Are Autonomous Universities In Singapore Safe?

With the recent conviction of a student at the National University of Singapore (NUS) who hurt his ex-girlfriend in an off-campus incident in 2019, many have been curious to know more about the efforts by Autonomous Universities (AUs) in safeguarding campus safety in situations where students in those AUs have been accused or convicted of offenses involving violence. We have done some research on it, and here are our latest findings!

What Are The Current Expectations Of Students?

Currently, all the AUs in Singapore have a standard Code of Conduct in their institution, or something equivalent to it, where students are more than expected to uphold and not breach at all times. The codes of conduct centre around the idea of behavioural standards – the expectations of each member of the University community in terms of the fundamental principles and ethos. Covering a plethora of disciplines, students are expected to behave in a decent manner be it personally, professionally, academically, or around others. They must also respect the rules of the Singapore law and AU campus policies.

It is important in “old children” schools like universities to enforce rules and regulations so that students can study in a conducive, safe and secure campus. One might argue that students in university are old enough to be able to behave properly without strict regulations and rules, and that universities should not ‘restrain’ them. However, that is certainly not the case. Even if students are generally able to discern between what’s right and wrong, boundaries are different for every unique individual. Hence, it is important to set rules so that peers are able to better respect one another’s preferences and comfort levels. We all want to have a good time ya?

Current Safety Measures And What Happens If Expectations Are Not Met

Moving on, it is important to be aware of the measures put in place in AUs, and exactly how they ensure the safety of all the other students in the event a student of the AU is accused of a crime involving violence.

The procedure goes like this: when students are found to have committed a breach of the Code of Conduct (e.g, assault), they will be subjected to disciplinary sanctions (e.g suspensions, expulsions, supervised community, mandatory counselling). If in the event the case involves another student (a victim), a No-Contact Order might possibly be put in place to ensure the safety of the victim. The “offender” is prohibited from being in the same vicinity or contacting the victim throughout all the remaining semesters of studies in that university.

If the situation is escalated to the police investigation level, and might seemingly pose potential danger to other members on campus, students may also be asked to stay away from the campus temporarily until the end of investigations and follow-ups. This applies to off-campus incidents by students of the respective university as well.

Even if there is no particular incident ongoing, AUs also ensure campus security measures are available 24/7 and contactable to students anytime if they meet with danger. AUs also surveil the whole campus, and there will also be more CCTV coverage.

So it’s not that bad after all perhaps? FamilyTutor, as a home tuition will continually monitor situations in Singapore pertaining to education to keep you updated alright! Always stay safe okay. 🙂

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