FamilyTutor Is Hiring!

We are recruiting Freelance Tuition Coordinators to join FamilyTutor to work remotely on a permanent basis! What, “remotely”? Yes, that’s right. Simply speaking, you work from home or Starbucks or Coffee Bean or wherever you want! However, we need you to at least be in Singapore!


The primary responsibility of this position is to work closely with the Master Coordinator to successfully match suitable home tutors for clients who are (1) parents, (2) guardians, or the (3) students themselves. The process of matching is only a small part of this role. The other accompanying responsibilities include:

  1. Receiving clear instructions from the Master Coordinator and executing them
  2. Receiving phone calls from clients
  3. Posting tuition job advertisements
  4. Shortlisting potential home tutors for each client
  5. Writing concise and effective tutor profiles
  6. Recommending home tutors to clients
  7. Building rapport with clients mostly over text on WhatsApp
  8. Coordinating with and assisting clients to choose the recommended home tutors
  9. Issue invoice
  10. Follow up with current clients and past clients
  11. Enjoy the nature of the role!

OF COURSE, the Master Coordinator will be your mentor and teach you everything from scratch! There are multiple levels to this Tuition Coordinator role, and it takes roughly 1 year to truly master the role!

The successful applicant will need to be respectful to everyone, be tactful when communicating with clients and our home tutors, have a little sales experience, not afraid to communicate via phone calls. Most importantly, FamilyTutor needs you to be self-driven! Of course, our team members will be there to motivated one another when the going gets tough!

Our Growth Culture

One of the reasons FamilyTutor continues to thrive as the public’s favourite home tuition agency is having a company culture that supports and rewards behaviours that lead to growth. Our “Growth Mindset,” as we call them, are ways of being and working that help to make us successful in the long run!



Keep seeking, never settle! Always be curious why things are done this or that way! At FamilyTutor, every action is purposeful towards serving our clients well and streamlining our own operations to make things simple yet effective. With that, if there is anything you are not sure of during your time at FamilyTutor, feel free to ask, ask, and ask ya!


Make it happen. True empowerment is the result of taking responsibility. This means giving yourself permission to see it, say it and do it, and owning the outcomes. Because we move forward faster when we all take action.


FamilyTutor puts much focus on our Tuition Coordinators‘ psychological health! When the going gets tough, staying focused is of utmost importance. We think that understanding and staying zen during work is what separates us from the others! When we are in our zen mode, we make the best decisions because we do not put too much emotions into them!

Salary & Benefits

Tuition Coordinator

25% of the revenue of each successful tuition assignment assigned. That means, you will be remunerated a minimum of $15/assignment and it is capped at $100/assignment. All remunerations will be made only after we’ve collected the payments from clients.

Official performance reviews will be done at the end of Month 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 every year from the start of employment. That being said, non-official performance reviews are constantly done on a day-to-day basis.

Bonus: might be given out based on performance.

Master Coordinator

Everything is the same as for Tuition Coordinator, except for the following:

+ 5% of the revenue of each successful tuition assignment closed by the Tuition Coordinator mentored.

Final Words By Owner Of FamilyTutor

FamilyTutor is a people-centric organisation. With that, we focus on delivering tip-top services to our clients in a professional manner. At the same time, unlike many others, we DO NOT throw work at you and expect perfection without working closely and respectfully with you. It’s our duty to make sure you stay positively motivated at work, so YOU and YOUR FAMILY could enjoy the fruits of your own labour at the end of the day.

We have a proven system that ensures that freelance Tuition Coordinators succeed at this field of work with us. Technical wise, we have the capabilities to make sure you learn and do great. However, what we are looking for in our Tuition Coordinators are none other than SELF-MOTIVATION, COOPERATION, WILLINGNESS TO LEARN, PERSEVERANCE, and EMPATHY.

If you are not ready to put in work for yourself, please do not apply for this role because it will not do you any good at the end of the day. However, if you are driven to thrive, we welcome you work hard together with us!

We look forward to you joining FamilyTutor! Have a great year ahead!

How To Apply

To apply for the role of a freelance Tuition Coordinator with FamilyTutor, email your resume to [email protected], and attach a cover letter of no more than 500 words in the same email.

Potential content of cover letter:

1. Why do you want to be a freelance Tuition Coordinator?

2. Why do you think you are suitable to be one?

3. Help FamilyTutor understand your character, personality, or life philosophy.

4. Tell FamilyTutor what you usually do outside of formal work.

5. Tell FamilyTutor about your favourite food, beverages, activities, and anything under the sun!