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It’s very common to hear the term “work-life balance”. If you are employed or looking for a job, chances are you have heard this term many times from companies, employers, colleagues, and friends. But what does the term actually mean? It is the purposeful separation of your attention and time between your job, family, and leisure pursuits. So, to say, it’s basically keeping your work and your life outside of it separate.

While many say that one needs to have a work-life balance, it’s not as easy to achieve. In the modern world, it feels like almost everyone is in a race to get to their goals. However, it’s also important to slow down and remember your life outside of work. As a home tutor, it can be extremely challenging. You can get immersed in tutoring that you may forget to use and enjoy your time outside of it. Finding a work-life balance can be difficult, especially given our commitment to supporting our students’ academic and developmental success. This can entail holding extra lessons during our rest days or perhaps staying up and making lesson plans all night.

However, this is unsustainable for your physical and emotional health, and tutors risk being exhausted or burned out. Which brings us to the question, how can you work on achieving work-life balance while still being committed as a home tutor? Don’t fret! We have these tips below to help you achieve a work-life balance as a tutor.

1. Create a daily routine

A daily schedule is a terrific method to strike a balance between work and life outside of it. It will help you keep on top of everything while also making sure you have time for yourself and the people you love. Include personal care, family time, exercise, and other activities while structuring your daily schedule to avoid focusing solely on work and overworking yourself. Though it’s known that Singaporeans put emphasis on their work, you should also remember that you have time outside of it and you should make use of that. This way, you will have elbow room so you won’t get easily burnt out with work.

Once you’ve established a routine, follow it and do so closely. This would help in making that schedule or routine turn into a habit. This lowers your stress levels as well because you’ll know more clearly what needs to be done each day. And this would make your tasks more effortless to complete. Aside from that, you will also learn how to effectively manage your time in instances something unexpected happens that isn’t part of your routine.

2. Make use of technology

The easiest approach to save time and get things done is to use technology. Simple tasks like lesson planning or grading can be completed by online tools and software. In fact, several apps can aid in your students’ increased comprehension of the material. Google has a lot of apps that can help in grading students. There are also several apps that can help in creating lessons. Some apps even offer premade content that may help in your lessons.

This gives you more time to do other important activities or projects, including assisting your students with challenging problems or spending time with your family.

3. Don’t forget to take breaks

A healthy work-life balance depends on taking pauses. After all, you need time to relax and partake in non-work-related activities. Therefore, be sure to give yourself breaks throughout the course of the day.

Studies have also shown that taking breaks allows your body and mind to rejuvenate. You will have more energy, productivity, and focus as a result, enabling you to continue working effectively. You don’t have to also take drastic amounts of breaks for it to be effective. You can take 15-minute breaks after working for two hours or you can rest after every hour of work. You can also do this by not doing any work during your lunch breaks. You should also remember that it’s perfectly acceptable to take breaks if you are feeling stressed or burnt out.

4. Prioritize your health

Health should also come first and thus, should be your top priority. Some tutors will willingly work even though they are clearly unwell and this shouldn’t be the norm. Remember that if you are ill, there is a high chance you can pass the illness to your student, especially with the situation of the pandemic. Additionally, you may not be able to focus on the lesson and sessions will instead be counterproductive for both you and your student. Working while sick can also prolong your recovery period.

Visit a doctor instead, get lots of rest, and take the day off. Simply let your students know if you will be not teaching that day and provide them with some homework. A good tip is to always prepare work for your students in cases such as.

5. Minimize overthinking

There are times when we pause to review the day’s activities. Overanalyzing, however, can occasionally have a negative psychological and emotional impact. Let it go, then.

We are unable to unwind when we continue to worry about work during our free time and instead experience increased tension. Additionally, we are unable to spend meaningful time with our families or engage in our hobbies, which harms our relationships. If you are one of those who have a hard time letting work-related thoughts go, why don’t you try to leave work at work? You can also try meditating or creating plans and lists to help improve. You can also work on other activities such as your hobbies, watch a movie or play some music.

6. Take time for yourself

And most importantly, don’t forget to also leave time for yourself at the end of the day or week. Everyone needs time for themselves and to have a “reset”. You can exercise, go to a spa, have a date with yourself, or even just treat yourself to a little something. However, during these times, you should not be thinking of work. That means, no replying to emails or messages, no checking your work phone, and no opening of anything work-related, either laptop or bags. This time is only allotted for your “me” time.



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