Core Values You Need to Succeed

As a student, academic excellence is not the only deciding factor whether one will become successful in life or not. After all, success is subjective and can vary in definition from one individual to another. Some view success as gaining financial stability, others treat success as directly proportional to their popularity, while others view success as living a life filled with happiness and joy.

Any of these three choices are affected by one’s core values. Financial stability cannot be attained once one is not thrifty and financially literate. One’s popularity can only go as far unless they are really good people with great character. And finally, one cannot live a life of happiness if one does not have the positive outlook in life necessary to see the joys of living.

Of course, core values cannot single-handedly dictate whether one becomes truly successful or not. It still depends on the person in question. However, by having core values, the chances of gaining success in life increase significantly.

Why core values are important

Before starting the core values needed to aid success, we must first go through the reasons as to why they are important. There are two main reasons as to why having the core values to be discussed later is important.

1. It will serve as the guideline for your character

A person’s character is much more than simple adjectives such as: being funny, outgoing, and sociable. A person’s character can also be defined by the values that they possess and live by. An individual’s character can be described as reliable and responsible in the workplace; however, they could not have attained these characteristics if not for observing the core value of professionalism.

Core values can even be considered the skeleton for one’s character as it helps shape the person one will be. By observing the core values that an individual lives by, we can most likely infer the possible characteristics one will possess in one’s life.

For instance, if a person lives by the value of being resilient, they will most probably possess characteristics and traits such as being industrious, hardworking, and passionate about their likes. In contrast, if a person does not possess the said value, then they will most likely give up after one try and not exhibit the traits mentioned earlier.

2. Makes you a respectable person

If a person abides by their values strongly and refrains from straying from them, then people will naturally deem that person as a respectable individual. Imagine an individual that stands by their beliefs and values and resists doing actions that go against their values. That individual will naturally be deemed as a respectable individual.

Now imagine an individual that abides by no definite core value and is just an empty shell of himself with no stand or value. These individuals are often looked down upon by society as they lack the values that will allow them to strive for something they believe in. This is the second main reason why it is important to have core values.

Core values needed to be successful

Now that we are aware of the importance of core values, it is now time to discuss the values an individual must have in order to attain success. Do note that an individual can have all of these values, but that does not mean that all of these values are necessary. Just a single core value that you strongly abide by is enough to aid you through the path to success.

1. Respect

One of the most important values an individual must learn is respect. Respect for himself, respect for others, and respect for everything else that surrounds an individual. Respect allows fewer misunderstandings to occur and prevents other people from seeing an individual as rude or unruly.

2. Professionalism

Professionalism is a value that a lot of people who strive in the financial sector have. Professionalism allows for an individual to display the required skills that will allow them to excel in their chosen field. Not only that, but professionalism also limits the number of excessive reactions that are considered irrelevant in the chosen field.

If one aims to be successful financially, then professionalism is a core value that they should strengthen and build up as it will be a very useful tool for them later on.

3. Being financially literate

Another key core value that is necessary in order to attain success financially is financial literacy. Financial literacy covers a broad area and being financially literate can mean a lot of things. For instance, a person is considered financially literate when they are aware of how taxes work when they are knowledgeable about investments or are just really thrifty.

All of those examples lead to an individual becoming financially literate and all of them are great examples of the knowledge and values needed in order to attain financial literacy.

4. Having a positive outlook

If a person’s definition of success is to be happy and joyful for the duration of their life, then this core value will be an important factor that will decide whether they become successful or not. Having a positive outlook is often referred to as the ability to view the good outcomes of a certain event.

This allows one to see the beauty and wonders of the world without being clouded by the unfortunate occurrences that come along with a certain event. Having a positive outlook in life also motivates one to become a better version of themselves and to view challenges as stepping stones rather than setbacks.

5. Health consciousness

Health is an issue we all must face. As we grow old, our body doesn’t function the way it used to and our immune systems begin to weaken. This is why there are a lot more health complications with aging individuals than with young ones.

If a person exhibits the core value of health consciousness, they will be able to limit the effects of again in their bodies and prolong the days where their bodily functions are at their maximum by taking good care of their health and well-being.

6. Self-worth

Another core value to take note of is self-worth. In a world where the standards for beauty and skill are exaggerated by media, self-worth is more important than ever. Self-worth is the value that allows one to celebrate their own strengths and weaknesses, their beautiful and ugly sides, as well as preventing themselves from being degraded by the standards of society.

It is an important value that one must possess in order to become strong and independent. Without self-worth, an individual will easily be taken advantage of. Individuals can be asked to do labor without proper compensation just because they have a weak sense of self-worth.

7. Resiliency

The core value of resiliency is something that can be applied to almost any phenomenon. Resiliency refers to an individual’s ability to stand back up whenever they experience failure and learn from then experience.

Resiliency will allow an individual to become much more knowledgeable and wiser when it comes to the area of expertise they have failed at. As they become aware of the things that cause failure, they get closer and closer to the path that leads to success.

8. Communication

Communication was made so that we could understand each other better and express our opinions to each other. The core value of communication refers to the act of making use of the purpose of communication by expressing their thoughts and emotions to others. This enables fewer misunderstandings to occur and also closes the gap between you and the people around you.

9. Networking

Networking refers to one’s ability to socialize and build connections with other individuals. This core value is very useful, especially when aiming for financial success and stability. By building connections with other people, an individual can ask for favors or aid from other people in order to attain the goal they have.

10. Sympathy

The definitions for sympathy and empathy are often confused with each other. The main difference between them is that sympathy allows one to feel emotions that relate to sadness and sorrow towards others while empathy allows one to feel the emotions of others as if they were in other people’s shoes. And while it is quite difficult to put ourselves in the situations of others, it would do any individual good to be considerate towards other’s feelings.

Sympathy is a core value that an individual must strive for if they are willing to be more humane. Sympathy enables one to be more forgiving and kinder overall as they will be able to adjust their actions and words according to the situation an individual is going through.

11. Thirst for knowledge

If one describes success as excellence in the academic field, then they require honing this core value. Human beings are naturally curious creatures that seek to find the truth about certain things. However, there are those whose thirst for knowledge is much more prominent than others.

An individual’s thirst for knowledge will allow them to continue pursuing and learning a certain topic or field in order to quench their thirst. This will ultimately lead to them being more successful in terms of academics as they now have more knowledge over others.

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