Advantages of Using a Home Tuition Agency

Choosing the Right Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

Advantages of Using a Home Tuition Agency

Choosing the Right Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

Since the continuous rise of a need for students to have supplementary lessons in Singapore, many parents have resorted to hiring home tutors for their children. Many parents are engaging in home tuition for their children, not only for the struggling ones but also for those who want enrichment or support during examinations. There are many established benefits students could gain from home tutoring than in tuition centers or even schools. Thus, there also has been a rise of demand for home tutors. Many parents are apprehensive in using a home tuition agency, especially when they hear people talking that it is just a business for some. So, they choose to engage in a home tutor who’s a son or daughter of a friend, or some one they saw on Facebook, or worse someone who applied to an advertisement they put up.

While nothing above is virtually wrong of the above situations, there are still some repercussions when doing this. Sure, parents would think, “I hired a home tutor without using an agency. Why do we even need home tuition agencies?” They would also think they had done something brilliant by directly hiring home tutors for a much cheaper price.

Possible Dangers

To be a home tutor, you don’t necessarily need a diploma or a certificate that states you’ve earned a degree in home tutoring. In fact, anyone could be a home tutor. Someone with another job could be a home tutor should they choose to be. And this would be the biggest problem parents will face once they engage in home tutors by other means. Anyone can say they are a home tutor, with no credentials whatsoever.

There are also some home tutors who claim to be experts on a certain field, only to be lacking in it later one. While others offer cheaper rates only to ask for a pay raise or an advance payment later on.

Benefits of using a home tuition agency

There are still many questions that parents ask when hiring a home tutor for their child. How they can make sure they are hiring the right one is the main objective. Without the right home tutor to guide and help your child, the sessions would only be wasted time. Providing 1-to-1 tuition is the best way for students to excel and achieve their goals in academics. That means, students should have the best support they could get.

While hiring a so-so home tutor can be valid, parents should aim for the best they could provide for their child. A home tuition agency isn’t just a catalog that parents can look through when wanting to hire a home tutor. We have staff to talk to to make sure parents and students hire the best home tutor for them. We’ve come up with a list of benefits of hiring a home tutor through a home tuition agency.

1. Getting the best quality for your budget

Let’s face it, parents always take into consideration the budget they are willing to spend for their child’s home tutor when hiring a home tutor. When looking through home tuition agencies, they may be put off the by the tuition rates immediately. Because of this, parents think that hiring directly would be the best route to take. However, they don’t realize that they could be paying more than when they use a home tuition agency.

For one thing, parents are to negotiate rates with a home tutor they are hiring. Sometimes, if the home tutor is a friend of a friend, or a child of a friend, parents would have a hard time negotiating rates that they actually want to pay. They would sometimes feel shy asking for the price range they intended, and sometimes settle for the price the home tutor is charging.

With a home tuition agency, the rates are fixed according to the three categories of home tutors parents can hire. There are generally three categories of home tutors: part-time, full-time, and NIE-trained or school teachers. They vary based on experience and thus, their rates also vary.

Home tuition agencies coordinate with the market tuition rates well. That said, the rates are raised or lowered according to market value. Parents need not have a hard time negotiating with home tutors, as sometimes, the tuition agency will do that on their behalf. Home tuition agencies also take into consideration the budget parents are willing to pay and suggest the category of home tutor they can engage in.

More so, home tutors will try to lower their rates significantly as they will have to compete with home tutors that have applied through agencies. Parents have to remember that they shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of education their child could get only to save a few coins. It is just not worth it.

2. Credible home tutors

Home tuition agencies don’t just accept home tutors under them without any sort of process. Even the part-timers have a set of guidelines they should uphold to be hired under the home tuition agency. A reputable home tuition agency values the importance of the home tutors’ skills, knowledge, and abilities before anything else. Thus, they take these things into consideration during the hiring process.

For example, a part-timer can still be an undergraduate student working for his/her diploma, but their grades and teaching abilities will be take into consideration before they can apply in the agency.

Some parents might think that hiring a home tutor that has adequate knowledge on a certain subject is enough. But some parents disregard the importance of tutoring skills that a home tutor should also exhibit. A home tutor isn’t just teaching your child supplementary lessons on a subject, they are also influencing and shaping your child to be confident in their skills and gain other skills such as time-management and even examination-taking techniques.

A home tutor who is experienced in teaching should be able to help the students improve their fundamentals and values. Anyone can say they are a home tutor. Anyone can have knowledge in a subject. But not everyone can teach.

Home tuition agencies also provide parents with home tutor profiles if they wish so. This information may contain the home tutor’s name, address, academic qualifications, experiences, and many more. This way, parents will know who they’ll be engaging in before the first tutoring session even start. What’s better, the home tutor they will hire through an agency will be exactly the home tutor they claimed to be.

3. Committed home tutors

Home tutors from home tuition agencies are generally more committed than others. Other home tutors may resign after only a few sessions. But home tutors from agencies generally do tutoring long term.

Take for example a full-time home tutor from an agency. These home tutors have dedicated their career into home tuition. That said, they are committed to tutoring student more than other home tutors. Home tuition agencies also has commissions from the tutoring after the first month, so if home tutors want to make this a career, they’ll opt to stay longer and work with the student longer also.

Another good thing about home tutors from agencies is the scheduled sessions. There is always a set of time that home tutors are conducting their lessons to the students. By incorporating organization and routine to the lessons, students will get used to this and make learning more organized.

Many parents may not think of this but this is a scheduled routine. Even after the tuition stops, the routine may stay with the student. That way, they can still have time to study with or without supervision because they are already used to the routine.

4. Higher quality learning

Home tuition agencies generally take into consideration the student’s needs before matching up a home tutor for the student. That way, the home tutor selected would fit the student best. That said, parents can also talk to the agency about things that they also want to be considered aside for the student’s needs, such as the home tutor’s personality, teaching style, and rate.

Parents will also be guaranteed the best learning experience for their child as home tuition is 1-to-1 unlike tuition centers or schools. The home tutor would have more interaction with the student and will be more hands-on with their student’s development and progress.

A good home tutor will most likely also have other resources they can use to supplement lessons for the students. They are also trained to adapt their teaching styles based on which works best for the student, making learning fun and interesting.


For home tuition to be effective, students need a reliable home tutor to help them develop and learn. Because of this it’s necessary for parents to find the best home tutor they could possibly get for their child. Home tuition already has many benefits but by choosing the right home tutor, parents and students will be more guaranteed of the efficacy of the home tuition.

If you are interested in using a home tuition agency to hire a home tutor, check out FamilyTutor. We are an established home tuition agency in Singapore with more than 8,000 satisfied families under our experience. We offer over 200 subjects for students from pre-school and beyond university level.

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