Opportunities To Broaden Your Skills In 2020: What’s There In Store?

So exactly what’s the rave this year? COVID-19? Retrenchment? Recession? Instead of downing ourselves in all the sad news, why not hear something positive today! In the midst of this chaotic year, it might just be the best opportunity to broaden your skills (to kill time perhaps?). If you are that graduate fresh out of the oven, this article is Just For You. You probably envisioned that idealistic scenario in your head – out of university and straight into your very first job. High pay, new work environment and new responsibilities would have been on your plate but now, that plate is empty. But turn that worry and sadness into some motivation today as we review what the Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) are working hard to offer for fresh graduates just like you. Simply put, the IHLs are offering 3 to 6 month programmes which lead to micro-credentials or certifications! 

Let’s dive into the details by beginning off with what the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and Polytechnics in Singapore are offering! From April till now, graduates who are graduating in the year 2020 would have been offered at least 2 complimentary Continuing Education and Training (CET) modules or course credits. They are eligible to select from a range of about 1,000 CET modules. This current scheme is made available to over 45,000 Singapore Citizens (SC) and Permanent Resident (PR) graduates, including the alumni who will be completing their National Service in 2020!

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From The Institute Of Technical Education…

Specifically, ITE will be offering over 250 Nitec and Higher Nitec module certificates which covers relevant topics like network security, engineering, international logistics, hospitality operations, robotics and more!

To know more about the courses, here are some links you can check out:

From The Polytechnics…

On the other hand, Polytechnics will be offering over 100 Post-Diploma Certificates certifying graduates in areas such as financial accounting, artificial intelligence, business analytics, user experience design, biotechnology, building information modelling and more!

To know more about the courses, here are the different polytechnics you can check out:

Nanyang Polytechnic Specialist Diploma 

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Post-Diploma Certificate

Republic Polytechnic Post-Diploma Certificate

Singapore Polytechnic Post-Diploma Certificate

Temasek Polytechnic Post-Diploma Certificate

Not only do fresh graduates get complimentary modules to attain certification, they also get to learn something new which could help them in the future as well – a win-win situation!

And if you are a recent graduate from our local universities, you would also not miss out! From May till now, graduates who are graduating in the year 2020 would have been offered at 4 complimentary Continuing Education and Training (CET) modules each. This current scheme is made proudly made available to over 16,000 Singapore Citizens (SC) and Permanent Resident (PR) graduates in 2020!

From The Autonomous Universities…

There are currently about 1,700 CET modules available, and about one-third of them can now be stacked to form over 100 micro-credentials spread across various domains. This would be highly beneficial for fresh graduates like you who already attained a degree. With additional micro-credentials, not only does it brighten up your portfolio, it also keeps you updated with new knowledge! Popular topics like gerontology, digital marketing strategies, communications, business analytics and more are what’s going to be covered in these modules. Super cool, isn’t it?

To know more about the courses, here are the local autonomous universities you can check out:

National University of Singapore Graduate/ Executive/Professional/Advanced Professional Certificate

Nanyang Technological University MiniMasters/ Graduate Certificate

Singapore Management University Graduate/Advanced/Professional/Executive Certificate

Singapore University of Technology and Design Graduate Certificate/ModularMaster Certificate

Singapore Institute of Technology Specialist/Postgraduate Certificate

Singapore University of Social Sciences Graduate Certificate 

As every university operates differently, more information on what each university offers can be found directly from their websites! If you are currently unsure about which path you should head towards, you may also consult your respective university for advice tailored for you on how you can effectively spend your time training yourself during this period! 

There is certainly a plethora of choices one can select from to upgrade themselves, as part of MOE’s and the IHLs determined and continued support for the graduating class of 2020. However, nothing would work if you do not take that first step to find out more! As a leading Singapore tuition agency, FamilyTutor has informed you about the brief ideas of what’s in store so it’s your turn now to find what’s best for you and make your time worth!

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