Direction: Why Do My Friends Know What They Want To Do In Life But I Don’t?

Future plans are always a topic little ones like us bring up once in a while. Sometimes, we’re the receiver of everyone else’s dynamic plans and it makes us worry a little: what about me? Here’s three things you could consider reasoning with yourself, it might alleviate some worry and lead you back on the right track, focusing on what’s more important.

1. Everyone Walks Different Paths

We are all born with different gifts and talents. Some may be more inclined to sports, some may be more inclined to studies, some may seem like they don’t have a particular skill that’s eye-catching, but they are one of the best friends we could ever have…… That being said, we need to remember that not all gifts and talents are discovered at the same time, at the same stage in life. Our peers may have realised what they are good at, but that never would mean that, we will not find our true inspiration in life. It is important to always remind ourselves that all our paths do not work on the same timeline, and each individual path has a nicely-planned schedule of its own. We can be comfortable with our paths, and patiently wait for the time that life has finally brought us to the things we want to do in our lives; in the meantime, let us enjoy the wait and make the most out of it.

2. Plans Are Just Plans; Still Gotta Be Adaptable

There are always unexpected changes and turns in life. Do you remember those childhood ambitions you had when you were a toddler? Maybe you wanted to be a doctor, an air stewardess, a billionaire and so on so forth. Do you still have the same aspirations now? Likely not. Of course, there are indeed some of us who have had a clear dream job since we were five years old. But that is rare. Even if your friends today tell you that they know what they want to do, and they say it in a resolute tone, they could change their plans on a whim. Life circumstances change, people change, and plans, of course, also do change. When we see our friends have their plans clear at this age, we can be happy for them and support them. At the same time, we don’t have to feel “less” because having a plan is not the most important thing- being adaptable to different life circumstances will breed a person who truly enjoys life to the fullest.

3. Are They Really SURE About Their Plans?

“I want to study overseas!” “I want to take this course when I go to university!” “I already signed up for a scholarship route that can guarantee a job!” As we hear our friends tell us their plans, we may feel discouraged, or even inferior to them. We don’t have to be. Not only might their plans change, as mentioned previously, they may not actually be super sure of the plans themselves. They could simply be reaffirming and sorting out their thoughts as they speak to you. You do not always have to take their words for their surface value, and feel very stressed about it. This is especially true when you find yourself hearing “clear” plans from almost everybody around you. Take a step back to consider, perhaps your friends might just be equally confused as you are, but they just voice out the little bit of “sureness” in themselves as they speak to you.

See? Stay focused on your own path of life, and rock on. You can do this. As a private tuition agency, FamilyTutor has faith in you. Get going!

Hey, ‘Trailing Thoughts’ is a series that is here to stay. We discuss the big questions in our heads – the journey was never easy but we go step by step!



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