Productivity: How Do I Focus Better When Studying?

Focus is something we all wish we had, but not easy to sustain due to human nature. And the problem comes when effective studying requires focus but we sometimes lack that focus. Today, we talk about some guiding tips on how we can focus better when studying. It would be too idealistic to achieve that 100% focus, but let’s focus on making it as good as it can be! For things like focus, it’s really up to your own preferences and the way you work. Hence, we will be covering a few ways you can focus better. Pick the ones that you can better work with, or you can try both methods and find the fit too!

Set Some Goals VS Own Time Own Target

Are you a goal setter or a freeflower? To better help some focus, some would set goals for the day, for the week, for the month, or maybe by the hours. If you’re the kind to ‘feel accomplished’ after completing a goal, you might be able to focus better after setting some goals! Just remember not to set unrealistic goals and thereafter bash yourself up for not accomplishing them… Goal setting is meant to serve as a motivation for you! Do not pack your schedules tight like sardine too!!! On the other hand, if you’re not the kind who likes to have a goal to accomplish, then don’t set one! Just go with the flow and ‘own time own target’ your day. However, do not do that until you literally complete nothing. That might potentially end up to zero focus… You can also be a hybrid! Maybe set goals for the week and not for the day, so you can have that ‘freedom’ in the day but still have some objectives by the end of the week. It’s ultimately your choice!

Take Short Breaks VS Take A Long Break

Are you the kind to take multiple short breaks or the kind to take one long break in a day? Some would study from morning till afternoon then chill from afternoon till night, whilst others would spread their study session out throughout the whole day from morning till night but take many breaks in between. If you need that recharge and that change in activity, then you might want to consider taking many short breaks. However, if you hate changes in activity and would like to wholeheartedly focus on a task for a long period of time, you might be able to focus better taking a long break after a long study session. It’s not easy to set a strict regime to this of course, since some subjects might be the ‘short breaks’ kind while others might be better if you took a long break. Be flexible about the choices you make, but keep this point in mind as it’s known to be a timesaver!

One Subject A Day VS Many Subjects A Day

Do you like to focus on one subject throughout the whole day or toggle between subjects in a day? Some people prefer to focus on one subject throughout the day because they would be able to spend ‘more time’ on it. Since they’re already at it, they would be able to dive deeper or wider into various chapters. Others feel that it would get tiring and boring to do only one subject in a day. Hence, they do a little bit of every subject instead so they would get bored of studying. It’s important to note which style you prefer, because getting bored of studying is a crazy focus-losing tool.

Set realistic goals for yourself, study hard and study smart by taking note of your focus patterns. Try your very best and do not ever hate yourself for a day where you focused less. You’re still growing and getting to know yourself better in this aspect. As a leading home tuition in Singapore,  FamilyTutor encourages you to never give up on studying. You can do it! Focus!

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