10 Reasons Why You Need A Study Area

We all need a place to study and do our homework. These places are generally known as a person’s study area and vary greatly in design, location, size, and materials. These variations are almost as unique as each individual on the planet which is why it is very difficult to define a “decent” study area.

However, if you leave the nitty-gritty of the whole definition of a good study area, then all that will be left are the various benefits having one entails. You may not think that by simply having a god study area could hold so much benefits, but you will be surprised to learn how having a decent study area can help you, both directly and indirectly.

What defines a decent study area?

There is no clear definition as to what a decent study area really is. We wish we could say that “whatever you are comfortable with” was the right answer but there are other factors that come into play as well.

For instance, a decent study area needs to have a reasonably sized surface area to make sure you will have enough space to write on and place other things within an arm’s reach. It would be a tedious task to constantly walk across the room to get your materials in the bookshelf every time you need a new study material.

You will also need to have proper lighting on your study area to make sure that you do not damage your retina from reading and writing under poorly illuminated areas. You will also need to have proper ventilation in your study area to make sure you do not encounter any difficulties and comfort issues while studying.

Another thing you will need to take not of is the amount of sound pollution your study area is exposed to. While this could not be a bother for others who do not mind studying under a noisy environment, other individuals will definitely face problems when they are studying in a noisy environment.

You can always arrange your study are to suit your tastes but you will need to ensure that is follows the checklist mentioned earlier to make sure your study area becomes comfortable and efficient at the same time. Always remember that function is always better than form.

Benefits of having a decent study area

1. Better handwriting

The first benefit having a decent study area will give you is better handwriting when writing your homework and outlines. This is due to the fact that a good study area will have a reasonably sized area to write on, thus it will not hinder your hands from moving its full range of motion and in turn will make your handwriting more legible and look more presentable.

How many times have your essays been graded poorly because of ad handwriting? Or could you remember a time when the answers for your homework were deemed incorrect because your handwriting was barely legible? Having a decent study are will allow you to slowly improve your handwriting so that you will not experience those events as well.

2. Provides a comfortable workspace

Along with better handwriting, having a decent study area will also give you the benefit of having extra elbow room to stretch and be comfortable. Having a reasonably lager surface area to write and study on will also give you more freedom to stretch and relieve you from the surprisingly suffocating feeling when studying in a cramped space.

A comfortable workspace can also make you less susceptible to any possible occurrences of burnout as you will have a better attitude towards studying. Burnout is often caused by constant and fruitless endeavors that make the student seem like all of his efforts are useless. But with a comfortable workplace, your experience while studying will not be monotonous and your mind set about studying will not be as opposed as it was before. 

3. More manageable resources

Resources are another thing you need to make room for when studying, and this is another benefit of having a decent study area. You will be able to have all your necessary materials and resources available within arm’s reach to make sure that you will not waste any time and effort having to stand up to get a book in your bookshelf.

However, you should make sure that while you will keep your necessary materials near you when studying; these should still be arranged properly so that you will still have a reasonably large space to write on.

4. Maximize learning efficiency

When talking about a decent study areas’ function, it is worth noting to include one of the core benefits which is an increase in efficiency. By saving time and effort from being wasted by keeping the necessary materials close to you and having a bigger surface area to write on, you will be increasing the efficiency by which you will finish your homework.

By spending less time with your homework due to the increase in efficiency, you will be able to spend more time studying your lessons and previous topics. This will greatly improve your performance in class as well and become a constant factor in increasing your learning efficiency.

5. Better storage and space management

We have talked about how having a bigger surface area to work on will improve your handwriting and also make it easier to have the necessary materials near you. But there is also another perk of having a reasonably sized study area which will be the ability to store your materials in one space to be used again the next day or when you will use your study area again.

This could be very helpful when you are in a hurry and want all the necessary materials needed to start studying again. You will save yourself the trouble of collecting all your study materials which could be really tedious when you have bad memory.

6. Improves creativity

The creativity level of a person can often be affected by the environment they are in. And if you followed the checklist mentioned earlier about what a decent study area is, then that environment could lead to an increase in creativity.

Being in an organized area that has a reasonably large space and has low levels of noise pollution could prove to be a great way to increase your creativity. Of course the situation could vary from person to person and it could have no effect to some, but for the common individual, this will do wonders to increase creativity levels.

7. Promotes an organized behaviour

Being in an organized environment can affect how you feel about organization as well. This could lead to you developing an organized behaviour yourself which is another benefit of having a decent study area.

Being organized will not only help you with arranging your files and paperwork, but it will also help you become much more efficient in almost anything that you do. And efficiency is something that most large companies require in their employees.

8. Fits your preferences

To make sure you have a decent study area, you need to follow the checklist/guide mentioned earlier in this article. However, that does not mean that you cannot customize your workspace to your liking. You can always have the choice of tweaking a few details to make sure that where your study meets your own aesthetic standards.

You can pick a specific color scheme, or paste pictures of your favorite superhero near it, or even have your own computer near your study are for easy access. The possibilities are limitless as long as it still follows the guidelines mentioned earlier.

9. Makes studying less stressful

Burnout is no laughing matter when you are in school as it could lead to bad grades and a constant negative attitude towards studying and academics in general. Having a study area that is spacious, organized, and is exposed to low levels of noise pollution can help mitigate the risk of having burnout.

Having more room allows for a less cramped ad suffocating feeling while an organized workplace will enable you mind to not feel distracted by all the clutter all around you. Being in a place with minimal noise pollution can also improve your mood and reduce the chances of getting interrupted while studying or doing homework.

10. Improves your grades

All of the previously mentioned benefits all lead to one conclusion: and that is an increase in your overall academic average. All of these benefits will either directly or indirectly improve your grades in one way or another. This is due to the increase in your efficiency when doing homework due to the various improvements in your study environment.

This increase in efficiency will give you more time to study which will, in turn, increase the marks you will get because you are better prepared for the exams to come. This is one way having a decent study area will benefit your grades.

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