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To many students, Social Studies is a subject entirely new to them, because they have never taken any similar subjects before, or have been exposed to such a subject before. To most of them, they might feel like a fish out of water, because they are unable to understand the method of scoring for such a subject especially when there are no formulas or fixed templates to apply. Others might even find it difficult, because humanities subjects are just not their cup of tea. The above is understandable as the student is introduced to this compulsory subject only in Upper Secondary and is actually a huge change from subjects that they are already accustomed to, such as Language, Math and Science. Therefore, in the case that your child is unable to catch up to their peers in class, or just find it difficult to follow the teacher’s pace in class, it would be recommended that you engage a Social Studies private home tutor to help your child. This is because, a Social Studies private home tutor is able to plan personalized lessons for your child and teach according to your child’s learning speed. From our observations, school teachers often have a lot of content to cover, and therefore is unable to account for individual student’s learning experience. FamilyTutor, one of Singapore’s well-known Social Studies private home tuition agency, is able to connect parents with experienced and capable home tutors that will definitely be able to satisfy your child’s learning needs.

The significance of Social Studies is to expand the student’s view of their world, to look at more than just what is occurring within their current limited point of view. The intended purpose of Social Studies was to “enhance students’ understanding of the key issues central to Singapore’s survival and success”, to quote from an article published by the Institute of Education of Singapore. It is a vital subject that kick starts the journey for a student to look at the world around them. The subject teaches critical thinking and analysis, which is a start compared to the other subjects that the student is concurrently taking in school. It can also be taken as preparation for a compulsory subject that the student would take should they enter Junior College, which is General Paper. Based on the above, we can understand the importance of doing well in Social Studies, which extends beyond just being able to get good grades. It actually helps to hone the student’s thinking ability, as well as open their minds to society. Therefore, Social Studies is an important subject that parents should place high emphasis on, in terms of their child’s growth and learning.

We believe that parents should engage our Social Studies private home tutors in guiding their children in this learning journey. Our Social Studies private home tutors are refined and qualified, and they are well-learned in the aspects of the school curriculum. We understand the importance of learning Social Studies well, and our tutors know that too. However, seeing how that this is a relatively new and foreign subject for your child, and that there are new challenges to tackle in order to score for the subject, it would be best for your child to engage our tutors in imparting their knowledge on how best to excel in the subject. After all, they were young students once, and they have experienced what it is like to take the subject, as well as figured out how to obtain the highest marks for tests and exams. In Social Studies, students are not only tested on their ability to evaluate the content learnt in class, they are also tested on their ability to infer, as well as critical thinking. Unlike Literature where imagination is highly regarded, Social Studies requires logical analysis. It calls for rigor reasoning and justification, so students are basically writing a persuasive essay backed up by relevant evidences, a much more challenging style of writing compared to narratives. Personally, if not for the tips that I learnt from my Social Studies private home tutor on how to best answer the questions in exams, I would not have been able to turn my grades from a C to an A in O’ Levels.

We believe in providing only the most suitable Social Studies private home tutors for you. We have access to Social Studies private home tutors with a range of experience and qualification, and each of them are capable in their own way. You are bound to be able to find one that is most agreeable to your needs and preferences, and we have our track record to prove that. Do approach us for a quote today, and we hope we can surpass your expectations in finding the finest home tutor for you.



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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