Benefits of Hiring a Tutor

Parents only want the best for their children. The same can be said for Singaporean parents and one way they can show it is by giving their children the best education they possibly can. Singapore is already up there as one of the countries with the best school systems. However, the education in Singapore isn’t only reliant to the Ministry of Education. Singaporean parents are also proactive in finding other methods and also employ the help of home tutors to help further their child’s studies.

Home tuition has become very popular in Singapore and even turning into a billion-dollar industry recently. With the large number of parents aiming to help their children secure a good future, they choose to engage in supplemental learning for their children. This also includes the subjects or topic that their children struggle to grasp. With this, parents are also helping their child get the grades they deserve and even more.

Benefits of getting a tutor for your child

Private tuition offers a wide variety of benefits for students. In this article, we’ve picked five of these benefits that parents can observe when hiring a home tutor for their children.

1. Fill the gaps

As schools cater to larger number of students, it’s not uncommon to see students struggling with their subjects. Many of these students struggle in understanding a topic because they also have trouble with fundamentals that reflects on the topic. Take for example a student struggling with Math. If the student is having issues with Algebra, it’s plausible that they may also be having trouble with basic operations such as multiplication or division. Because they haven’t fully mastered the fundamentals, they will have trouble understanding more complex topics that uses the application of those fundamentals.

However, since schools have curriculum and syllabus to follow, they couldn’t halt the lessons for one student who haven’t mastered the basics. Because of this, the student may be left out and continue with the endless cycle of not understanding his/her lessons. They will be stuck with not understanding one thing that relates to another and thus, not fully understanding the next topic.

With a tutor, the child will get the chance to go back to basics. Tutors will be able to determine the problems the child is facing and get to the bottom of it. This way, they have more chances of effectively overcoming their situation. Because tuition is more catered to the student, they wouldn’t have to worry about catching up to their peers and instead focus on their own progress.

If the child needs help to go back to the basics and master them, the tutor can help him/her do that. From then on, the child can continue to improve and master the fundamentals necessary and then move to more complex topics with ease.

2. Prioritize the student

With the ever-growing classroom sizes, it comes as no surprise to learn that this can be bad news for the child. In a classroom of twenty or so students per one teacher, it can be difficult to get the attention the student needs. If the classroom has about thirty students, then your child will only get about 1/30th of the teacher’s attention. But that’s only assuming the teacher spends equal amount of time per student. This is also disregarding the lesson preparation per teacher, activities in school, and time spent on other classes.

If the student is struggling with a topic, they wouldn’t get as much hep they need in classrooms. Of course, with students who are already getting good grades, they wouldn’t require the teacher’s help as much as the struggling students. And those struggling students require the most attention and focus from their educators. Additionally, because the struggling students require more focus, those in the middle might not get as much attention as they need also.

In 1-to-1 tuition, tutors prioritize only the student. The student doesn’t have to fend for the teacher’s attention or wait for other students to finish asking question before they can get their turn. The lesson is focused on the student’s needs and learning style. In addition, the student’s learning pace is also greatly considered. In relation to the first point, if the student has any topics they are having difficulty in, the tutor can focus more on the topic and give more attention to the areas the student can still improve in.

3. Less distraction and more focus on lessons

Getting distracted during lessons can’t be helped. One way or another, a child will get distracted during lessons either by getting bored or another thing caught their attention. Unfortunately, in a classroom setting, one student getting distracted can cause a chain reaction. If one student is distracted by, say, a bee inside the room, most probably he/she will tell their other classmates until all of them are looking at the bee. This is also especially true with preschoolers and lower primary level students who have significantly shorter attention spans that their older counterparts.

However, in private tuition, distractions can be lessened by taking effective measures. Because of the smaller group which only includes the student and the tutor, there will be less chances of distractions happening within the tuition session. The student wouldn’t be able to talk with their friends or classmates during tuition or they can’t play with their pens while daydreaming. They will be able to focus more on their tutor as the tutor can also focus more on the child.

If the child is prone to getting distracted, the parents should also make sure to make the learning environment at home be relaxed and conducive for learning. It’s advisable for the tuition session to be someplace quiet so they can concentrate more. Additionally, the child’s comfort is also the priority as schedules are also based according to whenever the child learns best and the parent and tutor have agreed on.

Being able to focus in their studies is important for a student. In classrooms, their attention and focus may wander from time to time causing their learning to also suffer if it becomes habitual. With an effective home tutor, they will be able to focus more and concentrate on their lessons so they will make more improvement and progress.

4. Increased motivation and love for learning

Struggling in a topic or subject can be extremely demotivating for a student. Aside from their struggles with understanding a topic, their self-esteem and self-confidence will also plummet because they couldn’t understand the lesson or keep up with their peers. They might also think of themselves as stupid when they might only need proper clarifications and follow-up lessons on the topic. If they continue to think this way, the student will also lose motivation to even try with their studies as they think that they have nothing else to give to their studies and just settle with the scores and grades they are getting. When a student is already demotivated to learn, it can be difficult for them to find motivation again.

Fortunately, a home tutor can help with this problem. Aside from preventing this from happening, an effective tutor will also have techniques and strategies to help a student gain back their confidence with their skills. If the student starts to understand their lesson and starts to see improvement with their scores and grades, they will also start believing in their capabilities again and in turn, they will work harder to get better at their studies. They will start to understand that working hard and persevering also have its rewards and this attitude can also be a great asset later on in the future.

5. Learning more than just the curriculum

There are instances wherein the child getting the tuition can be gifted or already doing well with the subject and they just want to further their understanding of the lesson. Unfortunately, if the student is already getting ahead, they may also find lessons in classrooms boring or dragging as the teacher will have to pace the lesson for the majority of the class.

A common misconception with home tuition is that it is just for struggling students. Tutoring isn’t only limited to struggling students but students who are already doing great with their studies as well.

Learning goes beyond what is in the curriculum. In fact, learning never stops unless the person loses the desire to learn. If the student is particularly interested in the subject, they can hire tutors to help develop their passion further. There are many tutors who are experts in different fields and only tutors because they want to share their knowledge with others. If the student is passionate about a topic or subject, they can get more input from experts outside of schools.

As such, tutors can also become mentors for students. They can also become their confidantes. Home tutors can also help them with their career or education paths if they are looking to apply to different courses or universities. Tutors also teach students values that goes beyond just knowledge such as time management skills, discipline, and patience which they can also use in the future.

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