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The GCE A-Level examination is daunting, stressful and difficult for students across Singapore. Every batch of Junior College students embarks on their 2 year journey to acquire the A Level certification as the ‘entry requirement’ to Universities around the world. During this period, most students minimally tackle 3 H2 subjects, 1 H1 subject, H1 General Paper and H1 Project Work. Also, many past A Level students have considered acquiring 1-to-1 A Level Home Tuition in Singapore for all or just a couple of their subjects. Why is that so? Let’s briefly discuss some of the common reasons!

It’s not even 2 years, it feels like 1.5.

Time flies very very fast in Junior College. In year 1, students are busy with their new school life and also have to tackle the year-long H1 Project Work submission. They learn new subjects and topics and try their best to cope. In year 2, students do not have H1 Project Work to worry about anymore but are now faced with many new topics, and tests. And then A Levels comes, not in December, but in October! Therefore, JC life practically feels like 1.5 years of preparation, more so for the fact that year 1 might be a lullaby phase with a new school environment. Hence, having 1-to-1 A Level Home Tuition in Singapore would greatly help in being more efficient with the usage of time. During A Level Home Tuition, students will have an allocated amount of time to focus and catch up with the content churned out in school. FamilyTutor, a developed A Level Home Tuition Agency in Singapore, believes that we can make 2 years feel like eternity and the first step to achieve that is a more effective use of time. Hence, we highly recommend A Level Home Tuition as A Levels are definitely not something worth messing with!

I’ve never studied so hard in my entire life but still not master it.

So let’s say you’re the really hard working kind of student. You listen in class, complete your homework and also do ample amounts of revision daily. But regardless of how much you have done, how much you have Googled, and how much you try to ask around – there’s just so many things in the A Level syllabus which you do not understand. FamilyTutor understands that the feeling of not being able to master something even with multiple attempts sucks, hence we recommend you to strongly consider A Level Home Tuition in Singapore. This is because A Level Home Tutors in Singapore are trained to be able to adjust their teaching styles to YOUR learning needs. In this way, you would be receiving a special 1-to-1 curriculum from your A Level Home Tutor. It is without doubt that you will be able to better understand confusing concepts and make better use of time as well! After all, A Level Home Tuition in Singapore has seen very positive changes for many past A Level students where their understanding of topics improves drastically!

Oh you actually need to do well in Prelims?

Though A Levels usually starts in October each year, the Preliminary examinations in every Junior College usually starts 2-3 months before A Levels! So what does this mean? It means you have to be good at the Preliminary examinations already!!! This is because overseas universities’ applications are usually earlier than A Levels Results Release, which means that your preliminary scores are going to be very important. And if you are intending to pursue university education in a local university, applications will be after A Level results BUT BUT BUT if you want to be considered for scholarships, early admissions or anything else good, you probably should still have good preliminary results. So basically, YOU NEED TO BE CONSISTENTLY GOOD WITH YOUR STUFF. That’s why, a helpline like an A Level Private Tutor in Singapore would be useful. This A Level Private Tutor will be able to journey with you from start to end, ensuring that you consistently improve and do not repeat your mistakes. Generally, it is also good to have an A Level Private Tutor to be able to keep you on track and make sure you do not sway. As a committed A Level Home Tuition Agency in Singapore, FamilyTutor thinks that A Levels should not be played around with and really, though you have to pay to have an A Level Home Tutor in Singapore, success is worth more than that.

What do I study in University if I suck at everything?

Sometimes, a loss of direction is very overbearing. “What do I do after Junior College?” is the question in most students’ heads when they’re nearing the Preliminary Examinations or A Levels. They only start to think of it nearing the end because they have been too busy and too loaded to even think about it or realise it matters, earlier. And this might be a problem for them because if they start thinking about it late, they might accidentally miss applications or just end up rushing at the end. This is exactly why time management and being on task is very very important for a Junior College student. But it surely isn’t as easy as it sounds. Hence, FamilyTutor, a concerned A Level private tuition in Singapore, appreciates the help from A Level Private Tuition. We’re not saying that every single child needs A Level Private Tuition in Singapore, but what we’re saying is: if you need it, get it. It’s pretty much something that students can feel and gauge for themselves at such an age. So if you feel it, acknowledge it early. We don’t want a situation where hey, you’re getting A Level Private Tuition just weeks before A Levels!

This whole journey is a process of learning and A Levels are not easy. If you feel like you need help with a particular subject or a few subjects or all subjects, seek help before it’s too late. You only want to take A Levels once, right?



Zoe is an undergraduate student in Singapore who loves thinking deeply and translating them into writing. She hopes her reflective opinions and sound advice weaved into relevant articles will be useful for you in one way or another!

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