1-to-1 Home Tuition vs. Conventional Schools

When people think of education, schools immediately come to mind. Children are expected to attend school even at a young age. However, for a certain number of reasons, it seems that conventional schools just don’t offer the quality they aim for in students’ education.

Parents only want the best for their children and this also includes the best education for them. With the rise of this demand comes also the rise of home tuition agencies offering their services for students outside of the conventional school setting.

What is 1-to-1 home tuition?

1-to-1 home tuition or private home tuition isn’t a new development in the education sector. In fact, it has been done for quite a time even during colonial era. Home tutoring is done at home instead of going to schools. Lessons are done 1-to-1 with the home tutor and student in the comforts of the student’s own home.

This is beneficial for students as it will lessen the hassle of going to a school while still being provided the ample teaching of subjects and lessons taught in schools. This is convenient for both students and parents. Students can also discuss with the home tutor their preferred days and time of the tutoring.

What is a conventional school?

Conventional schools or traditional schools are commonly done in classrooms with larger groups of students. This may also involve after-school and extra-curricular activities. In conventional schools, students are taught as a whole with pre-determined syllabus based on the curriculum followed.

Home Tutoring vs. Conventional Schools

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On surface, the only difference between the two might be the place learning takes place. However, this goes deeper than that. There are many proven benefits of enrolling students in home tuition.

1. Personalized Lessons

One great thing about home tuition is that every lesson given to the student is tailored to his personal needs. This means that the lesson is more centered on the student rather than the curriculum.

It is possible that lessons given in classrooms are harder to grasp because of the circumstances of larger classroom setting. With this, students may have a hard time following lessons than that of other students.

Of course, home tuition agencies in Singapore still closely follow MOE syllabus. However, tutors are more inclined to personalize the lesson according to what works best for the student. Each lesson is developed to concentrate more on topics and lessons that that student needs to develop further.

2. Incorporate Values

This also means that home tutors can also incorporate aspects of learning to the student’s every life and teach values as well. It is encouraged that home tutors and students engage in camaraderie and in turn, build strong relationships with each other.

3. Fully Understanding the Lesson

In home tutoring, there’s also the guarantee that the student had fully understood the lesson before moving on to the next. This may be tricky in conventional classrooms as schools ay switch to the next topics before the student may fully grasp the lesson.

Parents and students alike are less stressed during exams, too. Home tutors make sure that students fully understand their lesson and apply their knowledge through various exercises especially given to the student.

4. Fewer Distractions

Home tutoring also has fewer distractions than conventional schools. Larger classroom setting tends to be highly distracting for students. This would in turn lessen their productivity time.

It’s not uncommon for students to be distracted during lessons and that would reflect to their understanding or lack thereof of the lesson.

In private tuition, home tutors make sure that the environment is peaceful and lessons are done with fewer distractions. Since it’s done at home, there’s fewer interruptions from lessons. Students can then fully focus on tasks and lessons at hand.

5. Builds Confidence

With the larger number of students in conventional schools, students tend to get embarrassed in front of their classmates. This would lead to less participation, demotivation, and distraction on class.

This will not be the case in 1-to-1 tuition. As students are working with a private tutor, they become more confident with their lessons and sharing their knowledge. With the positive reinforcements provided by the home tutor, students will be more participative and confident in learning.

Education in Singapore

The Ministry of Education in Singapore has a set of guidelines for the education process in the country. These aim to help our students discover and make the best of their own talents and to help them realize their full capabilities while incorporating life-long learning.

According to their website, the MOE aims for students to develop their strengths and emerge confident of their abilities later on in life. They also aim for education to be more flexible and diverse to cater to each student’s needs. They have also introduced a wider range of curricula and schools to help develop and pursue the paths each student has taken an interest in.

However, the MOE also recognize the importance of private home tuition in Singapore. This furthers a student’s potential and makes sure that they are taught with more concentration on a certain area. Usually, students are enrolled in home tutor agencies to develop their skills such as in mathematics and science.

1-to-1 Home Tutoring: Questionable?

There is still a large number of apprehensive parents that remain skeptics about the effectiveness of home tutoring. Causes of such attitude stems from higher rates, not matching with the tutor well, safety concerns, etc.

This wouldn’t be the case with FamilyTutor, the best home tuition agency in Singapore. We offer only the best home tutors to our parents. Our tuition rates range from the type the of home tutors the families want to engage for their students.

We have three categories of home tutors that still provide the best tutoring experience for your students while maintaining a certain budget.

FamilyTutor is also meticulous with home tutoring selection process. We make sure to only match the best home tutor for your student’s needs. After the selection process, we provide parents with a detailed profile of the home tutor selected to help parents familiarize with who they’ll be engaging with.

For more information on why you should engage a home tutor from FamilyTutor, check out our blog post.

This being said, FamilyTutor offers a wide range of home tutors across the 28 districts in Singapore to cater to every student’s needs. We offer more than 200 subjects for Primary to Junior college level and even go as far as University level. We also offer subjects for adults that ranges from languages to coding languages.

We are also proud of the satisfied 8,000 families that we have served under our home tuition agency. If you want to read more testimonials, please follow this link.

With the recent COVID-19 cases, we are also offering online home tuition classes for our students’ and parents’ benefit. We only aim to give your sons and daughters the best home tuition experience.

In conclusion…

1-to-1 home tuition offers a greater advantage for students’ learning than conventional schools. As an educator, I understand that not every student in a conventional school will be given the same level of learnings as others.

This wouldn’t be a problem in 1-to-1 home tutoring as lessons are more personalized for the students. Students are more likely to understand the lessons well when they are taught according to whatever pedagogy works well for them. This would be tricky for larger number of students like in conventional schools.

There is also the problem with larger number of students in the classroom and how this impact on the student’s confidence. We have to remember that this is a critical time for students and we must also value building up their confidence to participate and recite in class.

With home tuition, students will not be as worried to speak up and share their knowledge or ask questions. This will also help deepen their understanding of the topics at hand while building up their confidence.

FamilyTutor, as leading private tuition in Singapore only wishes for the best for your sons and daughters. We make sure to match the home tutors with your students based on what they need and what the home tutor can offer them.

This is both beneficial for us and for your students. We also value transparency and only employ the best home tutors to teach our students. You can learn more about our home tutors through here.

To summarize the advantages of 1-to-1 home tuition over conventional schools:

  • Offers personalized lessons for every student’s needs and concerns
  • Home tutors incorporate values and real-life learning to students
  • Students are guaranteed to fully understand the lesson before moving on to another topic
  • Fewer distractions with the peaceful environment of a home
  • Builds a student’s confidence

Although education departments continually improve the educational system, it’s not uncommon for students to still feel left behind.

That said, home tutoring can rectify that problem and make sure that students are given the education they deserve for a fruitful and successful future.



Carelle is a teacher who has been through the ups and downs of the teacher and learner life. She wishes for every learner to gain educational satisfaction that will help embody the people they want to be in the future.

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