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FamilyTutor understands that Junior College (JC) is a short and highly competitive two-year stint for most JC students, and the A Level H1/H2 Economics syllabus in Singapore is definitely not one of the easiest subjects to master within the two years. That is why FamilyTutor always encourages parents and students seeking H1/H2 Economics home tuition in Singapore to aim to “do it once, and do it right” when engaging a H1/H2 Economics home tutor from an Economics home tuition agency. Not only is FamilyTutor experienced in assisting you in getting the right tutor, we are also empathetic enough to understand your concern when engaging a H1/H2 Economics private home tutor! Let us show you why FamilyTutor is so different!

Home tutors are not strangers; they are an addition to your family!

We always seek to assist parents and students in engaging not only a capable tutor for the student to excel in his or her A Level H1/H2 Economics, but also one whom the family members are COMFORTABLE engaging!

Whenever we show our list of carefully-selected H1/H2 Economics home tutors to the families, we always encourage the parents and students to choose one whom they foresee having in their house. Why? Well, most H1/H2 Economics home tuitions in Singapore are conducted at their students’ home, so if the owners of the homes themselves do not feel at ease whenever the tutors conduct classes at their house, it does not make any sense! If that happens, it is going to make learning counterproductive!

We also that an Economics student learns well only if he or she feels good about the learning environment. With the home tutor being a big part of the learning environment, choosing the right H1/H2 Economics home tutor whom the student feels at ease being in a common space with is of utmost importance! Hence, FamilyTutor has never taken this lightly!

FamilyTutor recognises that H1/H2 Economics is a new subject for most JC students!

If you told a Sec 4 student about Supply & Demand, Labour Market, Inflation, and Market Growth, they would be like “WHAT?!”. It is not a surprise considering most students in Singapore only touch the subject of Economics when they reach Polytechnic or JC. With the subject being newly introduced to students, they have to be taught in an empathetic manner by an empathetic H1/H2 Economics home tuition teacher.

Based on our survey on 45 JC1 and JC2 students from 9 different JCs, we found out that their H1/H2 Economics lecturers in school more often than not teach in a non-beginner-friendly way. When asked what the main reason could be, some of the students gave feedback that it might be due to the fact that their lecturers are so knowledgeable in higher-level Economics that they are not used to explaining in simple terms when teaching H1/H2 level Economics! FamilyTutor does not know the real reason behind that but what we are sure and confident in our Economic home tuition and our selected H1/H2 Economics home tutors are always not only academically qualified to teach the subject, but also empathetic enough to teach beginners (JC1 or JC2 H1/H2 Economics students) such that they build a solid foundation in the subject.

H1/H2 Economics home tuition classes are expensive!

Yes, H1/H2 Economics is a JC level subject. As such, it’s not cheap to engage a H1/H2 Economics private tutor ANYWHERE. However, what FamilyTutor can do for you is to engage a suitable one at a REASONABLE hourly rate! FamilyTutor is the leading H1/H2 Economics home tuition agency in Singapore. The reason we are regarded as the leading agency is that we NEVER overcharge our students and we ALWAYS stick to the H1/H2 Economics home tuition market rate.

FamilyTutor understands that most often than not it is scary to engage a H1/H2 Economics private tutor because it is going to be the first time for the family. Having doubts, such as “would this agency jack up the price just because I’m new?” or “Am I going to get a sub-par home tutor at a high price?”, is completely understandable. However, you can rest assured that FamilyTutor is an honourable H1/H2 Economics home tuition agency in Singapore that is able to get you a reasonable hourly rate justified by the right tutor’s qualification and tutoring experience.

FamilyTutor was established by a group of passionate individuals who were once JC H1/H2 Economics students. We understand the pain that H1/H2 Economics students face and we are here to lessen it! With us, your H1/H2 Economics grades are in good hands!



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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