7 Advantages of Home Tuition in Singapore

Although it may come as a surprise, the demand and necessity of private tuitions have risen over the last four years in Singapore. It has become quite the trend for parents to pay for their children to acquire private tuitions be it hiring a personal at-home tutor or sending children to specialized academies which also offer this benefit. It is reported via the website todayonline.com, that families in Singapore spend over $1.4 billion on availing private tutions for their children. Yes, you read that right!! According to the department of statistics, the process of giving private home tuitions has now become a billion-dollar industry. But why is that so? Why even after, virtuous efforts taken by the Singaporean education system, do children still need to go for private tutions? Even though Singaporean schools use several alternate programs to teach weaker students, the school environment still seems to be unsatisfactory for some students to study in. Furthermore, while the schools do follow a definite educational plan, grades are still valued as a critical deciding point for student’s career paths. With that said, parents are willing to consciously “invest” so that their children can acquire private tuitions in hopes to tackle their way through Singaporean schools and pave a solid path in their future. As a tuition home agency, we agree wholeheartedly that “investing” in education is very critical and important and within this article we would like to highlight seven main reasons why private home tuitions are beneficial in the long run.

1. Staying on Top of Their Academics

There are 3 main critical examinations that take place in Singapore school systems. The first one is the PSLE which students give at a primary level. After which they appear for the O & N exams, these are given at a secondary level and lastly there are the A levels, these are given by students at the last stage before they enter any university i.e. the junior college level. The grades acquired in all these examinations are very important and crucial in deciding a child’s future and the options they are open to pursue in for their further studies. Higher educational institutes make use of the grades acquired by students after the secondary level, the grades are also converted to the Singaporean system accordingly. However, if students do not meet the certain grade requirements, options become very limited. So due to the limited seats and inflexible entry criteria’s, parents are propelled to hire extra help for their children.

Private tuitions help with this problem. They ensure that students are consistently ahead of their class schedules as well as giving the children a personal confidant who can solve any academic problems they may have. Wanting the best for their children is second nature for parents, private tuitions ensure that the child’s future is not compromised in any way. With hiring an at-home tutor, children become even more productive since they arent stuck on revising the wrong details. With the extra help, parents are also seemingly more relaxed. While parents cannot provide the same expert help due to their lack of knowledge in the updated syllabus and long hours at their own jobs, investing in a private tution guarantees that their children’s futures are safeguarded and they are getting the help that they need.

2. Keeping Up with the Complex MOE Syllabus

With the ever-changing innovations in numerous fields, the education system, in the process also needs to keep up. This includes the school system in Singapore as well better known as the MOE syllabus. The MOE syllabus is constantly updated to fit the changes occurring in the society, so children graduating from the system have the knowledge they may require keeping up with these changes. Not only is the syllabus changing but its contents are consistently getting harder each year. This proves fatal to parents who are personally tutoring their children. However, private home tuitions can solve this problem. How so? In reference to the website todayonline.com, the MOE syllabus is reviewed and updates every 6 years. The changes are made in order to bring about a balance between content and skills acquired.

Shifting syllabus contents which ought to be in secondary level and moving them to primary level highlights how the difficulty rises in terms of the education system. Such as solving complex questions on the calculator was one of the skills students would be taught in secondary level schools but is now a necessity for primary level students. A very positive and beneficial solution would be hiring a private tutor. There tutors have experience of teaching for 5 years as well as proper knowledge of all levels in the education system. This is beneficial for students as the tutors are very experienced and able to help with any problems that students may encounter due to syllabus changes.

3. Better Grades Without the Soaring Stress Levels

With consistent positive results of finding perfect tutors for corresponding families, our organization has come to believe that other than providing children with a secure career path, private tuitions also help monitor stress levels and confidence levels. How does private tuitions ensure that a child is prone to less stress but higher confidence, the theory is simple? The main objective of private tuitions is solving any academic problems that students have as well receiving a strict schedule of how to study in the most effective way. With the help of private tuitions, students start to achieve increasingly better grades, this gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride hence boosting their confidence in their studies as well as themselves. Self-esteem plays a vital role in a student’s life as it affects not only their academics but causes personal problems as well. To raise a child’s self-esteem, you need to give them a positive circle, that is a consistent number of accomplishments which effectively help to keep a check on their stress levels. Accomplishing difficult and important tasks can give them a source of freedom and enrichment. Hence, with the help of private home tuitions, students can effectively study, after which they have time to pursue other creative options. This freedom to work on things other than studying lowers their stress levels and give them a better piece of mind.

4. Quality Education While Staying on Budget

Although it may seem like it, private tuitions do not need to be expensive in order to be fruitful. Using our FamilyTutor service, there are multiple types of tutors available with rates starting from only $25/hour. You could hire private tuitions from part-time or fulltime tutors, and even ex/current MOE teachers are available. Rates of teachers are set according to their expertise and knowledge, but at the end of the day, multiple factors play a role on the effectiveness of the process. One of these factors is the human factor, when offering private tuitions and when receiving them, both the tutors and parents need to realize that this is a one-way street, both the student and teacher need to be comfortable with each other. Some students feel more comfortable being taught by young tutors who are still studying for their university studies, while others are comfortable with the style of experienced teachers in the field.

It is our priority to find tutors based on your financial situation as well as the child’s personality. Furthermore, our hospitable team is always active to answer any questions you may have, irrespective of the matter. To find out more information about our rates and tutors visit www.familytutor.sg.

5. Valuable Mentorship and Advice to Spark Inspiration

Along with giving students several academic related benefits, private tutors can also be a means of inspiration or motivation to their students. Private tutors become good role models to the students they are tutoring, due to their numerous accomplishments and experiences, students look up to them. Between the secondary school to pre-college years, it is critical that a student undergoing maturity has someone to look up to as well as seek advice from, which private tutors can provide effectively. Furthermore, since most home tutors teach multiple kids of the same academic level, they can give parents and children sound advice for problems that they may encounter. Giving personal help is easier when you have a private relationship with students, and private home tuitions can achieve this easier as compared to teachers running a classroom.

6. Free Up Time from Parents' Hands

Probably, one of the most underrated benefits of private tutoring is that it gives parents more free time. Since private tutors overlook most things concerned with a child’s education, the constant worrying that parents usually do for the future of their children becomes much less as compared to before. With the given free time, parents can possibly plan family trips where they can bond with their children and discuss matters other than schoolwork. By bonding with their children, parents find out goals and ambitions their children may have, that are mostly overlooked when parents are consistently concerned about their future. Furthermore, the free time could lead to a stronger family connection where parents will encourage children for their hard work rather than spending time tutoring them. Hiring private tutors can free up time which can be spent doing better things with family.

7. Convenience and Flexibility for Students

With normal tuitions, students need to travel to far venues to attend their lessons, whereas with private home tuitions, students save a lot of their time from the consistent traveling. Since the private tuitions are held at their own house, students are more comfortable and can easily freshen up for the lessons. Furthermore, this gives parents a chance to carefully monitor the progress of lectures and see if they are effective or if the child can easily understand.


In reference to the above reasons, it is safe to establish that private tuitions can be of a great benefit to both parents and students. Along with providing academic benefits, private tuitions also benefit the child on a personal level, increasing his confidence, decreasing stress levels but most importantly providing the child with an inspiring role model. With regards to the above statement, it is very critical to select a tutor responsibly and according to your financial standing. So as a home tuition organization in Singapore, we strongly believe that a child’s education is immensely important and investing in the procedure is of great beneficial value in both, the short and long term. If you are interested in hiring a private tutor for your child, our connection is always open, and we will not hesitate to send you our list of eligible tutors who best fit your needs.

If you believe that private home tuition is an effective option, then we would recommend you search for specialized home tutoring agencies, much like ours. ‘FamilyTutor’ is an established home tutoring agency in Singapore that has a total of 5,000 successful tutoring cases as well as over 20,000 eligible and effective home tutors.

The most prominent responsibility of our organization is fully understanding the needs and expectations of our clients and find tutors or packages which best fit their requirements. Other advantages of the Familytutor service are listed below:

  • Detailed descriptions of potential home tutors
  • Reversible action by 24 hours
  • Available and accurate reviews
  • Authentication of tutors and their expertise
  • Free tutor requests
  • Free tutor replacements
  • Negotiating prices and other problems

The above are some benefits that clients can acquire from the FamilyTutor private tuition agency. However, the same devotion and service cannot be guaranteed by other tutoring agencies. Furthermore, queries along with their answers can be found on the website for anyone still confused about the procedure. If you are enlightened by the service and want to hire private tuitions for your children, feel free to get in touch with our hospitable team today!



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