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These days, hiring a home tutor for your kids is rather typical. Even while home tutoring services are more popular, there are still several widespread and serious myths about them that need to be debunked. Lack of professional support for students who are struggling or simply wish to maintain their grades may prevent them from achieving the grades they want or from enrolling in the institution of their choice.

Before a significant exam, some parents hire home tutors to help improve their children’s grades. Some parents think their child’s classroom time is sufficient to help with their child’s education. Some parents also think that using a home tutor is only appropriate at the very end of the semester when all other methods have failed. Some parents also think that employing one will make all of their child’s problems go away.

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What are the benefits of home tuition?

Before we tackle the many myths and misconceptions about home tuition, it’s also important to discuss the benefits your child will gain from it. As we have mentioned, many parents believe that home tuition only helps during exam season, and this is true although not entirely. Home tuition does help in making sure your child will do well in their exams, however, it’s also broader than that.

A home tutor values your child’s learning style and pace, so they tailor their tutoring sessions based on your child’s needs. Whatever they require the most, whether it’s help for a certain subject or topic, building the correct foundations, or even helping build up a student’s confidence in their skills, a home tutor will be helpful. Additionally, your child will also have all the attention they need and will not have the trouble of anxiety in catching up since they will be doing 1-to-1 sessions with their home tutor.

What are some misconceptions about home tuition?

There are still countless misconceptions about home tutoring and they are still rampant to this day. In this article, we are going to tackle the biggest and most common misconceptions and enlighten our parents and students when to hire a home tutor.

1. Home tuition is expensive and only for the rich

Parents most frequently decide against hiring home tutors because they believe they are pricey and only the wealthy can afford them. This may have been the case in the past, but in recent years, the home tutoring market has become more accessible and reasonably priced for the general public.

The amount of money that parents are willing to spend on their children’s education will vary, and believing that they cannot afford to hire a home tutor may prevent them from providing their children with a better education. However, the current affordable rate of home tutors will surprise parents.

Parents won’t have any trouble finding the perfect home tutor because Singapore has a large number of competent and trained tutors. Rates will depend on the teacher’s expertise, availability, and subject matter, but if it means you can provide your child with an excellent and cheap tutor, it will be well to do the extra research.

2. Home tutors are difficult to find

As was already mentioned, there are now a lot of highly qualified and trained people working in the home tutoring sector. That implies that it won’t be as difficult to find a qualified home tutor as it once was. Home tutoring agencies are ready to provide a hand and an ear to parents who are still unsure about how to choose the best home tutor for their kids and don’t know where to begin.

In Singapore, there are lots of reliable agencies offering home tuition. We at FamilyTutor make sure that the home tutor we recommend to the parents is a good fit for the student’s needs. As a bonus, we also give the parents a thorough overview of our home tutor so they are aware of who they will be working with.

3. Home tutors are not the same as teachers

Some home tutors work as teachers. Though, not all home tutors are educators. However, a lot of home tutors are professionals in their sectors who are passionate about instructing others. Many parents believe that home tutors lack the expertise and experience of teachers. This is definitely not the case. However, a teaching degree is not necessary to work as a home tutor. That being said, a home tutor can be evaluated based on his or her abilities in a particular sector, not merely because they have a teaching credential.

While some part-time home tutors are professionals in various fields who use their spare time to teach others, others are undergraduate students still pursuing their degrees. Full-time home tutors devote their time and talents to teaching students and fostering their personal development. Home tutors who have had NIE training are also school teachers and have access to additional resources and expertise. Parents should keep in mind that teachers cannot know everything. There should never be a problem accepting a little assistance. For their child, a home tutor with extensive experience in a certain field or subject will be of tremendous assistance.

Nevertheless, parents should also note the experience of a home tutor or their references from previous employers.

4. Home tuition is only for struggling students

While helping challenged learners improve is the primary goal of home tutoring, this does not mean that it should begin and end there. This is not just for underachieving students. Parents with children who are doing relatively well in class think that they don’t require home tutors. This may be the case for some students, but many other elements may have an impact on a student’s success.

A home tutor can help a student who is not academically challenged develop other skills that would ultimately be helpful in the long run such as effective note-taking, time-management, and motivating them to work towards success. Additionally, they can also use this to study ahead of their lessons, giving them the advantage rather than being left behind by their peers.

5. Home tuition will make your child a genius

Employing a private tutor is not the same as having someone perform magic on your kids. A home tutor assists the child in growing and catching up on academics. They also support students in achieving high marks and grades on exams and tests. They cannot, however, transform your child into a genius since they are not magicians. A home tutor can challenge a student to overcome obstacles and enhance their skills and capabilities, but they cannot alter them. While a home tutor can help a child improve their skills and learning in a particular subject or area, the outcome ultimately depends on them.

A home tutor does not work miracles. Everything is a process that the child should be a part of. It is not appropriate to place all of the responsibility on the tutor. The student, the parent, and the tutor have to work together to achieve this goal.

6. Students will learn more in class than in tuition

Learning in a classroom versus learning with private tutoring is very different. One benefit of private tuition is that lessons are more in-depth and tailored to the demands of the individual student while classrooms cater to the learning style of the majority. Another benefit for students is that they can ask their home tutors questions, which is something that isn’t always possible in classes.

Although we cannot claim which is superior to the other, this does not imply that a learner will gain more knowledge from one over the other. Learning can occur simultaneously or students may pick something up in class that they subsequently reinforce in tutoring.

7. Home tuition is only for exam season

Private tutoring is not a band-aid or a magic charm right before a big exam or college admissions. Some parents think that tutoring is only important in the days leading up to a significant Physics, Math, or college admissions test. Home tutoring benefits students in numerous ways, including study habits, time management abilities, confidence, critical thinking, and many more. There is more to it than just cramming it into a week or so.

They are unaware that a home tutor will assist children in strengthening these skills, which will be helpful later in life in a variety of settings. A home tutor also assists in identifying the issues or areas in which a student is having difficulty. Before they create a strategy to step in and assist students in solving a problem, they make sure to first understand it and its cause. They don’t have enough time after the semester or just before starting college preparation to accomplish this. By then, the problems will already be in full bloom. It’s best to nip it right in the bud rather than wait before it’s too late.


Hiring a home tutor for your child has a ton of benefits. These myths shouldn’t serve as a justification for you, as parents, to forego providing your kids with home tutoring. However, you should keep in mind that the advantages and benefits private tutoring would provide for your child far outweigh the myths you may have heard about it.


Carelle is a teacher who has been through the ups and downs of the teacher and learner life. She wishes for every learner to gain educational satisfaction that will help embody the people they want to be in the future.

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