Productivity: How Do I Thoroughly Prepare For An Examination?

Every student in Singapore would definitely have to take an examination at some point, whether big or small, crucial or for practice. To make taking an examination a fruitful and meaningful experience, we need to prepare for it! Many times we wonder how exactly we can do so, since there’s just SO MUCH we can or should do, but so little time as well. Here, we provide you some tips to consider throughout your academic term so that you can thoroughly prepare for your final examination! It’s not one size fits all for learning methods, but these are definitely a general rule of thumb.

Pay Attention In Class

The very first thing every student should Try Their Best to abide by is paying attention in class! This might seem very very minor, but it actually isn’t. Paying attention in class actually saves a lot of time! This is because you would need to spend less time outside class relooking at content since you have already done so during the lesson. Moreover, you would be able to go through your mistakes during classes since teachers usually go through homework in class yeah? Even if they don’t, they do sure talk a lot about subject tips, examination skills and simply good advice. You will come to realise that paying attention in class does you way more benefit than you think, and it would be an unregrettable decision to pay attention in class from now one! Feeling more informed about what is going on is also an emotional booster, as you would not feel like you’re ever lagging behind in any way.

Clarify Doubts Immediately

Not only should you pay attention in class, you should also never stockpile the doubts you have about class content. If you have a doubt, clarify it almost immediately – basically as soon as you can! It would be a disaster if you ended up piling all your doubts one on top of another, and when you actually decide to get them clarified, you would have to go back to square one to first answer that very first doubt you had. Moreover, if you clarify your doubts early, you might have lesser doubts afterwards since most of the content taught in schools are built up on one another. This would definitely give you more confidence during the weeks leading up to your examination as well, and that time can be more meaningfully spent on building more than just your foundation. Clarifying doubts immediately helps you set your foundation right early, allowing you to build up on harder concepts and eventually meeting the outcomes of the content!

Constantly Revise Past Topics

Not only should your foundation be set early, you should continually revise past topics. Our human brain is complex and powerful, but we also need to ‘remind’ our brains of what we’ve learnt just to refresh that memory in our head! Constantly revising past topics would also be beneficial for your subsequent topics if they are related. In fact, doing so will help you revise consistently, so you will not have a whole bunch of topics to revisit nearing the examinations. If you do just a little bit every single day, it won’t take up that much time as well. Maybe just attempt one question from that chapter or read a portion’s notes daily, try it!

Do Revision Practices

So yes, paying attention in class, clarifying doubts on content, constantly revising past topics are all essential to ensure you thoroughly prepare yourself for the examination. However, nothing is going to work well in the long term if you do not do practices! Knowing the content well is one thing, but knowing how to apply it is another. You can’t just do one of them and expect yourself to do exceedingly well, you have to do both! And especially because examinations are usually under timed conditions, do revision practices under timed conditions as well, to give yourself a feeling of how much time you would have in the examination. You would be more prepared during the examination as well, since you’d had a ‘feel’ of it already!

Stay Healthy

Health should be your number one priority. And by health, I do not just mean your physical health, but emotionally too. Eat well, sleep regularly and take naps when you need to. If you are feeling stressed about school and workload, talk to reliable people about it. Figure out what’s the best way to keep up with school but also not neglect your mental wellbeing. Your grades would matter nothing if you are mentally drained. Trust me, take care of yourself. It is your responsibility to care for yourself – others can care for you too, but they’re not responsible for it!

There are never ever shortcuts in life, only hard work and effort can reap you true success. Success does not necessarily mean getting that A all the time. It does not mean if you do not improve, you didn’t succeed. Success is when you get back your results and know you have tried your very best at that point. As a leading private tuition agency in Singapore,  FamilyTutor wishes you all the best in any upcoming examinations you have. We have your back if you need more assistance as well!

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