Swimming Into Phase 2: How’s Schooling Going To Be Like?

Hurray as Singapore finally swims into Phase Two of post-Circuit Breaker! As we do so, schooling for students in Primary, Secondary and Junior College students will also experience changes from the current arrangement. Gone away with the weekly rotation (between Home-Based Learning and schooling in schools) scheduled from 2 June 2020, students from all levels will be returning to school daily from 29 June 2020 onwards! This will definitely come with measures to keep schooling in school a safe and viable option. So what’s schooling going to be like?

Bringing Back Fun Activities!

First and foremost, physical education is back! With Phase 2 in action, students get to enjoy some physical activities as well. Schools will start to administer group activities and small games that require only minimal physical contact! Such fun activities include badminton, table-tennis, volleyball and more, with a set limit of 5 students per game alongside safe distancing measures as well. Though this might cause for the adjustment in game formats and rules, at least students now get to participate in some form of physical exercise in school.

Swimming back into students’ schedules would also be the highly-loved Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)! The Ministry of Education (MOE) wants to bring back CCA activities because it’s a source of enjoyment in students’ day to day schooling lives. However, CCA will be brought back slightly different – conducted through digital platforms as much as possible! For those CCAs which are less able to be done digitally, schools will likely implement them within a class level. This means that your child might be participating in CCA with their classmates instead during this period of time. But fret not, they get to learn something new together as a class!

Re-Opening Up Enrichment Lessons!

MOE Centre-Based Lessons will also be resuming for the non-graduating levels! This means that students will be able to continue their enrichment language and music lessons and pursue their passion to greater heights.

The following MOE centres opening are:

1) MOE Language Centres

2) Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre

3) Tamil Language Centres

4) Higher Chinese Language Centres

5) Higher Malay Language Centres

6) Chinese Language ‘B’ Syllabus Centres

7) Malay (Special Programme) Zonal Centres

8) Chinese (Special Programme) Zonal Centres

9) O-Level Music Centres

10) Music Elective Programme (MEP) Centres

11) Art Elective Programme (AEP) Centre

And The Usual Safety Measures…

All these activities would not be safe without continued safety measures in schools. Firstly, there would be daily temperature-taking and screening conducted for all students and staff in each school. Those who are unwell or have household members on Home Quarantine Order (HQO) or Stay Home Notice (SHN) will not be able to go to school physically for the time being. This is for the welfare and safety of the entire school population! Apart from screening measures, there would be thorough and frequent cleaning of commonly visited places and disinfection of school compounds daily. Students will also be wiping down their tables and chairs after usage, and also be practising hand-washing habits throughout the day.

And as already done in Phase 1, MOE will continually ensure the reduction of intermingling across classes and levels so students interact with a small group in school. Classroom seating will also continue to be in the exam-style format, and eating in canteens also require the following of spaced seating arrangements. To reduce overcrowding from an after-school or before-school crowd, students will also have staggered arrival and dismissal timings! Most importantly, students and staff need to put on a mask at all times wherever possible.

This COVID-19 battle cannot only be fought by MOE and MOH. As a community, we need to put in collective effort to make sure that every one of us exercises responsibility socially by keeping good personal hygiene habits and abiding by the safe distance measures. As a home tuition agency in Singapore, FamilyTutor wants to further emphasise that if your child is sick, Please Stay Home. This would ensure that we can all swim into Phase 2 safely!

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