Help: Do I Deserve Help Regardless Of My Terrible Progress In School?

Sometimes no matter how hard we try to get some good progress, we always just terribly progress in school. Do we even deserve help anymore? We might feel that people should spend time on others since spending time on us will just result in just nothing. But you know what, you’re wrong. Do you deserve help regardless of your terrible progress? The answer is a big fat yes! Why? You’ll know why if you read on.

Your Progress Does Not Define You

Before you justify your lack of adequacy, let me just remind you that your progress does not define who you are as a person. Bad progress does not necessarily mean you’re not hardworking. It also does not mean you’re not worth being helped. There are so many other factors that make you you. If you only rely on your academic progress as a sole indicator of your achievements as a person, you’re doing it wrong. Maybe you’re just not in a good environment to improve academically or maybe you’re just not sure how to do it ‘right’. Your progress should never be a reason for you to feel that you are not worth help. It does not matter how good or bad you are academically, your want for help is enough to show that you are eager to be better, to improve and all the more ‘deserve help’.

Ignore Immature Comments

You might have unluckily chanced upon some peers who are immature and insensitive in their comments. They might have said things that are mean, claiming that you don’t deserve help because you never get better. Maybe they don’t want to help you with a Mathematics question because no matter how many times they have explained, you still get it. Yes, we chance upon these people sometimes and all we need to do is to not listen to what they say. It’s okay to not have been able to understand their explanation, maybe you just need more time or a different way of explaining. Do not take it to heart and instead, use it as a driving force to prove to them that hey, I can actually get better at this. Focus on what you need to do, and block out all the negativity. Seek help from teachers who are trained to Help You, they’re the best to look for in terms of the academics!

All The More You Deserve Help

Let’s unpack the question from the beginning. Do you deserve help REGARDLESS of your terrible progress? If you think about it carefully, if your progress is bad, you ALL THE MORE deserve help! Every school wants to make sure every student is able to do well and excel so if you are lagging behind the teachers will be MORE THAN WILLING to focus on helping you! You deserve it!!! What you need to do on your hand is to maintain constant revision, fix your areas for improvement and have more self-confidence. If you take every consultation seriously, trust me, you’re going to get that good progress rolling!

In the future, FamilyTutor, as a tuition agency in Singapore wants you to know that you shouldn’t fret so much about whether you deserve it or not. As a leading home tuition agency in Singapore, we have helped many students who think they will never succeed, succeed in the end. So don’t ever stop at thinking you can’t, believe that you can!

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