Direction: Why Don’t I See Improvement In My Grades Even Though I Try So Hard?

Many times we get back our test slip or an examination slip and wonder to ourselves why after trying so hard to do better, we don’t. We start to question ourselves, sometimes leaving us in a state of self-doubt and deadend. Instead of getting ourselves stuck in the dark hole of questioning and self-detest, let’s try to find out what the possible reasons are and what we can do to improve our situation. We have no time to waste wasting our life away, so let’s take the chance now to do it right!

Working Hard, Working Smart

It is important to not only work hard but also work smart in school. Things like having a healthy diet and good sleep cycle are things we might accidentally overlook while working hard. It would be hard to absorb content if you don’t take care of your living needs so it’s time to put that as a priority. Other aspects of working smart would be things like focusing on your area for improvement more and working on it to make it right instead of focusing only time on what you are already good at. Ensuring that you have a good foundation in your knowledge is key to going higher and higher on the ladder! Lastly, working smart would also mean things like not overstressing yourself. If you’re overly stressed out, it’s difficult to stay focused on the task at hand no matter how hard you try to. Maybe after fixing these areas in your approach, you’ll see improvement better! The list isn’t exhaustive because everyone leads life differently though, but I guess it’s a rough gauge yeah?

Just Not Your Cup Of Tea

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the specific subject or topic is just really not something you are naturally able to grasp. In such situations, really just try your best and do not set unrealistic expectations for yourself. If you know this is your max and you have tried your best, accept it. Being currently still in the education system, there are definitely things you might see yourself definitely not doing in the future. Yes so these are the things you just try your best in in school, but don’t fret about your lack of achievement in that area. Everyone’s born with different skill sets, talents and abilities so until you find yours, do not beat yourself up if you aren’t ‘good at anything’. Your achievements in school do not define you, you define yourself and be accountable to yourself just by doing your utmost best alright?

Improvement In Your Grades Isn’t The Only Indicator Of Improvement

Maybe the class test was meant to be terribly hard, or the examination was just a killer for all – your improvement shouldn’t be based solely on the grade you got. It’s hard to adopt that kind of mindset, but it’s never hard to start now. Think about it, grades are just meant to be a benchmark for the school. But you are your own benchmark. You walk your own path in life and the least you could do is trust yourself when you feel like you have gotten a lot better at a particular subject if in practices you really felt better about your understanding. What you should do next then is maybe try more exercises to better prepare for the examination. If you didn’t already know, how you do in an examination isn’t determined only by how well you know your stuff. Examination preparedness also plays a huge part. Examination anxiety is definitely one of the most common problems students these days face, so maybe you want to try to work on how you prepare yourself mentally for a test or examination as well!

Please do not feel disheartened over that alphabet or number on your result slip, it’s the worst path to take. If you want to see improvement, stay positive, continue to work hard and FamilyTutor, as a leading home tuition agency in Singapore promises you that better days will come.

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