the students healthy is a priority as well as helping to make learning still meaningful for them. Showing them support and love will help them face this new normal and lead them to have a bright future ahead.

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