Common Fears You Face When Engaging a Home Tuition Agency and Home Tutor in Singapore

Choosing the Right Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

Home tuition is part and parcel in the life of a typical Singaporean student. The reason for that having a capable and dependable private home tutor to rely on makes learning a lot easier. Coupling the teaching from teachers in school and home tutors outside school, achieving stellar grades for major exams – such as the PSLE or N/O/A Levels – is not a difficult task. The difficult task is knowing which home tuition agency and which home tutor to engage. From our quarterly survey on our clients, we have heard many unpleasant stories about parents and students engaging the wrong home tuition agency and thus home tutors. With that, with the permission of our clients, we shall share some common fears that they now face when engaging a home tuition agency and home tutor in Singapore.

#1 – Big Promises, Empty Results

While there are good home tuition agencies out there in the market, there is also a handful of unethical ones that promise you better grades if you engage a home tutor from them. Most of the time, the home tutors they recommend do not deliver classes with the necessary level of sincerity and passion at all. Worse still, some do not work hard with the family to produce better grades! On the other hand, FamilyTutor will never promise you better grades even if we have worked with a certain tutor and we are very sure that he or she has a track record of helping students improve their grades. We believe that every student is different in his or her own way, and whether a home tutor is able to assist him or her in getting a better grade depends largely on the chemistry between the student and the tutor. We can recommend the best private home tutor in Singapore to you, but if you do not feel comfortable communicating and learning from him or her, you might even get worse grades than before!

What we always do is to share the track record of whichever home tutor we are recommending to our clients. We always stay objective and report factual statistics. That helps you to choose the right home tutor for yourself!

#2 – You Speak to a Sales Personnel, Not the Home Tuition Matchmaker

Yes, if you search and actually call up 10 home tuition agencies in Singapore, most of the time you are attended by some sales personnel who are not the ones assisting you till the very end of the find-home-tutor process. With that, due to potential miscommunication or misunderstanding, there is a chance not every request that you specified to the home tuition agency at the start could be trickled down to the liaising person who is choosing the home tutor for you!

At FamilyTutor, the person you speak with at the very start is the one who is going to be selecting the tutors from our large pool of qualified and experienced private home tutors. With that, you do not have to worry about having any of your specific instructions being neglected!

#3 – ANYHOW!

If you stay in Singapore long enough, you would probably know what the slang “ANYHOW” means! Generally, it means not following the necessary proper procedure to achieve the desired outcome. So how “ANYHOW” could a home tuition agency in Singapore get? Many home tuition agencies in town are good. Unfortunately, there is a small group who makes insufficient effort to make sure that their clients get the best home tutors they can get. Some just make sure that the home tutors fulfil the basic schedule requirement without making sure that they are experienced enough for the student, while some do not interview the home tutors at all!

FamilyTutor wants you to avoid falling into such traps, so we share these valuable experiences that we have gathered from our clients. The purpose of this article is certainly not to bash other tuition agencies in Singapore, but to assist you in understanding the risks of not having the due diligence to do proper research on the home tuition agency you’re engaging! With that, we hope by reading this article you are able to make a more informed choice on engaging a home tuition agency in Singapore!



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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