Help: Do I Deserve Help Even With Previous Bad Records In School?

Some of us have done wrong things in the past, and it inevitably haunts us when we try to get help from others. We feel that if we have hurt others in the past, we don’t deserve help anymore. It’s a common feeling but it’s not a right feeling. Even with previous bad records in school like maybe bullying, stealing, truancy or anything else, every child in school deserves the help they need. No one should ever feel like a lost cause and be left alone.

Your Past Does Not Define Who You Are Now

It is a normality for people in their schooling ages to feel like they don’t deserve help because they did something wrong last time. What should you do then? Stop harbouring over what you did in the past, instead strive to be a better version of yourself. The more you think about what you did in the past, the deeper a hole you fall into. You’ll end up thinking you can’t change the past and might accidentally resume back to your old ways to gain satisfaction. You don’t want that right? Neither do I. So what you should do is prove yourself to be a changed person. You might be wondering, who do I prove to? Guess what, it isn’t your teachers or your friends you’re trying to prove your worth to, it’s yourself. Self-confidence is important because if you don’t feel confident about yourself, how do people feel confident about you? Even if they do, it won’t be for long before they ‘give up’ trying to convince you that you are made to do great things and deserve help. You need to be convinced yourself. Your past does not and will never define who you are if you don’t let it.

How Someone Treated You Does Not Mean Everyone Would Treat You The Same

Maybe the big question in your head didn’t come from yourself, but rather was induced by others. Maybe someone said no to you when you asked for help because of your past. Maybe people avoid you because of what you did in the past. That’s okay, they might just be scared about the idea that people can change. It’s their life and not under your control, so let’s do things we can control instead. Firstly, just because they didn’t help and instead avoided doesn’t mean you don’t deserve help. It just means they’re not going to be the ones to help. Secondly, how someone treated you does not constitute how everyone would treat you. Do not fear trying to seek help again, because every human being is different and will react differently. Maybe the first 10 people avoided you, but you won’t know if the 11th would if you try. Lastly, don’t give up on trying to get help. The last thing you could do is be the one giving up on yourself. No matter how many people ‘gave up’ on you, please do not give up on yourself. If you don’t, you will see the light one day.

Everybody, Good Or Bad, Deserves Help

Do you agree that everybody deserves help? Well, I do. Even students with current bad records deserve the help they need. Ever imagined, what if those students did bad because someone did bad to them/they were negatively influenced/they were hurt? Be it mentally, emotionally, academically or anything else, if you have a problem, please approach a trusted individual. It can be your classmates, seniors, teachers or school staff. A kind heart will still listen and help you if you tell them honestly and genuinely. This world can be full of unkindness, but we only know people are unkind because kind people existed. Let that sink in.

What you can do for the greater good would be to not be the one to avoid, but be the one to help. If you see someone you hate needing serious help, help them. Do not leave them behind, just like how you wish you weren’t left behind too. As a private tuition agency in Singapore, FamilyTutor hopes this article answered your question!

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