10 Tips in Improving Project Presentations

Have you ever found yourself in a scenario where you are tasked to present the project put together by your group and the marks of you and your group mates lie in your hands? Or are you perhaps preparing to present a project which your teacher of professor assigned you to make individually? Whichever end of the extreme you may be facing you might want to work up on your project presentation skills.

The skills you will mostly need when presenting a project to an audience is quite similar to those which you will need when conducting a public speech, with the sole difference being that presenting your project aims to inform while a public speech mostly aims to persuade an audience. There are instances where a public speech can inform, but the most common purpose would still be to persuade.

Presenting your project to an audience is not a skill you are born with, rather it is a skill that can be developed and honed. The more you practice and develop the skill, the more you will be able to present informative, interesting, and well executed presentations about your project. Continue reading to know more about how to improve your project presentation skills.

Why you might want to improve your presentation skills

Developing and improving your presentation skills is a skill that will be useful for an entire lifetime and is not left to rot in your bag like a textbook. Application wise, the real life uses of project presentation can range from the office setting, an architectural bidding, data reports, and other fields which require constant presentations in front of an audience.

When honed, your project presentation skills can also lead to new gains which you never knew would accompany it. You become much more confident about your verbal skills when presenting in front of an audience. Confidence can also affect your stage presence and thus help you present better projects as well and will inevitably lead to a cycle of confidence boost and better presentations.

You also become aware of body language needed to effectively present a project. You gain a better sense of the volume your voice needs to be in order to reach the audience at the back. Furthermore, you also gain knowledge on how to grab the audience’s attention when you constantly hoe and develop your project presentation skills.

10 ways to improve your project presentations

The good news is that you can improve your project presentation skills with practice and persistence. Experience also plays a large role when improving your project presentation skills. However, if you not have any prior experience, then fear not for we have collected 10 ways you can improve your project presentation skills:

1. Prepare a backup

Before everything else, the first thing you should consider when you want to improve your project presentation skills is to prepare a backup drive. There will be no presentation to occur if there is no project to present.

Prepare a backup drive or device just in case the one you will be using has been corrupted, lost, or left behind carelessly (this happens more than you might think). This way, you can ensure that the presentation will proceed even with technical problems and the success of your presentation will rest solely on your presentation skills. It is better to be extra prepared than to regret not having a backup later on.

2. Be knowledgeable about your report

First off, an effective presentation will only be effective if the presenter itself knows full well the extent and contents of what he/she is reporting. A well-made report would only be wasted on a presenter that has just as much questions about the report as the audience.

Try to study and understand your own presentation before going into the center stage. The audience will know if the presenter does or does not understand what he/she is presenting. They will most likely lose interest in your presentation and can ask questions you will not be able to answer which would plummet the quality of your presentation even further down.

3. Create attractive slides

Another thing you can do before the actual presentation is to create attractive slides. Slides that will surely grab the audience’s attention but is filled with information to help your audience understand the topic better. Attractive slides should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but informative and concise as well.

Including visuals, animated videos, or charts are one of the ways to make your slides attractive and eye catching. You can also set contrasting colors to help the text pop out even more. To learn more about how to make a better PowerPoint presentation, click here.

4. Speak clearly and audibly

Now that we are done with preparation, it is time to move on to the actual presentation. Make sure to speak in a clear and audible voice to let the entire audience understand and comprehend what you are saying. It would only be unfair for the audience at the back if your voice would not reach them due to lack of volume.

This can be negated however when you are using a microphone, but do still try to speak clearly and not mumble. This will only lead to dissatisfaction from the audience because they did not get to hear your report, but also from you because you failed to execute your presentation properly.

5. Do not read everything from your slides

A presenter that understands his/her report has no need to look at the slides at his back and read from them. If you have truly understood the project you are presenting then you can present the project without reading from your slides.

Reading everything from your slides only indicate that you did not practice enough before the presentation. You also need to turn your back on the audience when reading from your slides which is a big NO when presenting a project. Try to memorize your project presentation as best as you can and if you really forgot the next part then a glance should be sufficient to jog up you memory.

6. Make eye contact

Making eye contact with your audience is something you should try to do if you want to improve your presentation skills. Eye contact with your audience enables your audience to know that you are talking to them and will provide a sense of connection as if you were talking to them individually.

This will make the audience pay more attention to your presentation and will give you more opportunities to help them understand your project even better. However, make sure to shift your gaze from time to time to make sure that you are making eye contact with all of your audience and not just those in front of you.

7. Avoid turning your back against your audience

As previously discussed, turning your back at your audience is a big NO when presenting your project. The simple act of turning your back against your audience can cut eye contact established previously, make you look incompetent, and will make your voice less clear.

There are a few instances where you can turn your back to your audience such as when pointing out to something in your presentation or sneezing. But do remember to limit the amount of time you spend with your back facing the audience. Remembering to do so would signify that you are now one step closer to improving your project presentation skills.

8. Remember to smile

Nobody wants a stern and strict presenter, so try to smile every so often when presenting your project. Smiling makes you look more approachable and confident which can often draw your audience’s attention. Plus you would look a hundred times more presentable when smiling than you would if you weren’t.

9. Be entertaining yet informative

No matter how much you have grabbed the attention of your audience in the first few minutes of your presentation, they will most likely lose interest in your presentation if they find it boring. Try to be as entertaining as you can to continuously grab hold of your audience’s attention while still being as informative and accurate as can be.

You can provide humorous examples of what you are trying to imply in your presentation, or you can ask questions to your audience to help keep them engaged. Anything that will give your presentation distinction from a boring old lecture will do.

10. Rehearse before the presentation

One other thing to ensure that you effectively present your project is to rehearse it a couple of times before your presentation. This will allow you to fully master the slow of your presentation and will allow you to become less reliant on note cards and your slides.

You can also brief yourself on what the audience am possibly ask you to help you become less frightened when facing them at the stage. You may not be able to prepare for what will happen during your presentation, but you can always be ready for what you will do during your presentation.

For more feedback and insight about your presentation you can also ask a few friends to be your make-believe audience and ask them for comments after you have done a dry run of your presentation. This will give you a more objective a more objective approach to your report and will enable you to correct any errors pointed out by your friends.

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