Purpose: Is Schooling Even Necessary?

Schooling is like a rollercoaster ride, we face ups and downs and when we do experience too many downs, we start to question schooling’s necessity. We tend to escalate into such thoughts when the downs take a toll on us, and we start viewing schooling myopically. Is schooling even necessary anymore? Why not I remind you why maybe it is?

Friendships Of A Lifetime

School is a building, but it’s not an empty building. It’s a building full of people, some are your friends, some are your enemies and some are just strangers. The thing about schooling is that it ‘inevitably’ connects you with people. You learn good things from them, you gain companionship from them and you form a great support system among your friend groups. Of course it’s definitely not just a bed of roses in friendships. The pursuit of friends also requires honing of social skills, being socially aware and taking the initiative to interact with people of all characters. It’s an adventure of a lifetime, and definitely prone to downfalls but we pick ourselves up and make new friends! Even introverts have friends too, maybe introverts?

Coping In An Environment

Schooling is just like a mini workplace as well, just that you don’t really earn anything ‘visible’ like money. In a school though, we actually learn how to cope in a ‘demanding’ environment. With assignments due every other day, we learn how to deal with stress, expectations and examinations. We don’t get to experience that kind of stress in a safe environment, you won’t really get ‘fired’ in school unlike at work if you do not meet the satisfactory requirements. Overall, coping in a stressful fast-paced environment in school helps build us up to be a strong person in handling duties and even trains skills like time management. This is aside from the education and syllabus we gain from school as well. Its construct is meant to give students an experience to prepare for the workforce ahead, you know?

Absorbing Expert Advice

While teachers are probably the scariest and the ‘devils’ in school sometimes with the massive amount of workload and content, they are actually trained to bring you through this educational journey step by step. You might have never been to a consultation with a teacher before, but if you do, you’ll realise how advice-filled they are! After all, they’re humans too and their job is to educate. In fact, a classroom setting in school is also hard to come by. If meaningful, it can be a conducive place for fruitful discussions among classmates with the teacher moderating. Though there may be disagreements and arguments, it’s all part and parcel of life, it’s a blessing we get to experience it!

Singapore makes schooling compulsory for a couple of years because there are just so many good reasons for schooling. As a home tuition agency in Singapore, FamilyTutor feels that not only do we gain knowledge in school, but schooling also shapes us to be our own unique self and matured individuals in the future! If you ever need additional assistance in school, like coping with the curriculum or just with revision, FamilyTutor, a home tuition agency in Singapore always going to be here to help! Don’t give up!

Hey, ‘Trailing Thoughts’ is a series that is here to stay. We discuss the big questions in our heads – the journey was never easy but we go step by step!



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