Different KINDS of Private Tutors In Singapore

Everyone is different and unique. With that in mind, a one-size-fits-all approach definitely would never work well in any situation, especially in areas of human interaction. For the different kinds of private tutors in Singapore, some will be good for your child while some will unfortunately just not be that suitable. Identifying the possible kinds of characteristics to consider when looking for private tutors in Singapore would greatly ease the selection process. Looking out for the ideal perfect private tutor is not the way to go; it is rather about looking out for the one that you need!

The Kinds of Qualifications

Looking for a private tutor in Singapore with just enough qualifications is very important in setting expectations for the help your child would receive. Be it an ex-MOE teacher or a part-time tutor, these private tutors specialize in different degrees and deliver different types of help. Maybe your child requires a tutor that is able to dive deep into the foundations of a subject or maybe your child requires a tutor that knows the latest common questions and tricks to tackle questions. Whatever it is, knowing exactly what your child needs is crucial in sieving the proper qualification your private tutor should possess. FamilyTutor offers a wide selection of tutors with varying qualifications to suit the unique needs of each child. Fret not, there will exist that one tutor that can save the day!

The Kinds of Personalities

Looking for a private tutor in Singapore would also require you to consider the character traits of your child. If you know that your child is generally quieter and less outspoken, maybe looking for a private tutor that is friendly yet not loud would be helpful in encouraging your child to have meaningful tuition lessons. Or if your child simply cannot sit still then having a strict tutor would definitely be better than having a tutor that isn’t. FamilyTutor understands that finding out personalities is not the easiest job. Hence, FamilyTutor goes the extra mile to allow tutors to describe themselves and understand them as a person and a tutor.

The Kinds of Pedagogies

Looking for a private tutor in Singapore would promise you good guidance. However, pedagogies matter. Every child is born differently. Hence, finding out how they learn best is essential in ensuring success in what they are aiming to achieve. FamilyTutor requests for our tutors to talk about and elaborate on their pedagogies used professionally. We take pride in tutors who are genuine and take the job seriously. If they are really good at their task, without a doubt, they would be able to properly explain their pedagogies. From there, we will be able to find out and assist you in choosing the best of the best!

The Kinds of Values They Possess

Looking for a private tutor in Singapore would also require you to consider someone who is morally upright and just. We do not want our child to be negatively influenced by the tutor, inculcating wrong values or cause any stress. FamilyTutor takes this very seriously and does not simply consider qualifications, pedagogies or personalities. We want your child to be in good hands, so we manually interview our tutors instead of using computer algorithms. By doing so, we are able to detect any favorable human attributes – such as sincerity, responsibility, and a positive attitude. We only recommend only those tutors that possess these desirable attributes to the students & parents who come to us!

It takes time to realize that these minute details in selection influence the quality of lessons; hence we invite you to take the first step with FamilyTutor as we assist you through the various considerations. We simply want the best for You and Your child, we will be here Anytime!



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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