Letter to Tutor

Dear Selected Tutor,

First of all, we would like to thank you for trusting and choosing to be part of FamilyTutor! Being a home tutor is easy, but being the perfect one for many students out there never is. If you are reading this letter now, it means that one of our beloved coordinators has already matched you to one of our students or parents. With that, we congratulate you! The path to adding much value to the student is not going to be easy, so we thank you for your service!

FamilyTutor takes education very seriously, and that is why we serve the students and parents very carefully. There are many home tuition agencies in Singapore, but we are confident that we are one of the few who really try understand what our tutors can or cannot do. If you were selected, it means that not only do we know that you are able to add value to the student academically, you are also capable of being his or her coach, mentor, and a friend who adds value to his life. With that, we hope that you are going to do your very best for the student!

Now that you are all set to start the first lesson with the student, there is one thing FamilyTutor wants to give a gentle reminder for. Whenever we confirm a tutor for the student and the parent, we always remind them to take good care of you when you are at their place. That being said, we wish that you could do your part as well by acting professionally as a private tutor.

FamilyTutor believes that having a successful home tuition requires a great collaboration among the student, the parent, and the tutor. We have told the student and parent this: “While the tutor does his or her best to help the student, the student and the student’s family members are encouraged to treat the tutor well like one does to a family member.” Fun fact: that is also one of the reasons we chose to be called “FamilyTutor”! So, rest assured, FamilyTutor always has your back!

With that, we hope that this collaboration stays strong and healthy in the long run! We wish everyone involved a success!

Yours Sincerely,

Owner, FamilyTutor