Productivity: What Should Making Notes Be For?

We often encounter Instagram study accounts where students post pictures of their very elaborate, pretty and eye-candy notes. We also see that few artsy people in class really spend their time and effort into making awesome notes with delicate typography fonts and a myriad of highlighter colours. So what’s making notes exactly for? Does making aesthetically pleasing notes really improve our studies? Why do some people with really good notes do very well but others don’t? In this article, we’re going to explore deeper into notes and productivity.

Definitely Not For The Aesthetic

First things first, if you’re doing notes just for the aesthetic (to post on social media or feel good), please do not do it. Doing notes shouldn’t be a way for you to feel good about being artistic. You’ll tend to find yourself accidentally or intentionally leaving out important details of notes when making your good-looking notes just to maintain the ‘aesthetic’. And if you’re doing your notes just to compete over being the most popular kid or the Instagram with the highest following, please think twice. Making notes for yourself should in no way be for any non-study related purposes. It will be a time-waster if you do it just for the aesthetic, so this is something you need to get straight about. Making notes will never be for the sole purposes of the aesthetic, unless you’re in art school.

A Way To Consolidate Ideas

If making notes isn’t for the aesthetic, what is it for then? Well, one very common reason for making notes would be because it is a way to consolidate ideas! Some students are visual learners, so they generally collate everything in their hand-written notes. These notes serve as a “shortened” and more “concise” version consisting of key points and ideas from a chapter. After the completion of such notes, they are able to remember and study them better. Sometimes, you can beautify it so that it would be easier to read and internalise! If you feel that taking and making notes is a good way for you to have a clearer picture on everything you need to know, then go ahead! Else, there are definitely other methods like directly referring to the notes provided and making highlights as well. Just know that making notes is only but ONE way to consolidate ideas!

Any Other Productive Reason

Of course, there are many other reasons as to why people make notes for their studies. Some people make notes as a way to memorise important pointers IN the process of writing the notes. Others also make notes as a compilation to refer to when doing practices, but when studying for examinations they would still refer to the original notes. It’s kind of like a ‘cheat sheet’, things you would refer to while doing questions but is not a standalone and versatile sheet if you require explanations. I guess what is MOST IMPORTANT when you are deciding to make notes is to evaluate the benefits and time you would have to spend on it. If it’s justifying a good use of time, do it!

All in all, notes are not the only things you should do if you hope to gain thorough revision for school and examinations. Doing practices are very important as well, because you’re putting those skills you’ve learnt and learning how to apply it. Just writing notes and not doing practices is going to get you nowhere, so as a Singapore tuition agency, FamilyTutor advises you to make sure you are making notes for the right reason before embarking on it!

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