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It’s undeniable that the education system in Singapore is one of the most superior in the world right now. However, because of our desire for our students to excel, Singaporean parents are also enrolling their sons and daughters in various private home tuition programs.

Based on the Household Expenditure Survey conducted by the Department of Statistics from October 2017 to September 2018, the average Singaporean household spends about S$1.4 billion on tuition. That is a huge amount fixed solely on our students’ education. With the rise of many home tuition agency in Singapore, parents also have a wide variety to choose from.

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What is home tutoring?

Home tutoring or also known as home tuition is a form of tutoring that occurs in the homes rather than a classroom. Students receive the guidance and instructions from their own tutors. This service offers one-on-one attention provided to the student or a small group of students.

What are the benefits of home tuition?

Among the benefits of this scheme, tutors are dispatched to the houses of the students so they don’t have to experience the hassle of driving or going elsewhere. That being said, it is very convenient for students and parents as well.

They also get individualized programs based on their needs. The tutors can address the special needs of the student as opposed to the predetermined programs in schools.

Because the student is usually alone or in smaller groups, there are also less chances of students being embarrassed that usually happens in large classes such as in schools. That being said, students are more open to their tutors and can ask questions freely.

Choose the Best Home Tutors for Your Sons and Daughters!

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FamilyTutor has been operating as an established home tuition agency in Singapore since 2017. Until recently, we have been called Brilliance EduLearn. However, the excellent home tutors that we offer are still of the same quality. FamilyTutor has helped thousands of students and parents in matching the perfect tutors for their homes.

FamilyTutor’s slogan is “Putting Every Singaporean Son and Daughter in Good Hands” and we plan to uphold that slogan into action. We always aim to send the perfect home tutors in your homes and strive to put your sons and daughters in their good hands.

Why Choose FamilyTutor For Your Home Tutoring Needs?

FamilyTutors has been in the industry for a long time and understand the needs of every son and daughter in Singapore. We understand the benefits that reflects on the students from our care.

We match the most suitable tutor candidate for every house. This way, the family would also feel comfortable with the tutor as if he or she is part of the family and not an outsider. We aim to improve not only the student’s academic performance but also build relationships with the tutor and value their time together learning.

We also offer more than 200 subjects for all levels to many students in Singapore. We have also partnered with top universities to provide you with the perfect tutors.

There’s a Home Tutor for Every Student

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We generally have three types of home tutors that parents can select from depending on your student’s needs and budget. They are the following:

  • Part-Time Tutors

They conduct home tuition as a part-time job. They can be working full-time in different jobs such as in sales, data management or entry, and even in other fields! However, because they love teaching and can teach really well, they choose to teach as a home tutor outside of their usual working hours!

Some of our part-timers are also undergraduate students that are still working on getting their diplomas. Because of this, they are usually around 19-25 years old. This makes interaction with our students easier as they relate more because of their closer age groups.

However, we select them just as carefully as full-timers. This means that the part-timers’ grades are also taken into consideration and we only accept the best. They still have to be familiar with our syllabus. But they do have a much flexible schedule and are more budget-friendly.

  • Full-Time Tutors

These are the tutors whose main occupation is to conduct home tuition and impart valuable knowledge to student. We sometimes also call them “professional home tutors”.

These tutors are graduates and have diplomas in teaching under their belts. They are experienced tutors that have been tutoring for more than 5 years. They also have immense knowledge on the MOE syllabus. Because of their experience, they hold more resources that they can also use for new students.

Among the three, full-time tutors are more heavily committed to tutoring. As this is their full-time career, they invest on long hours and tutoring their students. The full-time tutors’ rates are accordingly fair based on their experience. This mean that family don’t have to go through a financial step back while still providing an experienced home tutor for their student.

  • Ex-/Current School Teachers

These tutors have the experience teaching in MOE/IGCSE/IB schools. Therefore, they know and understand the syllabus really well. They can be teachers that used to teach in MOE schools or still are.

These home tutors had undergone NIE training to become experienced and knowledgeable teachers. That said, they are experts in MOE syllabus. With their experience teaching in schools and expertise in the MOE syllabus, their tutoring methods are perfect so to say.

As they have been trained in pedagogy by NIE, these home tutors are quite effective in their techniques to bring out the best of a student as well as provide them the sufficient help they require. They also have access to all-around resources which may not be available for other home tutor categories.

However, because of their vast skills, experience, and resources, MOE teachers are considered the most expensive of the three categories. It is very critical for families to pay the premium amount for these tutors. However, given their expertise, selecting MOE tutors will guarantee a bright future for your students.

The rates of home tutors in FamilyTutors are significantly better than other home tuition agencies. We aim to provide your students with the best home tutors for them while still on your families’ budget. To view the rates of FamilyTutor, follow this link.

Why parents and students love us?

No additional fees!

Let’s face it, home tutoring can be more expensive than traditional schooling. As it has become more mainstream for parents to provide their children with better education, tutoring agencies have also expanded in Singapore.

It’s a daunting process to select an agency that gives the best tuition services while staying on budget. Fortunately for you, FamilyTutors only charges for the lessons conducted and nothing more. You pay no additional hidden fees!

Best Quality!

As stated above, we hand pick our tutors and only select the highest-quality ones for your sons and daughter. We feel more secured choosing the tutors manually rather than using a computer program to do the job. That way, you can rest assure than we only match you with the best.

We understand that students’ learning varies with one another. Which is why, we provide the perfect match for your student based on his needs. That way, subjects are more personalized for your student’s needs.

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Quick Selection Process!

As in the topic of selecting tutors, we also provide a fast selection process. Within 24 hours we can already pick a suitable tutor for you. We maintain the level of compatibility between student and home tutor while giving parents the benefit of a quick selection process. It’s fast and reliable!

Respect For All!

Here in FamilyTutors, we are one, big, happy family. We treat our tutors with the utmost respect in turn, that same respect reflects on our clients. Our tutors only treat our parents and students with the respect they deserve.

What the Student’s Needs, We Provide!

FamilyTutors has a process of selecting the best tutor to match your students’ needs. That is why, we listen carefully to our students and personalize the matching so they only get the best tutor for their needs.

We understand that educating one student is different from another. We believe in empathy for every student and provide them with their personalized program for a better learning experience.

Communication with Parents!

FamilyTutor is also transparent with our parents with regards to our tutors. We have detailed tutor profiles to share with you. Parents and students will then understand who you are engaging with and will not have a hard time getting to know the home tutor assigned to them.

FamilyTutor Recognition

FamilyTutor has also been recognized as one of the best home tuition agency in Singapore. Aside from this we also have served over 8,000 satisfied families. We also provide approximately 12% average improvement for our students. FamilyTutor is also a proud receiver of the CorporateLiveWire Singapore Prestige Award 2020.

In Conclusion, why FamilyTutor?

With over 200 subjects offered throughout the entire 28 districts and 8,000 satisfied families of Singapore, FamilyTutor is a great option should you choose a home tutor for your student.

To summarize the advantages our home tutors provide:

  • Three categories of skilled home tutors for every budget and student’s needs
  • No additional fees
  • Best quality tutor to match your student’s needs and budget
  • Quick selection process (a tutor will be selected within 24 hours)
  • Respectful home tutors
  • Open communication with parents about the home tutor selected

With the rising numbers of home tuition agencies and climbing numbers of parents looking for home tutors for their students, it is safe to say that FamilyTutor is the agency to go. We, as leading home tuition in Singapore are not just an agency claiming to provide better academic performance but also provide lasting relationships between students, parents, and tutors.



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