Direction: Why Can I Never Meet The Goals I Set?

Sometimes, we wonder why goal setting just never seems to work for us. We wonder and wonder but never really come to a conclusion why. It might not necessarily be about the goals itself, but rather how we think. Let me tell you why:

Have You Let Your Goals Control Your Actions?

Goals are not meant to be rigid and controlling. Goals are a form of overall positive motivation. Setting goals can give you a little more push every single time, and challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and expand your threshold bit by bit. If you set goals that are fixed, and these goals begin to cause you stress when you find it difficult to meet them, then perhaps your goals could be too ambitious, or simply inappropriate for that specific time being. Be flexible about goal setting, pace your goals and alter it as you go along. Life hits you with new things all the time, and to truly make goal-setting worthwhile and used to our advantage, we can embrace the dynamic nature of goals in lives.

Goal Setting Isn’t Meant For All

Some people work better with clear milestones to achieve, and goal-setting is a way they could keep themselves on track. Some people, on the other hand, work better with more freedom given in time and space, and goal-setting would instead, work against their favour. It is important to discover which type of work style you have, and find a motivation that suits you the most. You could be the kind, who gets struck by inspiration once in a while, and work extremely productively when these times come. You could also be the kind, who would feel amiss without clear objectives to reach in a stipulated time, and would rather consistent work, even if it’s small amounts of work. Never succumb to what your peers are doing, because they might just have a different work style. If you blindly follow what works for others and force yourself to do goal-setting, it might lead to more stress which reduces your productivity.

The End Goal Is Not Meeting The Goals Itself

It is ultimately what you gain throughout your entire life that matters. Many at times, the people around us may be talking about our final achievements, and it may seem that the black and white records of having our goals met mean more. But at the end of the day, it is the experience that you had gained, and the process that you had gone through in the midst of meeting your goals, that really make you who you are. If you solely strive to meet all your goals in life, would your goals still be meaningful? Perhaps, your life would not be truly fulfilling as your new goal has become: ‘Meeting All My Goals’, instead of what they really were for in the first place. Take a step back, and consider what truly matters to you. Have a good chat with yourself. Never lose sight of what you really want.

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