Part-time Jobs for Students

Are you a student currently having financial problems or just can’t budget his/her allowance properly? Perhaps an eager young adult who wants to gain as much experience as you can before you graduate college and make a really attractive resume? Whatever the case may be, you have stumbled upon this article in the vastness of the internet to solve the question ringing at the back of your head: What are some part-time jobs I can get as a student?

Fear not, for we have you covered with our detailed list of potential part-time jobs which we recommend to you to start you on your journey towards independence, or financial stability for your university years. Or even both.

Importance and benefits of a part-time job

extra cash to spend. However, the cash you earned was through your hard work and not from your parents’ pocket and thus, will give you a sense of achievement and independence.

By partaking in a part-time job, you also gain valuable experience in the field you chose which will give you a huge advantage over your peers as they have yet to learn any real-world skills needed in their chosen field of study. And experience is something employers love to see in their applicants’ resumes. This could help you gain an upper hand from your co-applicants when you start to apply for a job in the future.

How to choose a pat time job

After determining the benefits and relevance of having a part-time job as a student, it is now time to move on with how to choose the appropriate part-time jobs.

1. Know what you want to do

The first step in choosing a part-time job is to determine what you want to do. There is no point if the part-time job you chose is not really enjoyable for you, as you would just be continuously praying for the next payday every Monday to Friday. By determining what you want to do, you can find jobs which you enjoy doing and don’t mind the extra energy you have to exert. Write down a list of things which you enjoy doing and what jobs would let you do these kinds of activities.

2. Know what you’re good at

The second step when choosing a part-time job is to narrow down your list by writing down the things you are good at and the things you want get good at. By doing so, you can perform your best skills with a positive attitude towards your work due to the fact that you are both good at what you do and you enjoy what you do. As for the things you want to improve, you can also keep them in your list but they are of lower priority than those sills which you are good at.

3. Know what’s hiring near you

The last and final step when choosing a part-time job is determining what jobs are currently hiring near you. There is no point in making a list of jobs you want to do and are good at if there are no establishments to hire you. Make sure that the jobs in your strike zone are currently needed. Also keep in mind to try to look for part-time jobs near you as it will save you both time and money as you can just walk to take a short ride to your workplace without having to spend a lot of cash for transportation.

The only thing needed for you to do after this is to submit your resumes to the establishments currently hiring the jobs within your strike zone and wait for their reply. It is always a good option to apply to as many establishments that fit in your strike zone as you can. This will increase your chances of landing a part-time job, just make sure that you apply to establishments which fall under the three steps mentioned earlier.

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Possible part-time jobs to consider

If you still have a considerably hard time choosing a part-time job that is right for you, then we have made a list of art-time job recommendations for you along with their perks and advantages. These part-time jobs are just recommendations and you are free to choose whatever part-time job to take. However, we hope that these recommendations can help you choose the proper part-time job for you.

Fast food service team

One of the easiest part-time jobs to get into as fast food chains often hire a lot of employees to meet the amount of customers they regularly get. It is not uncommon to see students working part-time jobs as fast food service teams. They also have no problems taking in inexperienced applicants as there is often a training period intended to train new employees into the ins and outs of the fast food service industry.

Being a fast food service employee gives you valuable experience in the service industry and is the perfect training ground for you to hone your skills if you ever intend to be in the said industry. You also learn how to work under pressure if your shift is in line with your city’s rush hour which is another huge plus for your experience points.

Nursing assistant

Planning on pursuing a career in medicine? Then a nursing assistant is the right part-time job for you. Most hospitals often take in nursing assistants as part of the nursing curriculum. However, there are also some that take in nursing assistants as part-timers given that you are a student studying medicine.

There are instances where they do not offer pay but most of the times you will get paid as you become a part of their staff, albeit just part-time. By becoming a nursing assistant, you gain valuable hands-on experience in the field of medicine and gain a better understanding of the field you plan to work on in the future.

Assistant librarian

If you are a bookworm or just a frequent visitor of your local library, then becoming an assistant librarian may just be your thing. Most librarians have trouble keeping their visitors in check which is why they tend to hire assistant librarians. All it takes is knowledge about the Dewey Decimal System and a passion for books and you are almost good to go.

However, there are not as many libraries as there are fast food branches. Which is why there are fewer assistant librarian jobs open for the taking. But if you do manage to land a job as an assistant librarian, then you can gain more knowledge by reading and also gain extra cash in the process.


One of the best paying part-time jobs out there is a babysitter. You can gain as much as $12 per hour if the family you are sitting for is extremely generous. However, since your shifts depend on when your clients have time to take care of their child, the monthly income you earn will also vary depending on how much hours you have taken care of the child.

Becoming a babysitter opens your eyes to the intimidating world of adulthood and having your own family. It lets you experience first-hand what it means to be a parent even for just a few hours and your sense of responsibility and maturity will develop significantly.


Want a part-time job that seems cool but also pays great? Then you can opt to be a barista at your local coffee shop. As more and more coffee shops are coming to light, there will also be more opportunities for you to get hired as one of their baristas. You can often find baristas your age nowadays and extremely skilled ones, too.

By becoming a barista you can develop your ability to face people and stay focused enough not to forget orders even during peak customer hours. You can also gain a general sense of what it means to run a coffee shop if you intend to open one someday.


Want to test your skills in Math while also earning cash on the side? Then a cashier might be just the right job for you. Most establishments, be it a convenience store or just your go-to marketplace often hire part-time cashiers especially during peak customer hours to accommodate the amount of customers who visit their stores.

If you were to become a part-time cashier then you would gain valuable experience on the sales industry and learn to move efficiently and quickly during rush hours to prevent the customers from wasting any more time. You also become knowledgeable when it comes to sales and how to make a profit while making the prices seem as cheap as possible.

Restaurant server

A restaurant server does not differ much from a fast-food service employee. However, there are still key points on why you might want to apply as a restaurant server. For instance, a restaurant server does not deal with a lot of customers at the same time as opposed to fast food service crew which gives them a slower paced workplace. And if you want a more time to take care of your customers, then being a restaurant server is just what you might want to apply for.

You gain essentially the same experience and values that a fast food service employee learns with the slight difference of you knowing how to handle people properly and have more exposure to your customers as opposed to becoming a fast food service employee.

Engineering intern

Want to pursue a career in engineering and hope to find a part-time job to give you knowledge about the said field? Then you just might want to apply as an engineering intern. Like most nursing assistants, engineering firms often take in interns to assist students in their curriculum but will often take in interns if they lack the manpower as well. There are instances when engineering firms do not pay their interns, but this often occurs when you apply for internship because your course requires you so.

By becoming an engineering intern, you can gain knowledge and experience about the field of engineering which you plan to pursue in the future. You also become aware of what happens inside an engineering firm and the ins and outs of the industry. You also decorate your resume with a nice 2-year experience as a part-time engineering intern which is always a good thing.

Retail sales associate

If being a cashier does not suit you and you want to be involved in the sales industry as much as possible then you can opt to become a retail sales associate. You can learn more about product placement, sales percentage, the 1.7 retail constant and a lot more about sales that you cannot learn when you are a cashier. You also gain knowledge about how to run your own business someday if you plan on opening one.

Home tutor

It’s also not uncommon to find part-time home tutors who are students studying to get their diplomas. By applying as a home tutor while still studying education, students also gain more experience than their other classmates. Students need to remember that being taught about teaching is not the same as actually teaching.

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