FACTORS to Consider when Selecting a Tuition Agency in Singapore

Selecting Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

Tuition agencies in Singapore help to coordinate students with qualified tutors. While this job might seem easy and unchallenging, there are many things behind the scenes that we hardly know about. From heavy selections from the pool of tutors available to coordinating requests between parent and tutor to finally picking the tutor for each job, every assignment requires a lot from a tuition agency. Hence, it is important for parents to consider which tuition agency in Singapore to entrust this job to. Here, we discuss a few factors parents can consider when selecting a tuition agency in Singapore!

Range of Coverage

There are many kinds of subjects/activities which require tutoring. However, not all tuition agencies in Singapore accommodate such a wide range of these subjects. Hence, when considering a tuition agency in Singapore, it is important to enquire on the range of coverage provided by the various tuition agencies. You would want to work with one that has greater coverage for a few reasons. Firstly, it assures experience in various subjects which increases the reliability of the tuition agency in Singapore. Secondly, it saves the time of a parent to request for help for another activity/subject for their child in the future. This is because they can go back to the same tuition agency in Singapore to acquire help. As for us, FamilyTutor, we strive to provide you with as much coverage as possible, and sincerely value the plethora of needs that Singaporeans may require!

Quality of Experiences

It is important to consider the quality of service provided by tuition agencies in Singapore. Ways to ensure the quality of experiences would be through word-of-mouth, looking at reviews and reading up on the background of the tuition agency in Singapore. Surely no parent would want to engage with a tuition agency that has many past experiences but yet all are negatively commented on. FamilyTutor is an established tuition agency in Singapore that aims to ensure that every Singaporean son and daughter is in good hands. Working with FamilyTutor to engage the perfect tutor for your child will secure you both an experienced agency and a good one!

Positive Working Styles

Collaboration has always been made easy with polite yet open conversations. Success is also closely linked to a positive attitude as well as the tenacity to complete the necessary tasks. Working with a tuition agency in Singapore that possesses positive working styles is key to having a memorable experience in finding the ideal tutor for your child. At FamilyTutor, we personally value every single one of customers and treat them just like our friends. We respect you and we would love to give you a fuss-free experience. We want to find you the most appropriate tutor for your child, and promise only the best. FamilyTutor is FamilyTutor because we love what we are doing and naturally, we only want positivity in the house!

Values in Action

We love a fair community. Working with a tuition agency in Singapore that is fair and just and upholds their morals might seem like an absurd requirement, but let me tell you why it surely should be a factor to be considered. What if your tutor and you quarrel? Would you want a tuition agency that intervenes and is clearly biased towards the tutor without properly mediating the situation? No way! Hence, in times of trouble and conflict, FamilyTutor promises to be with you all the way. Regardless of whether the fault lies in a particular party or it is simply a misunderstanding, FamilyTutor simply wants the best for your child and hopes they are in the best environment to receive education. FamilyTutor will do all it takes to resolve the situation even if it means finding another apt tutor for your child!

It is thus important to take into consideration factors which are crucial in ensuring that your child is able to receive quality education and for you, a memorable experience. Hence, before selecting a tuition agency in Singapore, remember to think about the 4 factors mentioned: Range of Coverage, Quality of Experiences, Positive Working Styles and Values in Action!



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