Purpose: Does Studying Actually Help Me?

As we explore the big questions in our head, we inevitably encounter that one question shouting at us: IS STUDYING EVEN BENEFICIAL FOR ME??? Then we start to question why we even do it in the first place. Is it because it’s a normality? Is it because my parents sent me to a school and they’re my parents so they decide? Is it because I used to like studying? We get stuck in thinking if studying is even beneficial, but we would never have questioned that if we didn’t study. Oh? While there seem to be a lack of tangible benefits to make studying seem useful, it actually shapes us into who we are, let me tell you why.

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

From young, we have been taught how to speak, how to write, how to eat and how to live. Now, we study new things in school and always explore a new concept (maybe built on a concept we already know of). What actually happens when you study something new is that it helps you know things you don’t know previously but yet something you might realise you’re interested in. Studying helps you broaden your horizons of knowledge and knowledge is power. This is because even if you think you’ve settled with your current state of knowledge and know what you want, you will never know if it’s exactly what you want before being introduced to new things though? The world is ever-changing, and it is all the more important to keep up with the new advances and times. Can you imagine? If you didn’t ‘study’ on the different phone releases, you would have not gotten a change in your phone would you? If you didn’t ‘study’ your phone’s application store, you wouldn’t realise a new game that became your favourite either. Similar to studying, you won’t know what you don’t know until you explore what you don’t know.

Unlocks Brain Capacity

Another thing about studying is that it actually builds on our abilities. Why is that so? Well, even if we learn stuff in school we feel we don’t need in the future, being pushed to study things we don’t want to study is also a skill. Not only that, the curriculum structure also aims to build on our brain power/threshold, since we might have to be well informed about a lot of information for an examination. It increases our ability to understand complex issues, boosts our ‘memory space’ and overall gives us more tenacity as a functioning human being in this world. Studying isn’t the end of our journey, it’s only the beginning for us to realise what we are made up of. If we do not study, we might never be able to unlock the amount of capacity we have in our brain and we would never grow into what we were supposed to be capable of doing. We don’t see it just yet, because it is a process which takes time but overtime, if you compare with yourself from the past then maybe you’ll see a more ‘obvious’ difference.

A Key To Chasing Our Dreams

Without studying, we won’t have knowledge. Without knowledge, we won’t know how to do things we want. Without being able to do things we want to do, we won’t ever be able to properly chase our dreams. In this age we are in, we are meant to ferociously explore new things, gain new insights and build a good foundation of our understanding. This is so that we will be able to soar greater heights when we are older, and chase the dreams we always wanted to. No matter what dream you would like to chase in the future, you will definitely need to be sure of yourself. No one likes that kind of uncertainty that boils in their stomach, so you need to be able to stand firm in your plans. Studying helps with that, it gives you intellectual confidence!

This article, written by FamilyTutor, a tuition in Singapore hopes that you have a better understanding on the importance of studying.

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Hey, ‘Trailing Thoughts’ is a series that is here to stay. We discuss the big questions in our heads – the journey was never easy but we go step by step!



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