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Unable to find a good tutor for your child? Difficulty in deciding whether the tutor is good or not for your child? Don’t worry, you came to the right place. We, at Family Tutors, have one feature which separates us from other Tuitions- Personalized Tutors. We are a Home Tuition Agency in Singapore who gives you freedom in choosing the tutor based upon your needs.

Why Us?

Besides providing Personalized tutors, as a Home Tutor, there are other features we consider important. As the name Family Tutor implies, so do our qualities. We aspire to be a part of your family to provide an excellent tutoring experience and advise our tutors to support your child with life lessons for long-time growth. We take great importance in communication and feedback by letting you know about the tutors before assigning them to your child.

Your Benefits

Our Home Tuitions are accessible in 28 housing districts across Singapore making it very suitable for you. We have a very good reputation with over 8000 families who benefited from our service, and we can assure you that your son & daughter will be in good hands. We offer over 200 subjects for various levels while you will be charged only for classes (no additional agency costs). It is very flexible to contact us, you can either complete a tutor request online form, call or WhatsApp us at 8777 2168. We are fast with providing you a tutor who matches your needs and if unsatisfied, you can request to change the tutor and rest assured, we take pride in providing only the best tutor for your child. We discourage our tutors from postponing classes unless there is a valid or medical emergency and reschedule the class within 7 days.

Types of Tutors

We have three types of tutors from which you can choose for your child; Part-Time Tutors who love teaching others and engage in teaching as part-time; Full-Time Tutors who consider providing knowledge to students as occupation, and Ex/Current School Teachers who are experienced in teaching. 

Our Collaborations

Our Home Tutors are experienced in their profession as we closely work with Graduate and Undergraduate tutors of NUS, NTU, SMU, Singapore Institution of Technology, Singapore University of Technology and Design, and Singapore University of Social Sciences.


As a Home Tuition in Singapore, we have excellent communication between our tutors and families; and have a lot of positive impressions from them. They like our tutors and our tutors find working for them happier. This way, we are able to provide them with the best service. Further details are available at 



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About FamilyTutor!

FamilyTutor is an established home tuition agency in Singapore! We match suitable home tutors for our clients not just to improve the students' academic grades, but also to build a strong rapport and meaningful relationship with the students and even the their whole family. FamilyTutor put every student in good hands!

If you need an excellent home tutor, feel free to call/WhatsApp us at +65 8777-2168! Our matching service is free!

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