Recent Release of A-Level Project Work Results: Is Project Work Really Essential?

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This eventful year, the 2019 A-Level Project Work results were released mainly through phone or email on the 30th of April 2020. As reported by Channel NewsAsia (CNA), this early release decision was made by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) to ease students’ worries of delayed results in light of ongoing circuit breaker measures. Despite the change in circumstances, students still routinely gathered on online forums to cooperatively compile and compare the year’s results for different schools. The good news is that estimated figures gleaned from Reddit appear to indicate that the distinction rates for Project Work have improved for most schools! Perhaps, the 2019 tasks on “Authenticity” and “Innovation” were not too challenging as feared after all!

But regardless of generally stellar Project Work results, there have always been detractors questioning the necessity of Project Work – one reason being that the immense stress and workload placed on students for this subject may seem unjustified. However, there may be more to it than meets the eye.

Project Work doesn’t seem essential.

The old adage of “teamwork makes the dream work” unfortunately cannot always apply to Project Work, where group members are arbitrarily chosen for you and if you were unlucky enough to get the short end of the stick, you would be just simply told to “put up with it” and “learn to work together”. Sounds familiar? The existence of unmovable deadweights is unfairly inevitable and this nature of Project Work really could severely hinder any intended learning goals of it

Furthermore, a common pain listed by students is that Project Work appears to take up a disproportionately large amount of strenuous time and effort for a H1 subject. Hours spent on aligning schedules for meetings, discussing work after-school, continuously scrapping and revising ideas, and perfecting scripts and writings easily add up to an immeasurable amount. With so many other more heavily-weighted H2 subjects, it is understandable that many students perceive Project Work to be relatively not that necessary.

Project Work seems essential.

But maybe after all, Project Work was never meant to simulate the ideal, utopian environment where everyone is expected to be able to harmoniously work together to smoothly achieve objectives. This doesn’t exist in real life! The necessary importance of Project Work lies in the fact that students learn how to manage to adapt and make the best out of a situation despite unavoidable shortcomings or situational imperfections. Frustrations aside, students will emerge stronger.

Moreover, it may be hard to recognise the true necessity of Project Work at first because we are hardly able to see any immediate tangible positive outcomes yet. The truth is that the culmination of all the time and effort that you have invested in Project Work is the subconscious acquisition of a wealth of valuable life skills. It is difficult to deny that skills like time management, effective communicationcritical thinking and entrepreneurial leadership will be critically useful in our lives and careers at some point.

While Project Work seems to be an oft-cited burden for numerous students, you can take this chance to reconsider the value that it has for both the present and the future. FamilyTutor hopes that everyone did well for their own A-Level Project Work! We wish for a triumphant Project Work journey for the J1s who are taking it this year as well!

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