How to Hold A Student’s Attention During Tuition

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Every educator has, at some point, either instinctively or consciously, envisioned a world in which students are well-behaved and eager to learn. Whether they were attending school or private lessons, they would arrive with a bright expression on their face that indicated their desire for information and readiness to learn. In this universe, students are eager to learn and take in all of the information that is presented to them. They are also on the lookout for opportunities to further their education and are solely focused on their studies throughout class. In reality, though, that is very far from the case. While many students are eager to learn, the opposite is more often the case with other students.

It doesn’t imply that they are unwilling to learn. However, a few things could make them lose concentration on their lessons or lose their enthusiasm for their lessons. Whatever the situation, it has become clear that a student will learn more if they pay attention to their studies and remain focused.

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Why is attention important in education?

Attention is very important in education, as is in everyday life. You could say that paying attention is the first step toward learning. A student must concentrate on the material to process it. To digest information and store it in long-term memory, one must give it their undivided attention. The brain finds it simpler to remember information that is motivating and attention also affects motivation. For students, developing their attention skills is crucial to learning success.

How to hold the attention of students during tuition?

We understand that retaining attention is very important in the education process. But how can tutors keep their student’s interest, especially throughout the lesson? To help tutors encourage students to concentrate on their lectures during sessions, we’ve gathered a few tips.

1. Get rid of distractions

Removing distractions is the first step to maintaining students’ attention. There will be distractions everywhere, so removing as many as you can will help to ensure that the student can concentrate. As the student receives lessons individually, it already reduces attention from other students during tuition. However, things don’t stop there. The place of learning is also crucial. Talk about quiet study spaces in the home with the student’s parents. As a result, tutors ought to recommend a location that is not accessible to all members of the household. Students may become distracted in locations like living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms since anyone can enter them. Students may find it distracting to be in areas with windows that face a busy roadway or a busy intersection.

There are other things than a learning setting that can divert a student’s attention. There can also be certain internal elements that have an impact on them. They may be preoccupied by interpersonal problems that divert their attention or they may be weary, hungry, or otherwise distracted.

2. Make tuition sessions exciting and fun

How about using the same strategy to get their attention if tutors can’t prevent their students from getting sidetracked by the things they find intriguing outside of the lessons? Students’ attention will shift to the lessons when they are far more engaging and fascinating than the things that are diverting them. But how do you engage students in class and make it exciting?

There is an easy solution. Engage with the student. It is preferable to involve students in lessons rather than just presenting information to them should they become distracted when they are required to sit still. Encourage students to take part by having them act out situations, draw with the student, or even sing a song. To maintain student interest, it will also be helpful for the tutor if they can harness the interests that the students already have and incorporate them into the lesson.

Tutors must keep in mind that students may already be under stress from their school and extracurricular activities. It will be beneficial for them to have a tutor who can relate to their difficulties and make learning easier and more enjoyable for them rather than making tuition a burden for them.

3. Lessen lectures

The majority of the time, when the tutor is constantly talking to the student about the lesson and providing direction, the student loses focus and becomes preoccupied with other things. The learner may get bored if they are passively listening without participating, at which point they will divert their focus to anything else. Because of this, it’s critical to restrict the time the tutor spends giving lectures or discussions with the students.

It should go without saying that this does not imply that the tutor will completely stop giving lectures and leading conversations. By breaking it up into manageable chunks, the tutor may allow students to engage with the material and offer them something to focus on without having to do it all at once. When a student struggles with a task or lesson, the tutor can step in to offer assistance while still allowing the student the opportunity to experiment on their own and hone their skills. To keep the learner fully engaged in the lesson and activity, encourage them to ask questions as well.

4. Use an effective reward system

Another effective method for keeping students’ attention is a reward system. It encourages the student to keep up their hard work and good conduct and serves as reinforcement for their efforts. Rewards also provide students with a specific purpose to finish the assignment, stay focused, and do well. Additionally, tutors must ensure that the incentives provided to students are worthwhile and relevant to them. The student won’t bother aiming for it if the incentives don’t appeal to them.

Rewarding students encourages them to work hard and with passion. Setting up a rewards system is crucial because of this. It shouldn’t be done on the spur of the moment to bribe the student into working on their assignments; rather, it should be done as reinforcement to help the student comprehend the subject at hand and finish it.

5. Provide feedback and let the student summarize

Give the students some time to quickly recap the lesson in their own words to get a sense of how much and how deeply they have learned as well as how well-focused they were on the subject. In order to learn, assessments and feedback are crucial. When implemented properly, these can help boost students’ motivation to advance and accomplish their objectives. Summarizing the lesson aids in both the student’s retention of the material and the tutor’s assessment of the student’s understanding of the material as well as any areas the student could have missed.

Implementing the 3-2-1 technique, in which students share 3 things they’ve learned, 2 things that have piqued their interest in the class, and 1 question they have, is a wonderful strategy to aid with summarizing. Students won’t be frightened by summarizing because it’s a lot easier for them. When a student is aware that their tutor will ask them to summarize and provide comments, they are more likely to pay attention during the lesson.


Keeping a student’s attention is undoubtedly harder said than done. It’s not impossible, though. There are several strategies you can use to grab their interest and direct it toward the lesson and activities at hand. Students will be more likely to focus if you provide them with a place that is free from distractions, engage them in stimulating lessons and activities, and encourage them to participate.


Carelle is a teacher who has been through the ups and downs of the teacher and learner life. She wishes for every learner to gain educational satisfaction that will help embody the people they want to be in the future.

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