The Building Of More Kindergartens For Your Little Ones: Why Is Pre Schooling Necessary?

As we welcome our little ones into the world, they embark a lifelong journey of learning. Being a Singaporean kid, it is compulsory to enter primary school at the age of 7. Have you ever had the worry that your child would be able to cope with it? Well, today’s article covers possible reasons as to why pre schooling might be necessary and good for your child! Recently, the Ministry of Education (MOE) even announced the building of more kindergartens for your little ones. Pre schooling might indeed be important for your child, let’s consider some reasons together.

Strengthening Of Social Skills

A very important thing children need to start being comfortable with is social interactions. Being brought up in a relatively smaller environment compared to a huge school compound, primary school might be too overwhelming for some children. To better the experience for your little ones, it might be a good choice to give them some sort of idea, like an extra step before the big thing. This can be done through enrolling them in pre school! Pre school would be a place where they would meet peers of a similar age range in a smaller group setting. It’s a perfect place for them to start strengthening their social skills, and even learn how to make new friends! We want our child to enjoy school, hence it is necessary to equip them with the skills to do so. In fact, MOE kindergartens aim to nurture children to be confident with their social interactions! It’s something we’re all concerned about.

Building A Good Foundation On Knowledge

Another key ‘problem’ children face when entering primary school for the first time would be the sudden surge in new knowledge they have to pick up. This might become stressful for them, and they might dread school because of that. Hence, it is important to have a good foundation on knowledge before entering primary school – mainly in terms of literacy and numeracy. A good way to do so is pre schooling since children not only get to play and interact with friends, but they also get to learn new things together. It would be a safe environment for them to slowly ease into the rigour of schooling! At MOE kindergartens, children are engaged in learning through many relevant real-world activities! Not only that, they offer three Mother Tongue Languages (MTLs) – Chinese, Malay and Tamil so fret not if you were worried about the lack of MTLs. What’s best is also that MOE kindergartens work very closely with primary schools to ensure that your child’s transition from kindergarten to Primary 1 will be as smooth as possible.

So moving on the good news, MOE will be opening 7 more MOE kindergartens across Singapore by 2023! It is part of the plans to have at least 60 MOE kindergartens by 2025 so that parents have more choices for good and affordable pre-schooling in Singapore. MOE kindergartens also offer Kindergarten Care services. So if let’s say parents like you are busy during the day, your child can stay there the whole day! The 7 new MOE kindergartens will also be collaborating with Early Years Centres (EYCs) by PCF Sparkletots to allow for children already enrolled in EYCs to smoothly continue their pre schooling journey. But not to worry, MOE kindergarten placing is also available for children who are not in the EYCs programme. Registration is open to Singapore Citizen and Singapore Permanent Resident children as well!

As a private tuition, FamilyTutor believes in the importance of education in our world today. Starting young is definitely going to benefit your child in loving to learn new things! Stay safe, stay healthy, and we’ll see you in the next article!

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