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Principles of Accounts, or POA in short. What is it about?

It is a niche subject offered in the Singapore’s upper secondary curriculum that introduces students to the world of financial accounting. As we are all familiar, accounting is the practice of recording and processing information obtained within a business, in order to evaluate business performance and facilitate decision-making. Even though it is an entirely new subject that is only introduced in secondary 3, it is definitely one of the more practical and relevant subjects offered, as the student can directly apply what is taught into their daily lives.

Based on our observations, learning POA most certainly creates a foundation for your child and prepares them for future challenges and opportunities. In a world where being financially literate is becoming more essential, learning POA provides a head start for your child in this aspect. In addition, having a basic understanding of accounting concepts at an earlier age would be beneficial when applying to university courses such as those being offered in Business Schools. POA also serves as a stepping-stone for pursuing a career in relevant fields, such as Business ManagementAccountancy and Auditing. Even if one does not end up working in an accounting-related career, having such knowledge is empowering as one would be equipped to understand financial concepts that will come up in the future. For example, learning POA would be helpful when it comes to understanding financial planning later in their life. After all, what are we, if not individual businesses ourselves? Majority of us will be planning to pursue further studies (education loan, a form of debt), to purchase our own house (property, a form of equity), to start a family (where there are considerations such as income, costs and assets to consider).

Since we have established the significance and importance of learning POA, it is therefore crucial that when embarking to study POA, one should strive to study it well. However, there are potential obstacles in this aspect. For instance, the subject is very concept-heavy, and there are various financial terms to learn. These financial terms also tend to build upon one another to form different concepts. On another hand, POA is not just about understanding the concepts taught, but also about putting in the effort and dedication required to make sense of the numbers and information presented. Furthermore, as it is an unfamiliar subject to many, students tend to close up and refuse to absorb information after getting lost in the first few lessons.

Having the right private tutors will be able to help you in this aspect. Our dedicated private tutor will be able to provide 1-to-1 guidance and support in explaining financial terms and concepts and help your child to link relevant terms and concepts to one another. Our POA private home tutors would also be able to provide personalised lessons for your child, whether that means taking more time to teach a particular complicated concept that your child is struggling to understand, or being able to repeat certain fundamental concepts to make sure that your child understands them fully and comprehensively. Our tutors method of teaching and guidance would help ease the student’s burden in making sense of the financial jargon as well as to understand the concepts’ links to one another.

While we cannot promise miracle pills for last-minute cries for help, we have POA home tutors who can impart “Secret Formulas” or special techniques to help your child to excel in POA, which are based on their expertise and experience in teaching the subject. Oftentimes, it is not about the content of the subject, but the method of approaching the subject that is important. For POA, students need to be able to be meticulous and have an eye for detail, in order to find their way through the sea of numbers. In this aspect, our tutors would be able to instill certain qualities in your child through patient, 1-to-1 direction which would help them in this as well. For example, it can be tedious filling out the balance sheet or trying to balance the debit and credit side. There are ample opportunities to make careless mistakes, which is the last thing anyone would want.

In contrast to school teachers, our POA home tutors will provide help promptly and more efficiently, as there is more face time with your child, and more opportunities for your child to have access to help from our POA private home tutors. In addition, unlike school teachers who have to spread their attention across a large class, our POA private home tutors can dedicate their time to your child and your child only. Our home tutors can pay attention to your child’s strengths and weaknesses in the subject, as well as to emphasize key topics that your child has to learn.

As a parent, you can be sure of the effort and dedication that our home tutors can and will offer. From our experience, we can understand what parents are looking for in a POA subject tutor and will actively seek out suitable candidates for you. Rest assured that we have your best interests at heart, and we want to be your partner in finding the POA home tutor for you.

We are capable of bringing our clients results, we want to assist you by recommending the best POA home tutors for you. We want to hear from you, so feel free to send us any of your enquiries, so that we can get back to you with viable solutions for your POA private home tuition needs.



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