When Does Tuition Do More Good than Harm?

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While tutoring has been rising in popularity and is becoming more mainstream in the past few years, it’s still the topic of debates among parents. Tuition or tutoring is the teaching by a home tutor to a student in the comforts of their homes. Instead of students going to tuition centers, the home tutor comes to them.

There are many reasons why home tuition has become very popular. Many parents support home tuition claiming it makes use of their children’s time well and help them improve academically. Aside from that, they are taught inside the house which has fewer distractions and can be monitored easily.

On the other hand, there are also parents who oppose home tuition and argue that the lessons taught in school is enough, and that more supplemental lessons would only exhaust students and bring in more stress. They claim that there is no need to further burden the students and students need to be children also, play, and spend time with their family and friends outside school.

Both arguments have their good intentions and rationality, but we can’t exclusively say one is correct and the other is wrong. Although it is correct that children should be allowed to be children, they should also need to have the best quality education for their future.

In this article, we’ll be delving deeper into the reasons and good sides of tuition and in which ways it does more good to students rather than harm.

1. They need to improve in certain subjects

As schools have higher student to teacher ratio, there is less guarantee that the teacher could concentrate the lessons based on an isolated student. This means that while teachers also hope that all students can learn from them, it’s inevitable that one student will be left behind, especially if he/she doesn’t learn the same way as the other students. Some students who struggle on a subject will only continue to struggle if they continue on the lesson like the rest of their classmates without understanding the fundamentals or the previous lesson first.

If parents feel like their child is getting left behind in lessons, getting tuition for the subject may be a good idea. However, parents should also consider the home tutor’s credentials, expertise, and experience in the subject you will be hiring them in. They should also hire a tutor on the subject their child struggles in. Here’s a list of the things parents should consider before hiring a private tutor for their child. Through this, they can ensure that they’re giving their child the best lessons according to their learning style and pace.

2. The child isn’t getting the grades they deserve

Singapore takes education very seriously and as a result, the competition is also cutthroat. This makes it so that every student is in a race to get the best grades they can. However, a student also has his/her limits. They may get demotivated or bored with the lesson. They may lose interest in the subject.

If the parents think that their child really needs a tutor, they can consult with the tutor first and diagnose whether the student needs tutoring or not. Many parents will hire a home tutor in hopes of raising their children’s grades further, without considering if that is under the student’s capabilities. Sometimes, students already are doing well but parents want to push them further than what they can achieve. Or there can also be instances when learning has become boring for them that it has plateaued their grades.

If the parents consult with their child and tutor and agree that the student can get better, hiring a good home tutor is a way to help them. A home tutor can introduce more fun and interesting ways of learning that’s not restricted to what is only taught in schools. That way, students can become motivated again and work better to achieve the grades they actually deserve.

3. The student has too much play time in his/her hands

While some students go to school with the intention to get the best grades they can and ensure their future, most students go to school because their parents make them. There may be lessons that will just fly over their head and wouldn’t be used in real-life scenarios. And when the last bell rings, everything they’ve learned will be forgotten to make way for play time.

If parents think that their child is using more time in playing or watching TV or on their phone than they utilize for studying or homework, it might be a good idea to start thinking of hiring a home tutor.

A home tutor wouldn’t just teach the child the concepts they are supposed to learn, but they can also personalize the lessons and in turn, make sure the learning material is taught in a way that the child would retain the best. One good technique would be incorporating the lessons to real-life applications. The home tutor isn’t restricted to what can and can’t be done inside the classmate. There’s more leeway for experiments or even experiencing the concepts first hand.

Learning doesn’t have to be boring and only be done by sitting down. With students who are full of energy, it’s always good to make learning more fun for them as they remember it more than when they only hear about it.

4. A tutor will push the child to make use of time-management skills

Homework, along with other after school activities, can be a chore if students see them to be. Some students will finish their homework all while not actually spending any effort in them. Others will not do them until the nick of time, cramming it all in one night. It is a tricky topic by itself, as some parents claim that they should be no need for homework.

However, it’s also important to give students work without the supervision they get in school. In theory, it should help them become proactive. But if they are doing it, it defeats the purpose of it.

With the help of a home tutor, they can oversee the student in answering their homework and even check them after they finish. As such, they will also ensure that there wouldn’t be any homework missed. A home tutor may not only guarantee that the task is complete, they can also teach the student time-management skills they can use later on.

Of course, students want to spend more time with their friends or playing games. A home tutor can teach the student to allot a certain time for the different activities they want to engage in while not putting their academics at risk.

5. A student may open up more to the tutor

Parents should remember that most of the students who are enrolled in tuition are mostly children or adolescents. This can be a difficult time in everyone’s life and we have all been there before. Teenagers have a harder time to open up to adults, especially their parents, about topics like grades or their struggles in understanding a subject. If the student doesn’t discuss with their parents about their needs, the parents would be left guessing and have no means of actually helping the student since they wouldn’t know where to start.

A home tutor may serve as a bridge between the student and their parents. A student and a home tutors should have a good relationship based on mutual trust and respect. This way, the student will have no problem opening up to the tutor about their struggles and how they can be helped in reaching their goals. With the tutor in the middle, they can also discuss to the parents what the student has confided in them about their studies and school.


There are many points and reasons why parents should think about hiring a home tutor for their child. The reasons above are only some of the good points that parents should consider. However, like everything else, it should be done in moderation and always for the student’s benefit. Parents sometimes tend to overdo it, and in a way snatching away the time the student can also use to build relationships with other people such as their friends or in building social skills.

Parents should also make sure to be a constant figure in their child’s development. Relying only on the home tutor may make the child more partial to the tutor and strain their relationship with their parents also.

Tuition offers many benefits and if the child needs it, the parents can hire a home tutor for them. But it also has its negative effects, especially if it is overdone.

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