10 Tips to Stay Motivated While Studying

With school already at full speed, that means a pile of schoolwork due at the same time and exams on top of exams for some students. It is during this time that students start to have thoughts questioning whether this course was the right choice for them. Motivation grows thin and you start to lose your grasp on your studies slowly.

If you are one of these students who have begun to succumb to the slowly creeping darkness that swells within each student then we are here to help you out of the rabbit hole you fell onto. After this read, you may hopefully rise up and regain motivation to pursue your studies again.

Everyone has gone through times where we lose the motivation to pursue something. Be it a certain sport, learning a musical instrument, or learning a new skill or talent. But one of the most occurrences for loss of motivation is in studying or academics in general. This is due to the constant escalating level of difficulty which is presented to the students as they move up a year which for some, may feel like a constant uphill battle.

During these times, there are certain ways to regain your motivation and get back up on your feet to continue your journey towards higher education. A few of these can be done by yourself while others ways may need a few individuals who are close to you. However, these are just advice and are not a professional’s advice so you should take my advice with a grain of salt.

The effectiveness of these methods will also vary from person to person and will depend on your willingness to regain your lost motivation. With that out of the way, let us begin on the different ways you can regain and maintain your motivation for academics.

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Acknowledge the presence of difficulties

The first thing you should do to regain and maintain your motivation to study is to acknowledge that difficulties are a common occurrence and that it is normal to lose motivation sometimes. However, it is not advisable to dwell in these emotions of negativity as it can only lead to a domino effect of negativity which can engulf your daily life.

Try to identify what caused you to lose motivation and work on that first. It could be the never-ending schoolwork given to you by your professors, the lack of rewarding results for your hard work every day, or the tiring and sleepless nights you undergo every time finals are approaching. These are the common causes for the loss of motivation for students which can be really tricky to overcome as they require more work to overcome than by letting them take over your daily life.

Acceptance of these difficulties can help you a little as the simple act of acknowledging that there are times in a student’s life which are a little harder than other times can help you cope with the constant struggle you feel whenever these times occur.

Refrain from pulling out

The next thing you can do to maintain motivation is to challenge yourself by not pulling out which simply means not to quit. By doing so, you have started to regain control of your emotions back and can start to motivate yourself by beating the cause of your loss of motivation instead of forcing yourself to regain and maintain motivation.

By averting your goal into something which can be easily overcome but is still close to the original goal of regaining and maintaining motivation then you can subconsciously wire yourself to begin regaining motivation as well.

Set goals to achieve

If by now you have come to terms with the causes of your loss of motivation, then you can proceed to set reachable goals to regain the motivation for academics which you have lost. Small and simple goals are a great way to start as they are easy to accomplish and will provide you with a rewarding feeling whenever you accomplish them.

You can then proceed to set goals which are a bit more difficult than the ones you have set before to keep the momentum rolling and to keep your motivation fired up. However, if you keep your goals small for too long then you can expect to experience a sense of boredom and dissatisfaction whenever you accomplish them. Keep our goals in a continuously escalating level of difficulty to keep you motivated to achieve them as you can take as a challenge and maintain your motivation for academics.

Do not blame yourself

If you somehow did not reach your goal which you have set, it is all right to not put the blame on yourself. Maybe the goal was just set too high and was too difficult for you to reach. Instead of blaming yourself, you can work on improving what you lacked and make it a source of motivation as well. Failure cannot be avoided but can be a driving force to keep you motivated in studying so that you can reach the goal you have set the next time an opportunity arises to achieve the goal.

Never question your abilities

One of the reasons for students to constantly lose their motivation is them doubting themselves. To avoid this, refrain from questioning the extent of your abilities. Instead of questioning your abilities, you can opt to seek ways to improve your abilities to further help you down the road.

If you ever find yourself doubting your abilities then you can try and ask yourself what caused you to doubt yourself. Is it a task too big for you to handle and you feel that you cannot accomplish it? If so then you can try to at least do your best and finish the task to fully comprehend the limit of what you can do and start to work on developing your abilities so that when the next time comes, you can finally accomplish the task perfectly.


One of the best ways for you to maintain your motivation is to visualize yourself achieving whatever goal you had planned when you first took your course. The simple act of visualization can give you a boost in morale and motivation, pushing you to keep moving forward to pursue the goal you had visualized.

This also works well with the small and simple goals you have set which we have discussed earlier on this article. However, if you visualize yourself failing and not doing well in any academic activity, then you would most probably drain yourself of the motivation which you so carefully raised and maintained.

Understand that challenges are needed for you to grow

If the main reason you are losing motivation for academics is due to you finding the curriculum or lessons too difficult, then it would be wise to stop for a moment and think. Think and try to understand that in order for growth to occur, challenges are necessary to drive a person to do better than the person ever did, thus springing forth development.

If you understand that ideology, then you can utilize that understanding for your own gains. Use it to motivate you to do better than you ever did to encourage growth within yourself. You can see exams as hurdles to increase your brain’s capacity, and you can visualize the piles of homework given by your teachers as practice for the paperwork you are to do when you get your job in the future.

Give time for recreation and friends

Another way to keep you motivated in academics is by giving time for recreation and friends after the busy finals. You can see this as the light at the end of the tunnel and will push you to overcome your exams and homework as there are rewards waiting for you whenever you have finished your academic tasks.

By doing something you enjoy in between ding academic tasks, you have something to look forward to and will be able to keep yourself motivated.

Ask a home tutor

If you are a student which loves the extra-curricular activities in your school but cannot handle much academic load and is one of the causes for you to lose your motivation, then asking a home tutor for help can do you wonders of getting your spirits up. A highly qualified and skilled home tutor can get you through most of your academic worries and give you enough time to do the extra-curricular activities you oh-so-love.

What better place to hire highly skilled home tutors than at FamilyTutor. FamilyTutor is a leading home tuition agency in Singapore which has thousands of highly skilled and professional home tutors who can cater the needs of pre-schoolers up to university students.

Seek professional help

If you have followed these procedures and still have trouble maintaining your motivation, then it may be time to seek a psychologist for help. It is not common for your loss of motivation to be caused by any mental disorders or trauma; however, there are cases of these happening. And if you feel like what causes your motivation for academics to slip away is something much deeper, then it would be advisable to seek professional help.

Final Thoughts

Studying isn’t an easy thing to do and like all things, we have to stay motivated for it to be effective. These tips should be taken with a grain of salt, as we can’t be sure which will work on you and which won’t. That said, students should also take into consideration which study habits work well for them and stick to it.

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