Help: How Do I Help Friends Who Struggle With Homework?

Welcome back to another article of Simply Advice! If you didn’t know, Simply Advice covers different categories like “Choices”, “Finance Matters”, “Help” and more! Today’s “Help” article is slightly interesting but crazily prevalent in schools and even private tuitions in Singapore. When Your Friend Asks You For Help With HOMEWORK!!!! It might seem trivial, “just send the answer lah” is one of the common replies you’d hear. On the other hand, some would just say “do it yourself lah”! And some, maybe like you, would be in a dilemma – to help or not. Today, we discuss some suggestions you could adopt in such a situation.

Never Just Give The Answer

Firstly, it’s important to note that in whatever situation, you should never ever just provide your friend/best friend/girlfriend/boyfriend the answer to homework. It’s not meaningful at all! No matter the circumstances (deadline approaching or you’re too busy to explain or you’re too lazy to explain or they’re your close friend), nothing would ever beat taking homework seriously and trying it. Copying (or referring) will never ever be an effective learning method at all! Teachers and private tutors assign homework for you students so that you guys can get a hand at applying knowledge you’ve learnt in class or during home tuition. If you don’t know how to do it, it’s an indicator that maybe you need to work on the foundations of the topic! Homework is key to application of content taught, so do your friend a favour and never ever give the answer directly. Maybe guiding steps or hints could help them trigger the thought process, so at least they’re trying it on their own. Get what I mean?

Revisit Their Poor Concepts

To better help friends who struggle with homework, you might want to consider revisiting the concepts they’re not so good at with them. Put the homework aside for a while and focus on revisiting materials provided by the school or home tutor to grow a better understanding of the topic. This way, you might be able to help fill up the gaps in your friends’ understanding, and it would definitely serve as good revision for yourself too! Do you know that when you explain concepts to someone, you’re actually practising the application aspect of content too? This is because regurgitating content versus actually explaining it to someone is really really different! To really explain a concept to someone who doesn’t understand it would require rephrasing and really a deep foundation in that field. You are doing yourself a favour by doing someone a favour! In society today, we can never survive alone. Collaboration usually leads to more fruitful outcomes. Start young, start from homework!

Suggest To Go For Consultations (Maybe Together?)

If all else fails and you realise that you actually also do not understand some concepts while in the process of explaining to your confused friend, it might be time to possibly go for a consultation with the teacher together! Or even if you don’t need it, but your friend still doesn’t understand your explanation, then you might want to suggest for your friend to meet the teacher for further clarification. A common problem in schools in Singapore is that students do not dare to meet the teachers for consultation though, so if you are not uncomfortable with accompanying your friend, offering to do so might be helpful for them! After all, it doesn’t kill doing a good deed does it? Going for a consultation with your friend is also a positive experience for yourself. With the comfort of the consultation being of a smaller group, it will be a good time to clarify doubts in general with regards to the subject as well.

If you caught literally nothing from the article, here’s the important thing. There are so many other better ways to help friends who struggle with homework than to simply send your answers to them or ignore them. There is so much good energy that can come out of taking the ‘extra’ step to help them fruitfully. As a leading Singapore tuition agency, FamilyTutor urges you to try this one day, and you will realise that if everyone was like this, school would be a way more positive and enjoyable environment for everyone to learn together. Be that change today!

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