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The fact that English is the most widely utilised language in the world is probably not surprising anymore. However, even if you say that you know this already, do you truly understand the implications of this statement? Here at FamilyTutor, a private tuition agency in Singapore specialising in providing 1-to-1 English tuition, we have made several observations over time, based from our experience in interacting with students, tutors, and parents.

#1 A strong command of English helps a looooooooooong way

In school, all subjects, with the exception of Mother Tongue, are taught in English. The learning environment is built around the language – in class, in homework and most important of all, in exams. Therefore, without a decent grasp of English Language, the performance in these subjects would fall. Oftentimes, we see students struggling in their schoolwork with reasons typing back to their mastery of English. As a private home tuition agency in Singapore experienced in English tuition, FamilyTutor has seen many such cases, including one commonly seen, as below:

Example: A primary school student who is supposedly weak in Math; turns out it is not that he cannot comprehend the Math concepts, but that he cannot understand what the question is asking for. In other words, the impediment here is his English Language proficiency. Once he understood the language used in the question, he was able to answer the question correctly.

If this is already seen in the primary school level, the problem probably extends beyond that. (And you’re right.)

From Secondary school onwards, certain Humanities subjects – like Geography, History and Social Studies – require essay writing skills, and thereby a certain level of expertise in English Language. Even in analytical subjects such as Math and Science, challenging questions are set by playing around with the words to test the student’s knowledge in the subject.

Once again, we can see that English Language is used to set the difference between a B and A student. The frustration is real, as we at FamilyTutor can clearly see in our time as an English tuition agency.

In Junior College, Polytechnic, University or even in the workplace, essays and papers have to be written, reports have to be made, presentations have to be conducted and the list goes on. And the question still remains – Is your child prepared for this?

Feeling worried for your child? Here’s what we, at FamilyTutor, the top English tuition agency in Singapore, have to say next:

#2 It helps to start early.

Practice makes perfect. And more practice means better than perfect – which in the case for English, means a strong command of the language not only in academics, but also excellence in extension in the professional working life.

Start by building up your child’s English Language capability with our effective English tuition. By engaging one of our English private home tutors, there will be sufficient attention for your child through 1-to-1 guidance and teaching. Especially with starting early, it is important to catch especially the small details, as it is often the smallest details that become the most important later on. This can only be accomplished through dedicated guidance, and FamilyTutor will be with you every step of the way to find the most suitable English private home tutor to suit your and your child’s needs.

As the most family-oriented English tuition agency in Singapore, we are concerned with finding the right English private home tutor for you and your child. In terms of English tuition, as it is highly linguistic, it is especially crucial to find the suitable English private tutor that would match your child’s learning ability as well as to map out the English Language learning journey with you and your child. This would be very helpful in terms of honing their English Language skills, and work towards building a stronger foundation to stand on. FamilyTutor is able to provide a variety of experienced and effective English private home tutors in order to cater to your diversified needs.

The English language extends beyond being used in academics. Its significance is far-reaching and enduring. Having a strong command of English remains more important than not. Approach FamilyTutor for a consult to kick start your child’s journey towards improving proficiency in English Language!



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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