Finding the Right Home Tutor for Your Child

What are the advantages of employing the assistance of a home tutor in educating your children? What qualities should a parent search for while considering a suitable private tutor?

Home tutoring is becoming an increasingly preferrable option for parents looking to provide their children with a promising education. The reason for this may be the flaw in the conventional schooling system, where one teacher is tasked with the management of numerous complex aspects of educational progress of a large number of students, or the focus of parents being primarily directed towards their own occupations and careers, meaning a lack of attention towards their children’s performance in school. Likewise, a 1-to-1 home tutor will be able to provide a child with undivided attention and focus while committing themselves to the complete nourishment and growth of the child’s knowledge.

FamilyTutor Home Tuition is an established agency providing services that helps in matching children with suitable tutors. We have matched almost 5000 children in a year and seen these arrangements bear fruition. Therefore, through our experiences in countless cases, we are aware of the numerous variables and aspects that allow an arrangement to be successful. We are also considerate of the quality and degree of professionalism exhibited by our tutors.

Not all children grasp concepts at the same pace or identify with a uniform method of learning. It is in our domain of provided services to understand this difference and cater to each child’s uniqueness and requirements.

To further educate parents through this process and quell any confusions that may arise while selecting a suitable home 1-to-1 private tutor we have listed our five best pieces of advices.

1. Lay Out Your Expectations and Requirements

One of the first things parents need to account for when beginning their search for a home tutor is establishing commitment requirements and good communication with their selected private tutor. If parents lay out their expectations regarding the tutor’s commitment to the potential arrangement, it can quell any misunderstandings or abrupt cancellations. Furthermore, it is essential for parents to verify the private tutor’s ability to communicate effectively and responsively with them and their child.

Firstly, it is necessary to make sure both parties understand the terms of the arrangement and the commitment period. One such term may be the availability of the tutor outside of the lessons. For students who have a difficulty grasping concepts during lessons may require the tutor to answer questions outside of lessons as well through a specified mode of communication i.e. WhatsApp. Most private tutors are accommodating in this aspect, but some may decline.

Furthermore, parents may also wish to regulate the tutoring content or pace by laying out objectives that they require the tutor to fulfil by a certain deadline. They may also enquire about the tutor’s method of teaching, or they may require the tutor to use a specific teaching method for the lessons. It is important to lay out the ground rules so that both parties are aware of what the arrangement entitles such as weekly lesson plans, the number of tests conducted and when updates should be delivered to the parents. To aid in establishing the commitment, FamilyTutor can arrange phone call interviews for parents that may wish to convey their terms to the tutor or enquire about anything before the arrangement is finalized.

A home tutor could have several students they could be teaching or a few that they could begin teaching during the arrangement. For this reason, an issue of flexibility could arise. Parents may wish to know whether the timeslot reserved by the tutor is flexible in case they may need to change it in the future.

Effective communication of requirements prior to any commitment is important for a successful arrangement. This communication should be maintained throughout to allow for a working relationship.

2. Ask for Tutor's Experience and Testimonials from Previous Students

Another factor parents should account for while selecting a tutor is the education level the tutor has experience in. Tutors can usually teach across a few levels e.g. primary, secondary etc. and subjects, so it would be worth the effort to check on the tutors current student base and past track records to identify the level or subject the tutor has the most recent experience in.

It is essential to hire a tutor that is proficient and knowledgeable of the current syllabus of your children’s school, to allow for a more effective tutoring experience. Home tutors who have a student base on the same level as your children will mean that they are well acquainted with the techniques and content that your children need to focus on, and have relevant materials and resources readily available to aid your child. It is even more preferrable to search for a tutor that has recently taught students from the same school as your children. Such a tutor would be more aware of the method of teaching suitable to your children’s case and provide help with their homework and syllabus. They would be able to prepare your children more effectively for their exams by providing questions and explaining question types they have encountered teaching their other students.

Every parent keeps their children’s best interest at heart and wishes to provide the most they can to give them a promising future. FamilyTutor Home tuition recommends tutors that match the criteria laid out by clients. Information regarding the tutor’s qualifications and experiences is provided for credibility purposes also holding a special regard for safety due to the tuitions being held at the latter’s home.

Many private tutors can teach across various levels such as both Primary and Secondary levels, and across various subjects too. We would advise parents to find home tutors who are currently teaching students of the same level as their children, or who have had recent experience with it.

3. Settle for a Budget

One of the most common issues we have experienced when a client avails our services is when parents overspend on their children’s home tuition. They fail to correctly calculate the amount of their budget they can allocate for this purpose and end up selecting a tutor that charges more than they can support. After just one or two lessons they decide to end lessons without benefitting from the service even slightly. Therefore, while assisting parents in selecting a suitable tutor we account for their budget as well.

Private tutors themselves quote the rates for which they would consider working. These rates usually depend on their qualifications and years of experience. We offer three tutor types that charge different rates and are each suitable for different client requirements:

  1. Part-time tutors are usually current students themselves or are recently graduated with around 1 to 3 years of tutoring experience. Due to their limited experience and qualifications they offer their services at affordable rates. Although they are not trained professionals, their status as a student can allow them to serve as valuable mentors to your children. They are young and can relate to your children’s struggles, building a trusting relationship between student and teacher, allowing the student to be more comfortable and open. Some part time tutors also have experience interning or teaching at MOE schools or part-time experience at tuition centres during the holidays. These tutors are suitable if your children are doing well at school and just require someone to verify and revise their concepts and answer any queries they may have, while providing invaluable guidance.


  1. Full-time Tutors are professional tutors with extensive experience i.e. at least five years. They provide home tuition on a full-time basis having made this their professional career, boasting the highest commitment out of all the tutor types. They are well acquainted with the MOE syllabus and are mostly university graduates. Their dedication reflects in the fact that they design their own support material, worksheets and notes to aid them in their unique teaching styles and methods. FamilyTutor would recommend this type of tutor for children genuinely struggling with their studies and schoolwork. They have the necessary qualifications and experience to guide and tutor your child in the most effective way.


  1. The Last tutor type is NIE-trained and certified MOE teachers. They are the most qualified of the three tutor types and hence the most expensive. They are either current employees at schools or have recently resigned from their job at their school (oftentimes to switch to giving home tuitions). But then the question arises “Are ex/current MOE Teachers worth hiring despite the extra cost?”. FamilyTutor would consider them due to the following reasons:
    • They have pursued a Diploma / Degree / Postgraduate Degree at the National Institute of Education. This is proof that they have acquired the necessary education and training, absorbing a wide array of teaching methods throughout several years. By acquiring this qualification they have proven that they possess the basic knowledge and capabilities of being a teacher.
    • They specialize in a specific subject, where some have even been subject HODs. This means that you could hire a teacher to help your child in a particular subject that he/she is struggling with. Due to their proficiency in their subject they can provide specialized tips and explain concepts using their deep knowledge.
    • They boast plenty of teaching experience, having worked as full-time teachers in a few schools. This gives them a more perceptive view on the areas students often face difficulty in and are very knowledgeable of the curriculum.
    • They have marked test scripts and exam papers on numerous occasions, meaning they have a profound understanding of local exam requirements and marking schemes. They provide valuable guidance to allow your children to excel in their exams by acquainting them with keywords or answer patterns that they should adopt. Through FamilyTutor, parents can even choose teachers who have experience marking PSLE examinations, and those who have conducted oral examinations.

Using the information above, while considering your budget and the objective for availing home tuition services, you should be able to select the most suitable home tutor for your child. Children often form a special relationship with their tutors, hence constant discontinuation and change of tutors can be unhealthy and disruptive to your children’s educational progress.

4. Check Tutor's Qualifications and Credentials

Another factor we would advise parents to heed is selecting a home tutor that has proof of fluency in courses they offer to teach by checking their qualifications and past grades. For Example, while searching for a private tutor to teach your child O-levels Mathematics, parents should prefer a tutor that has themselves scored and A1 grade in their own attempt as well. This demonstrates the tutors understanding of both the exam syllabus and test pattern which would be greatly beneficial information for your children. Further preference should be given to a tutor that has also completed a diploma or degree in the subject that they offer to teach. This provides evidence of the private tutor’s interest and deep knowledge in the field which would allow for better understanding of concepts for the student.

In Singapore, many parents employ the aid of an MOE teacher. It is a critical qualification in the country and its exam is of great importance for students. Hence, while searching for an MOE teacher it is of paramount importance to verify that the candidate home tutor has an official NIE qualification and relevant recent school teaching experience.

FamilyTutor makes checking these qualifications a seamless process. We can guide you through these important points on what qualifications to search for. We display all the relevant information on the home tutors’ profiles allowing parents to easily select a suitable tutor. Parents can also request to view certificates for the listed qualifications for which we can provide a soft copy, or the tutor could bring the hard copy on their first day.

5. Connect with a Dependable and Responsive Home Tuition Agency

Now we come to our fifth and possibly the most important advice, which is where to search for a home tutor. The preferrable method is to contact a reliable tuition agency with a large number of tutors available. A recognized agency like FamilyTutor Home Tuition provides clients the ability to select from a pool of diverse and qualified tutors to suit every need.

By availing our services, you will be provided a list of candidates rather than have one selected for you. The list will match candidates to the criteria specified by you as well as recommendations of those candidates who have recently completed assignments successfully after being chosen. We ensure that the information we provide to you is up to date and verified. It includes important bio-data such as ‘Age, Years of Experience, Education, and Job Experience’. It also includes information on the number of students they have taught as well as the teaching methods they employed. All this information is available to you, so that you can make an informed and confident decision while selecting a home tutor in Singapore.

In case you require further assistance in selecting a suitable tutor, you can always approach the agency to contact the tutors and enquire about any additional queries you may have. We also keep a record of testimonials and reviews of previous clients that have employed the tutor and can provide you an opinion regarding their prior experiences.

The First Step Starts Now

FamilyTutor Home Tuition is ranked as the top private tuition agency in Singapore, providing a wide array of tutors to accommodate every client’s academic needs and requirements. Your child will be able to attain a one to one interaction with a qualified and knowledgeable tutor, providing excellent study tips and exam preparation.

Although private tutoring is what children may need academically, they also need the involvement of their parents, as they play a pivotal part in managing and monitoring their child’s educational needs. As parents are often caught up in their professional lives and careers to involve themselves in their children’s education, they can still support their children academically by investing the time and finances to search for and a hire a suitable home tutor. With the combined effort of both parents and a tutor the child will mature and develop their own sense of individuality and mentality and walk on a path bound for success.

If you are considering availing home tutoring service, do not hesitate to contact us and share your requirements and needs and allow as to assist you in selecting a private tutor in Singapore with no obligations involved.



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