Benefits of Additional Maths and Why You Should Think of Taking It

Many Secondary school students, when selecting their subjects for O-Levels, are unable to differentiate between E-Math and A-Math

Furthermore, most students studying at this level do not fully understand the importance of A-Math when it is actually entitled to be one of the most rewarding O-Level subjects. 

However, those who do understand its importance have enrolled for private tuitions, so they are able to secure a good grade in this complex yet beneficial course. 

This article aims to clear any misconceptions you may have regarding the Additional Mathematics course as well as point out certain effective techniques to help you ace the subject with flying colors.

Possibly the biggest misconception that parents and students have regarding Additional Mathematics is its course and how it actually differs from that taught in E-Math. 

To explain, Elementary Math teaches secondary school students the basic fundamentals of Maths, those which are commonly used in everyday problems i.e. Transactions or calculations. 

However, Additional Mathematics is far more advanced, it teaches formulas and concepts that can be used at a higher scientific level i.e. when calculating the velocity or the electric field. 

Therefore, it can be concluded that while the two courses overlap, there is a contrast difference in their content. 

On this note, students studying the course be it E-Math or A-Math are required to have different understanding levels and knowledge regarding its contents. 

Therefore, it solely depends on a student’s ability to understand as well as his interest hence it is often observed that many students perform better in A-Math than they do in E-Math as they have a greater understanding or interest in the topics being covered. 

To conclude, to ace A-Math, secondary school students need to practice quite a lot in order to grasp concepts and their applications. 

While, to ace E-Math, students need to have good visualization skills and be able to tackle advanced questions.

However, the serious question still remains “Am I capable of taking A-Math?” 

Experienced Additional Math tutors can help you answer this question. 

They first help you to examine your interest in the subject after which they encourage only those students who enjoy solving Math problems to take on the subject in their O-Levels. 

Furthermore, even average scoring students can perform well in A-Math thus explaining that the opportunity of selecting and mastering the subject is strictly on the basis of a student’s interest and passion towards Math and their willingness to practice day and night the concepts that they have learned. 

On this note, students who wish to increase their L1R5/L1B4 scores can enormously benefit by taking both A-Math and E-Math in their O-Levels.

Another factor to consider when deciding to take the A-Math subject is your other O-level subjects. 

As an overall 60% is required for students to pass their secondary school and so they have to perform equally well in all the subjects they have chosen. 

Therefore, if you wish to take up the A-Math course, you need to remember to give equal time to all your subjects and this is why Math tutors only advise students who are good at Math to take on this complex course. 

This allows them to perform well in the subject and not work excessively hard to understand the concepts which directly lessens the time they have to spend on their other subjects. 

A secondary school student should think ahead, far into the future, and ask themselves the need for this subject in their college studies. 

The A-Math course taught to students in secondary school greatly benefits them in the long run i.e. in their Junior College Mathematics

Therefore, when A-Math students graduate to their preferred Junior college, they are able to tackle the advanced course taught in H2 Math. However, while the H2 Math may be far more advanced than the A-Math course, it is still easier to understand and grasp concepts for A-Math students than those who studied E-Math in their O-Levels. 

Therefore, another benefit of taking on A-Math in Secondary school is that it allows students a variety of subject options in A-Levels such as H2 Physics and H2 Math.

Now while the A-Math course does not compare to the level of depth and difficulty of that of the H2 Math course, H1 Math is quite similar. 

Therefore, students with an A-Math background can easily tackle and ace the H1 Math exam in their junior college. 

Thus, H2 Math and H1 Math both make students eligible to select university courses such as engineering and science. 

To conclude, taking A-Math can greatly benefit a child for their future.

Reason 1: Gain Proficiency in Three Main Math Categories

Now that you have decided to embark on this journey, there are several pointers that your additional Mathematics tutors may give you. 

The most important tip that they will point out is to master the contents of your course. 

To explain, in order to ace the heavy and lengthy course of Additional Mathematics A-Math students need to master the contents of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. 

These above-mentioned categories are the 3 main parts of the Additional Mathematics course that students wishing to partake in the subject need to understand and correctly apply in questions that may appear in their paper. 

However, it should be noted that Calculus algebra is considered as the core of secondary Mathematics and is an essential skill that students studying at this level need to develop and master in order to tackle the advanced questions in their O-Level Additional Mathematics exam. 

Unlike primary Math’s, calculus algebra requires students to be able to manipulate equations and solve them correctly, this is inescapable and is a basic requirement set for students studying either E-Math or A-Math. 

Furthermore, oftentimes A-Math students struggle to tackle differentiation and integration topics while others pray that the Binomial theorem concepts do not appear in their final exam. 

However, with a little practice and good understanding, students can easily tackle such questions and score well in their exams.

However, it is no secret that with mastering A-Math, a student can perform extremely well in their E-Math exam as many of the topics covered in Additional Mathematics are briefly touched in the E-Math course such as trigonometry and geometry. 

Furthermore, the two also revolve around the same fundamental ideas and thus can help to build a student’s confidence in both Mathematics courses. 

On another note, some of the A-Math concepts are new and unfamiliar hence it takes time to absorb and understand their applications. 

In addition to this, students also need to learn how to operate the approved scientific calculator as well as understand how to use it with regard to the marking scheme set by the examiners. 

However, many secondary school students fail to ask important questions in class or clear their misconceptions in their lessons, therefore, hiring a private A-Math tutor can help to gain that extra help in mastering the A-Math subject while also clearing your child’s doubts on a daily basis.

Reason 2: Develop Application Methods and Examination Taking Skills

Knowledge is insignificant without applications therefore, secondary school A-Math students need to carefully understand their concepts as well as their correct applications in Mathematical problems. 

They need to evaluate a given question, highlight its requirements, and apply the correct Mathematical concept in order to acquire an accurate answer. 

Furthermore, formula sheets are also given to students in the A-Math exam, but A-Math tutors advise their students to be fully peppered and not depend on these sheets. 

To explain, students are encouraged to memorize their formulas on their fingertips and practice their applications so they can correctly apply them in their final A-Math exam. 

Therefore, Additional Math tutors can help students to memorize important formulas and concepts with the help of effective exam strategies, so the students do not struggle in their final O-Level exam.

A common question that most students struggle to perform well in is the Proving question which typically occurs in trigonometric equations. In this section, students are required to use their expansive knowledge and applying logical thinking in order to prove a particular equation. 

For this, not only will students need to come up with logical explanations to a problem but will also need to work on all angles be it forward solving or reverse. 

However, experienced additional Math tutors understand the common struggle students face when tackling the Proving questions, therefore, they focus on improving this weakness and advise them to practice several similar questions in order to increase their thinking and their skills.

Applications develop with practice and effort, so do not be disheartened if you fail to apply your concepts correctly in the first go. 

Most Additional Maths tutors understand how important practice is for O-level students and therefore they provide their students with numerous practice resources such as past papers and topical exercises. 

These resources can help develop a student’s application skills and give them exposure to different types of A-Math questions. All in all, A-Math tutors aim to fully prep their students for the paper and teach them how to tackle various types of questions.

Another tip that tutors try to consistently give their students is to not make minor errors which can cost them their marks. 

These could include missing the correct unit in the answer or forgetting the precise decimal places needed. 

In order to accomplish this, tutors help students to understand the different questions that may appear in their exam and teach them how to correctly highlight their requirements. 

This can save them from making careless mistakes which will no doubt waste precious marks.

In conclusion, Additional Math tutors not only provide A-Math students with the extra help that they cannot acquire from their teachers in school but also help them develop certain application and examination skills which will enable them to perform extremely well in their final exam. 

Furthermore, tutors also have numerous exam strategies up-their sleeves which their students can greatly benefit from such as training a child to divide his time between all the questions or teaching him effective methods when applying their concepts.

Reason 3: Hone Effective Exam Strategies and Time Management

This phrase strictly applies to problematic subjects such as Mathematics and therefore, to master the concepts taught in A-Math students need to practice until they deem themselves perfect in their applications. 

Furthermore, it is no secret that Mathematics requires effort and time both of which are spent ineffectively practicing concepts that you understand so you do not lose your touch and are able to correctly apply and derive an answer with their help. 

And this is the case with all skills, with practice, your skills are consistently brushed upon and perfected. A-Math tutors can help provide this additional help and encourage you to practice the concepts you have learned. 

This will ensure that by your final exams you are able to tackle any type of questions that come your way and correctly apply your concepts.

The first thing you are advised to practice are topical questions, these will help to clear any and all applications of the given topic. 

And after all your topics are clear, an experienced A-Math tutor would encourage you to start solving your school’s past A-Math papers as well. 

Practicing these papers will also help you learn the most effective exam strategies that you can use to better manage your time and your questions in the final exam. 

School papers are also considered to be more difficult than the official O-Level exam paper and thus can greatly help a student tackle difficult questions and improve their application skills. 

The last suggestion that tutors will surely give is to attempt the Ten-Year Series. 

These examination papers are the most accurate representation of the O-Level exam and can most definitely teach students how to attempt questions similar to those that will appear in their final paper.

Under the guidelines, students are given 2 hours for each of their two papers. 

However, even this time can feel very little when tackling such a difficult paper. 

But what can prepare you to work in the given time frame is practice. 

This practice can help you develop good examination strategies such as time management and doing easier questions first so they are out of the way and more time can be made for difficult ones. 

Furthermore, time management can allow you to divide your time between the questions as well as give you extra time to recheck your answers before time is up. 

A-Math tutors are especially skilled in this aspect and can teach you numerous examination strategies that help you to tackle your examination paper and ensure that you do not leave anything behind or make any caress mistakes.

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Reason 4: Receive Expert Tuition from Experienced Math Tutors

It is very important for the child to look at their weaknesses and strengths before selecting A-Math in their O-Levels. 

So, if you feel that you are weak in Mathematics and fail to grasp concepts very easily, it would be highly recommended for you to seek private tuition as early as possible. 

With private tuition, you can benefit from 1-1 session with an experienced A-Math tutor who can help you develop your Math skills as well as clear any problems or doubts you have in the course or your lessons in school. 

Our agency, FamilyTutor caters to the best O-Level A-Math tutors in Singapore and therefore we guarantee that the help you receive is capable of teaching you the contents of A-Math as well as helping you tackle similar examination questions.

Furthermore, even students who deem themselves good in Mathematics also recommend that A-Math tuition is highly beneficial and rewarding in the long run as the tutors encourage and motivate their students to work better and improve any weaknesses they may have. 

Furthermore, A-Math tutors also have a knack of challenging their students with difficult questions, this helps to bring out the best in them and encourages them to work hard in their studies. 

Therefore, many students have claimed and recommended private A-Math tuitions and guarantee that they can help you to study effectively in the limited time you are given.


To conclude, Additional Math is a subject that strictly depends on how much a child practices his concepts. 

Therefore, our agency FamilyTutor recommends and administers tutors who are capable of providing your child with that extra help in their practice. 

Our tutors also help to familiarize your child with the past examination questions so that he is well aware of the questions and the pattern that may appear in his final O-Level exam. 

Therefore, it is evident that it is easier to prepare for A-Math than most O-Level subjects so do not waste this opportunity. 

Learn the right tricks and applications of your concepts and score an A1 in Additional Mathematics. 

FamilyTutor as a leading home tuition agency in Singapore will provide you with the right guidance and experienced help and we guarantee you will pass with flying colors. 

Contact us today to acquire an excellent tutor from our agency!

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