Productivity: Studying Productive Amidst Knowing That National Examinations Are Nearing

The A Level Examinations 2020 (or any other examination you’re going to have) is nearing and you might be panicking and worrying more than you were before this period. It might result in us having trouble staying productive due to the fact that the examinations are nearing. Hence, here are some pointers to consider to stay productive during the crucial season!

1. Know your limitations; Plan accordingly

As national examinations are approaching, it is important to put aside the past. Maybe you have been studying very hard consistently year-round, or maybe you feel that you have not done enough and you are in hot water. Whichever it is, put that aside. Focus on the time you have from now, until the day of exams. It is counter-productive if you spend time worrying about what you cannot control. Instead, make the best of the time you have now and design the most efficient plan for yourself. Know your limitations. Aim for realistic goals. And most importantly, don’t focus on what you could’ve achieved. Remember, you can only control what you can control- and that is definitely more worth your time.

2. Find out all resources you have

That being said, it is wise to utilise all the resources around you that you might not have known in the past. Maybe you were afraid to ask the teacher, or even book consultation slots with your teacher. Maybe you did not want to trouble your friends in the past and always tried to figure things out by yourself. Maybe you always hesitated to find a tutor or go to a tuition centre to help yourself. It is now the time to utilise all the resources you have- before it’s actually too late. Maybe seeking help from other people can lead you to good study materials too. They could be condensed study notes that help you expand your knowledge quickly in a short amount of time. Or they could also be sets of questions with answer keys that will help you gain insight to a plethora of question types. Make good use of the materials and human resources you have around you. Search for new ones if needed.

3. It's not all about the toil

“Work hard, Play hard”. There is no better time than now to actually live out this saying, especially if you’re the type to go all out with studying in the last stretch. Sometimes, you need to take a short breather to go further. Re-energising yourself in the midst of the toil is as equally important as having to cover as much content as you want. Think about it, you probably cannot afford to fall sick due to overwork in this period of time too. Giving yourself additional stress is definitely not going to be worth it. Plan appropriate times for break, follow the schedule, and observe your body and mind trends. There can be work-rest balance as we seek to find the perfect balance for it.

4. What’s your personal goal?

As mentioned, we need to set realistic goals for this period of time. So what should your goal be? You can begin from your initial goal, and see if you need to make changes to it. If you need to set a new goal to make yourself feel more at ease, do not hesitate to do so. You are the only one who knows your potential and limitations the best. Set your goal such that it motivates you to go further, instead of giving you excessive stress. Remember, this is about your goal, and not anybody else’s- not your parent’s, not your peer’s and certainly not your teacher’s.

5. There are people around who still care

If you need someone to speak to, there is always someone around who can be there for you, and perhaps the most unimaginable ones. You have your family, friends, teachers, schoolmates, tutors, or even tuition-mates. We are all in this together, and do not hesitate to seek for communication with another person if you need to. It is alright to put yourself first during this critical period, and truly feed yourself what you need.

FamilyTutor, a home tuition agency in Singapore will be there for you if you ever need us during this trying period! Work hard!

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