10 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Creativity can be a really useful tool to have up your sleeve. It allows you to come up with astoundingly fascinating and new ideas which showcase how much potential you have. It allows you to express yourself freely with no restraints, as you have numerous ways to express emotions other than through words.

However, since the level of creativity is different from one person to another, there can be times when people often encounter road bumps in our creative journey. After all, not everyone can be as creative as Da Vinci. But these are only minor setbacks and with enough effort, can be overcome by anyone to improve their level of creativity.

Your level of creativity depends on a variety of factors which all add up to determine whether you are or will become a creative person. Factors can range from the amount of knowledge and ideas you have, your ability to utilize these ideas in unorthodox ways, and how much of these ideas are feasible. These in of itself can be trained at home by simply reading books or any media and utilizing the knowledge you have discovered in what you read into new and fresh ideas.

And since we are already aware of what you can do to increase your level of creativity, this article seems to have already resolved the main problem. However, what was mentioned was how to increase the level of creativeness within an individual which signifies quality, and not the frequency of these ideas occurring and the number of ideas that may still come across an individual which signifies quantity. And if you want to learn how to boost your overall production of creative ideas, then continue reading the article to find out how.

10 ways to boost creativity

While the quality of your creative ideas can be a very a skill you can take pride on, it is also important to come up with quality ideas whenever you are tasked to brainstorm for ideas. Some people may also have different opinions on your ideas so it would be a wise choice to have multiple ideas at the ready just in case the first one fails to increase. Listed below are ten tips to help you boost your creativity to help you make better and abundant ideas:

1. Ask questions to yourself

The first thing you should practice in order for you to boost your creativity is to frequently ask questions to yourself. Ask yourself how you can improve the design of this structure or how the service system of a fast-food chain could use some improvement. However, make sure to ask YOURSELF these questions and not point out the flaws that you have found and the ways it can be improved without being asked as some people may find it rude.

Asking yourself questions frequently keeps your brain more active and keeps it from being idle for a long period of time. This can increase the brain’s productivity and also makes your ideas pop up much faster than if you did not ask yourself questions regularly. It is also a great way to pass time and make your brain work extra hard to solve different problems and real-life dilemma. And don’t worry if you can’t find the solutions to your questions instantly as you are just taking you first step towards boosting your creativity.

2. Don’t dwell on failures

One way to limit your creative productiveness is to dwell on previously failed ideas and being depressed about them. This is something that you must avoid if you want to boost your creativity to the maximum. Instead of dwelling on your failures, try to learn from them and create better ideas the next time an opportunity presents itself.

Dwelling on your previously failed ideas can lead to a lot of undesirable results such as losing confidence in your abilities and having a negative mind set. Losing confidence in your abilities will only lead to an even diminishing amount and quality of ideas which can hinder your creativity and make you lose the progress you have worked so hard on.

3. Take a break

If you ever feel like you are in a slump due to being worn out, then it is always alright to take a break. Take a quick nap, rest for a bit, or even sleeping can all do wonders to replenish your energy and make sure you are not worn out. Your brain usually doesn’t really get tired as long as it has sufficient calories and rest; however, the body can be easily tired and will distract you from what you are thinking about.

Taking a break can also boost your mood and make your ideas more positive. And as an added bonus, your brain also works on crafting ideas even when you are not aware of it and is taking a break. This can save you time and allow you to subconsciously craft ideas while resting your worn-out body.

4. Do something you want

Another way to increase your creativity is to work on something that you like or enjoy. What better person to give ideas about how to make a coffee shop more comfortable than a regular at a coffee shop? As human beings are often subjected to bias, you can craft better and more numerous ideas when faced with problems regarding things you want. Doing something you want also helps you enjoy your time creating brand new ideas which will provide positive results to your creativity boosting routine.

5. Cooperate

Cooperation can often lead to great ideas when done properly but can end in a disaster when executed poorly. More people offering ideas can help open your eyes to another person’s point of view and can make you more subjective about your ideas. You can also join together similar ideas to create an even better idea. You also gain fresh new perspectives which can be made into inspiration for your future ideas, thus boosting your creativity even more.

6. Find inspiration

As foreshadowed by the previous tip, finding inspiration can help you with crafting new ideas in the future which can boost your creativity. However, you should look for inspiration and not something to rip off as ideas are considered intellectual property and you can face serious plagiarism related cases when found guilty.

Look for inspiration from the things around you, like how the colors of flowers often burst out from the green background to create a new color combination for your painting. Or like how the weight distribution from stepping on a tray of eggs experiment is used to keep the eggs from cracking to help you make a stronger structure. Every bit of detail can be used as inspiration to boost your creativity; all you need is to look for them.

7. Work in a creative environment

Have you ever been tasked to come up with a fresh new idea in a really noisy and populous area? Did you find it difficult to come up with new ideas due to various distractions? If so, then you are not alone as most people often find it hard to craft new ideas in areas that do not promote creativity.

Instead, try to work in an environment that promotes creativity and quietness. Places like a library, coffee shop, or even your room; anywhere that doesn’t have a lot of people and is decently quiet. This can set you in a mood to be more creative and productive to help you craft more ideas.

8. Read

Reading can help you gain new ideas as they can serve as inspiration or references for your future ideas. Read a book or any medium to help give you a new perspective on how to solve certain dilemma or give you more choices on creative techniques and methods. Reading is just like cooperating, with the sole difference being that reading is one-sided as opposed to a two-way process co-operating with others offer.

9. Don’t forget to write new ideas

Another way to boost your creativity is to frequently write down new ideas of whatever you have in mind. Be it a better transportation system, color combinations, or song lyrics; write them down so that you will not forget them when the time comes where you are in need of ideas. You may never know when they can come in handy and you can always add details to your ideas when you have spare time to exercise your brain.

10. Take a walk

And the last tip in our list on how to boost creativity is to take a walk. You can stroll through your local streets or even someplace far away from you with a great view. This can help spring new ideas and breathe back life into previously discarder ideas. A great view and ambiance can really increase your urge to be creative and a walk around your neighbourhood might just be what you need to boost your creativity.


Creativity is often limited to what you are currently aware of. You cannot think of using salt dissolved in water as an alternative for mouthwash if you were not aware that salt has antibacterial properties. After all, you do not know what you do not know.

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