SkillsFuture Virtual Work-Study Fair: Key Takeaways!

SkillsFuture Month is an important season in the year, where we all come together with ways to improve and add value to our current skill set. This is in aims to empower more individuals in their pursuit for new skills. This year, the SkillsFuture Work-Study Fair is going virtual, for obvious reasons. However, this isn’t stopping the country from actively pursuing lifelong learning and skills mastery. The SkillsFuture Work-Study Fair continues to gather employers, Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) and private training providers to showcase their Work-Study initiatives to students and employees. Guess what’s even better, since the Work-Study Fair is completely online this year, we can slowly browse through the variety of offerings in the comfort of our own homes!

Work-Study Programmes Are More Beneficial Than You Think

As much as we hoped COVID-19 didn’t negatively affect our lives, it did. With our economy disrupted, recovery will definitely take time and the job market will definitely face difficulty in the coming years at least. This has been a concern for soon-to-be graduating students with regards to their job prospects, or the lack thereof. The government is thus committed in helping Singaporeans find jobs and opportunities. Firstly, there are SGUnited Traineeships catered for fresh graduates entering the workforce, and free CET modules to graduates in a variety of fields and industries. And secondly, Work-Study Programmes. In such a period like this, it is important to “spend your time wisely”. It’s difficult to find a job for sure, so why not take part in a Work-Study Programme? In fact, you’ll get to pick up industry-relevant skill sets in the form of on-the-job training and work-based projects. Since the launch of the first slate of Work-Study Programmes in 2015, it is seen that more than 5,600 students have benefited from it, and more than 1,400 companies have participated in this programme. The range of Work-Study Programmes has also expanded significantly to 173 programmes across 36 sectors, previously being 15 programmes across 12 sectors.

Close Collaboration With Industry Partners

Over the course of the COVID-19 period, IHLs have been working closely with accreditation bodies such as the unions and Trade Associations & Chambers to increase collaborations with industry partners. This is to build a stronger ecosystem of collaboration and provide a better bridging from graduates to workplaces. In fact, Singapore Polytechnic is currently co-developing an enhanced curriculum for their Work-Study Diploma in Applied Science (Chemical Laboratory Technology). Jointly collaborating with the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC), graduates will be receiving an additional Work-Study Certificate! This is just yet another example of the opportunities and accreditations graduates can aim to achieve during this period. Singapore Polytechnic is also currently in contact with other partners such as Blockchain Association Singapore (BAS), Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA), Banking & Financial Services Union (BFSU) to explore the possibilities of developing Semiconductor and Fintech-related Work-Study programmes.

Useful SkillsFuture Work-Study Portal

To better manage and cope with the growing number of sign-ups from both graduates and employers, a new online portal called the SkillsFuture Work-Study Portal has been developed! Its key aim is to improve job matching efficiency of Work-Study Programmes and serve as a platform to reach out to more people. It is a one-stop platform where you can search for jobs, sign up for programmes and learn more about it. For employers, they can also use the portal to register their interest in participating in Work-Study Programmes, and even hire suitable trainees through the programmes they develop. As last calculated, there are over 130 Work-Study opportunities featured on the SkillsFuture Work-Study Portal and definitely more to come!

The initiatives by the government have been well rounded in many aspects, from the betterment of content to greater outreach to Singaporeans. In difficult times like this, it is also our part to actively participate in these initiatives meted out by the government. As a Singapore tuition agency, FamilyTutor would like to encourage fresh graduates to consider furthering their education in meaningful ways!

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